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NBC News Finds Slave Owners in McConnell’s Family History. Will They do the Same to Other Politicians?

NBC News Finds Slave Owners in McConnell’s Family History. Will They do the Same to Other Politicians?

Obama’s family owned slaves and he came out against reparations. Where’s the report on him?

NBC News released a hit piece on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (KY) on Monday about slave owners in his family history since he stands against reparations.

This is not journalism. This is not reporting. NBC News can legitimize (sort of) if the network investigates every senator’s family. Something tells me the reporters will not take that action because they will find information about President Barack Obama and Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA).

NBC News published:

The two great-great-grandfathers, James McConnell and Richard Daley, owned a total of at least 14 slaves in Limestone County, Alabama — all but two of them female, according to the county “Slave Schedules” in the 1850 and 1860 censuses.

The details about McConnell’s ancestors, discovered by NBC News through a search of ancestry and census records, came in the wake of recent hearings on reparations before the House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties. Asked about the reparations issue, McConnell, R-Ky., said he was opposed to the idea, arguing it would be hard to figure out whom to compensate.

“I don’t think reparations for something that happened 150 years ago, when none of us currently living are responsible, is a good idea,” he said June 18, a day before the House reparations hearing. “We’ve tried to deal with our original sin of slavery by fighting a civil war, by passing landmark civil rights legislation. We’ve elected an African American president.”

EXCUSE ME? I suggest NBC News look into the family history of Obama. The Guardian reported in 2007, a genealogical researcher found slave owners on Obama’s mother’s side:

Obama’s ancestors on his white mother’s side appear to have been slave owners. William Reitwiesner, an amateur genealogical researcher, has published a history of Obama’s mother’s family and discovered that her ancestors have a distinctly shadowy past.

Reitwiesner traced Obama’s great-great-great-great-grandfather, George Washington Overall, and found that he owned two slaves in Kentucky: a 15-year-old girl and a 25-year-old man. He also found out that Obama’s great-great-great-great-great-grandmother, Mary Duvall, also owned a pair of slaves listed in an 1850 census record. They were a 60-year-old man and a 58-year-old woman. In fact, the Duvalls were a wealthy family whose members were descended from a major landowner, Maureen Duvall, whose estate owned at least 18 slaves in the 17th century.

Where is your profile on Obama’s family, NBC News? After all, Obama declared his opposition to reparations. Instead, Obama suggested we do everything we can not repeat history.

Obama told The Atlantic in 2016 that instead of reparations, he believed in his “ability, or any president or any leader’s ability, to mobilize the American people around a multiyear, multibillion-dollar investment to help every child in poverty in this country than I am in being able to mobilize the country around providing a benefit specific to African Americans as a consequence of slavery and Jim Crow.” Obama pointed out since the end of Jim Crow laws, America could make sure that people of all colors had a fair shot at everything and “that children going forward were not encumbered by some of that same bias of the past.”

Obama also stressed that America could make up for her history by making sure those children get the same shot at succeeding at an education and job interviews. He wants Americans to concentrate on the fight we could win: ending poverty, ending discrimination, and social programs to help those without the resources to succeed.

How about that, NBC News?!

Now let’s look at 2020 Democrat presidential candidate Harris. Her father Donald Harris penned an article this year about his family’s past in Jamaica (emphasis mine):

My roots go back, within my lifetime, to my paternal grandmother Miss Chrishy (née Christiana Brown, descendant of Hamilton Brown who is on record as plantation and slave owner and founder of Brown’s Town) and to my maternal grandmother Miss Iris (née Iris Finegan, farmer and educator, from Aenon Town and Inverness, ancestry unknown to me). The Harris name comes from my paternal grandfather Joseph Alexander Harris, land-owner and agricultural ‘produce’ exporter (mostly pimento or all-spice), who died in 1939 one year after I was born and is buried in the church yard of the magnificent Anglican Church which Hamilton Brown built in Brown’s Town (and where, as a child, I learned the catechism, was baptized and confirmed, and served as an acolyte).

