Though she isn’t running for President this time (yet, anyway), Hillary isnt hanging out on the sidelines while the game rages on.

Speaking at an event in Las Vegas over the weekend, Hillary trotted out what’s probably her most famous line — she referred to the last two years as “deplorable.”

“What we have seen over the last several years is truly deplorable,” said Hillary.

Full event here, if you have an hour and a half you’re willing to part with:

More from The Hill:

“What we have seen over the last several years is truly deplorable,” the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee said to rousing applause.

…Appearing alongside her husband, former President Bill Clinton, in an appearance on their speaking tour, Hillary Clinton took several swipes at Trump during her more than 90 minutes on stage.

She first used the word “deplorable” while speaking at a campaign event in September of 2016. Trump and his campaign quickly seized on the comments and his supporters began to embrace the term.

Clinton also weighed in on the Mueller report during her appearance, saying that it shows “this president obstructed justice.”

“He tried to interfere with that investigation,” she added, referring to special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election that also focused on whether Trump sought to obstruct the probe.

In her wide-ranging speech, Clinton also slammed Attorney General William Barr for acting like the “president’s defense attorney, not the attorney general for the entire country” during his testimony last week before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Hillary has had several inflammatory statements in the past week that have made news. Coincidence? Hardly. Everything she does is calculated.

Hillary hasn’t given up on her White House dreams, it would appear.

A few years ago, I blogged about the late Christopher Hitchens and his assertion that Hillary was running “for therapeutic reasons.” It’s the most accurate summation of Hillary, who she is, how she is, and they way Clinton World operates to date.

Hitchens said, “As for Mrs. Clinton, as for all she’s done for us and after all she’s suffered on our behalf, she feels she’s owed the presidency and who could possibly disagree? Her life is meaningless if she doesn’t get at least a shot and one can only sympathize. Unless you think, as I do, that people should be distrusted, who are running for therapeutic reasons.”

If ever there is an opportunity, even a slim one, you can bet she’ll seize it.


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