Years ago journalist and literary critic Christopher Hitchens shared his candid thoughts on a Hillary Clinton presidential bid.

“As for Mrs. Clinton, as for all she’s done for us and after all she’s suffered on our behalf, she feels she’s owed the presidency and who could possibly disagree? Her life is meaningless if she doesn’t get at least a shot and one can only sympathize. Unless you think, as I do, that people should be distrusted, who are running for therapeutic reasons,” said Hitchens.

Hitchens passed away in 2011, but his arguments against electing Mrs. Clinton are even more relevant today in light of her poor performance as Secretary of State, EmailGate, and her relationships with foreign officials who’s interests are not congruent with those of the United States:

Just a few reminders from Hitchens:

“If there was some foreign policy experience or brilliance Hillary Clinton had ever shown, maybe we overlook the fact that she and her husband have never met a foreign political donor they don’t like and haven’t taken from.”

“Look, this is the woman who played the race card on Barack Obama, this is the woman who, if you were for change you can believe in, whichever change it was, you were voting against. This is the woman who’s foreign policy experience consists of making a fool of herself and fabricating a story about Bosnia. This is a woman who, with her husband, have so many fundraising connections overseas — Indonesia, China…”

“See if you can bear to read the sort of friendships that a former president is having. It’s undignified to think about it. From the Riady family in Indonesia, to numerous Chinese donors who left this country rather than show up for the hearings, but I don’t know of any such expertise on her part, except her pretense to have been under fire in Bosnia when she had not.”

“Actually, when there was pressure on the Clinton administration to do something about Sarajevo, to stop the killing, to prevent the ethnic cleansing, Hillary Clinton moved in hard on her husband and said don’t you do a thing about Bosnia, it’s spoil my wonderful healthcare plan.”

“At least on healthcare, she knows enough about the subject to have changed American healthcare for the worst, in her time.”

“To remind people at this point of the lowest stage of the Clinton administration when Eric Holder signed off at the Justice Department of the pardon of this fugitive, shall we call him financier, who’d also given a rather large loan that didn’t seem to have been repaid to one of Hillary Clinton’s brothers. Who in turn, with the other brother had gone for a walnut monopoly or was it a hazelnut monopoly in the Republic of Georgia or bits of the caucuses involved in American foreign policy here, plus donations to the Clinton library. It builds up and it goes on. Is this how the president-elect really wants to start?”

[H/T Daniel Foster]

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