Say Congress agrees to reparations. Would Obama and Harris receive a cut? Not only do they have slave owners in their history, but they are worth a lot of money? James Robbins wrote at USA Today on Monday that reparations for slavery come with a lot “of thorny problems.” How do we research all the individual bloodlines in a family? If we manage to accomplish that, then how do we determine who pays the reparations? What about those who had families who fought for the Union or did not have slaves?

What About the “Others?”

It’s a Pandora’s box I’d rather not open because where would it end? How about Americans treatment of Catholics? My Italian Catholic great-grandparents came to America in the 1920s. Do I get a cut? Ed Falco, the author of The Family Corleone, found disturbing information during his research for his book:

For example, the largest mass lynching in U.S. history took place in New Orleans in 1891 — and it wasn’t African-Americans who were lynched, as many of us might assume. It was Italian-Americans.

After nine Italians were tried and found not guilty of murdering New Orleans Police Chief David Hennessy, a mob dragged them from the jail, along with two other Italians being held on unrelated charges, and lynched them all. The lynchings were followed by mass arrests of Italian immigrants throughout New Orleans, and waves of attacks against Italians nationwide.

What was the reaction of our country’s leaders to the lynchings? Teddy Roosevelt, not yet president, famously said they were “a rather good thing.” The response in The New York Times was worse. A March 16, 1891, editorial referred to the victims of the lynchings as “… sneaking and cowardly Sicilians, the descendants of bandits and assassins.” An editorial the next day argued that: “Lynch law was the only course open to the people of New Orleans. …”

How about the treatment of Irish immigrants? The Irish arrived in droves in the 19th century due to the potato famine. Americans did not welcome them with open arms:

Anti-Catholic, anti-Irish mobs in Philadelphia destroyed houses and torched churches in the deadly Bible Riots of 1844. New York Archbishop John Hughes responded by building a wall of his own around Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral in order to protect it from the native-born population, and he stationed musket-wielding members of the Ancient Order of Hibernians to guard the city’s churches. Wild conspiracy theories took root that women were held against their will in Catholic convents and that priests systematically raped nuns and then strangled any children born as a result of their union.

The violence turned deadly in Louisville, Kentucky, in August 1855 when armed Know-Nothing members guarding polling stations on an election day launched street fights against German and Irish Catholics. Immigrant homes were ransacked and torched. Between 20 and 100 people, including a German priest fatally attacked while attempting to visit a dying parishioner, were killed. Thousands of Catholics fled the city in the riot’s aftermath, but no one was ever prosecuted for crimes committed on “Bloody Monday.”

Newspapers and businesses flashed ads and signs that read NO IRISH NEED APPLY. Political cartoonists drew “Celtic ape-men with sloping foreheads and monstrous appearances.”


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McConnell is quite effective in supporting Trump’s agenda. They’re a great team. Hence NBC attacks McConnell.

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to artichoke. | July 9, 2019 at 3:25 pm

    NBC MUST BE FORCED TO remind everyone that Kamala and Obama family owned slaves as well.

    RE: “Something tells me the reporters will not take that action because they will find information about President Barack Obama and Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA).”

Perhaps we will hear about the KKK, eugenics, and pro-slavery attitudes of the Democrat Party — right?

One is a Democrat by choice. One chooses the party of the KKK by choice.

McConnell did not choose his biological ancestors but the Democrats choose their political ancestors.

This is an excellent example of why any reparations legislation will be a flat unconstitutional Bill of Attainder. That point needs to be emphasized.

    Doesn’t matter. A disturbing number of Democrat and GOPe Federal judges do what they want when they want how they want, Constitutional be damned.

    I would not be surprised if a Federal judge one day said that “ballot harvesting” is now the law of the land and order every election for city, county, state, and Federal office to use it. Or that “hate speech” can be banned for any reason. Or that homeschooling and private schools are illegal. Or that parents must be licensed by a government agency or lose their children. All of these (and more) have been seriously proposed at one time or another by leftists, so I feel it is only a matter of time before Federal judges force them on us. A bill of attainder would not even be a speed bump to many of the judges infesting the Federal bench.

How about today’s anti-Catholicism and antisemitism? When will we OUR reparations?

The Democrat Party — Nannies on steroids

The British Slave Registry indicates the Brown family had 32 to 58 slaves (depending on interpretation)

Maybe we could also see the genealogy of the NBC reporters and news heads.

Amazing coincidence how this hit piece came out right when McConnell’s opponent made a push.

“Vote against this candidate! His great-great-great-great grandfather did something terrible!” is a claim that deserves derisive laughter from all involved.

There is also the issue of Irishmen who were for all intents and purposes were slaves, set to the Caribbean after the Irish uprising which was after Britain ended slavery

Ok, but when that lynching happened, Southern Europeans, such as those of Italian or Greek descent, weren’t really considered “White”, as in “White, white, white” White. So, which contributed more to their lynching, being Italian, or being Catholic?

Those of Scottish descent will accept the label “British”, since Scotland is part of Great Britain. I’m not sure that Sicilians accept the label “Italians”.

In the South, Blacks were lynched, as were Jews, Catholics, and Republicans. Do I get reparations, as a Catholic Republican? Does it matter that I didn’t come into the Church until Easter of 2008? I think not.

One of my grandfathers was a scoundrel and an alcoholic. But hey, I can’t change that, and he was gone long before I had a chance to meet him.

2smartforlibs | July 9, 2019 at 1:58 pm

Kameltoe Heels in the air’s dada already admitted her family owned. Don’t see her dropping out.

Hell’s bells, have we forgotten where white European slavers got their slaves in the first place? Try from African tribes selling African prisoners (aka prizes) of war taken during tribal wars.

George Bush (43) owned a house in Dallas that included the deed restriction that the property could not be sold to a black individual. The leftist made a big deal of the deed restriction until it became known that most every home in DC had similar deed restrictions, including the home of Ted Kennedy.

Scathing hypocrisy, as usual . . .

Self-service Reparations?

Something’s terribly wrong.

Thanks, Obama.

Given the intermixing of blood over a century and a half and more, pretty much everybody is going to have a slaveholder somewhere in the family tree – including a lot of blacks.

    Joe-dallas in reply to txvet2. | July 10, 2019 at 8:36 am

    Its true that after 150+ years, a very high percent of the population will have former slave owners in their family tree.

    However, there also remains descendents of immigrants post 1870’s that have no former slave owners in the family tree. I fall into that group, whereby, all my ancestors arrived in the US after 1880.

    the closest we can find in the family tree is one descendent on my wifes side of the family that fought in the confedarate army

Just curious: did they find any conservatives?

It’s all about the Narrative, all day, all the time. If it doesn’t fit, make up stuff til it does. Just like the unnamed sources, just make up what you want, then publish it, we all know, sources are sacrosanct.

Uh oh, when will wiki make this disappear? First slave owner in the colonies from what I understand.

Anthony Johnson (b. c. 1600 – d. 1670) was a black Angolan known for achieving freedom and wealth in the early 17th-century Colony of Virginia. He was one of the first Negro property owners and had his right to legally own a slave recognized by the Virginia courts. Held as an indentured servant in 1621, he earned his freedom after several years, and was granted land by the colony.[1]

He later became a successful tobacco farmer in Maryland. He attained great wealth after completing his term as an indentured servant, and has been referred to as “‘the black patriarch’ of the first community of Negro property owners in America”.[1]

As for Italians, my Irish mother grew up in a nearly all-White town that had a large influx of Irish and Italian (legal) immigrants.
She told me of KKK rallies when she was a child (circa 1930) not far away that we’re specifically targeted at both the Catholic Irish and Italian immigrant communities.

Obviously, McConnell made a poor choice in choosing parents and ancestors.