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Obama, Merkel Hold ‘Private’ Talks in Berlin

Obama, Merkel Hold ‘Private’ Talks in Berlin

The New York Times: “Obama Evokes Nostalgia in Germany”

German Chancellor Angela Merkel welcomed former U.S. President Barack Obama in Berlin on Saturday. The meeting was closed to the press. The German government spokesman, Steffen Seibert, declined comment on the content of the talks, calling Obama’s visit to the Chancellery in Berlin a “private meeting.”

The duo “did not stop for photos or take questions from journalists, stressing that the meeting was not a political event,” German state broadcaster Deutsche Welle reported, adding that “it is clear that Merkel had a better working relationship with Obama than she does with his successor” President Donald Trump.

Despite official denials in Berlin,  the German media dubbed it a political meeting with the duo discussing the widening rift between Merkel-led government and President Donald Trump’s administration.

“Our President,” the headline in the German newspaper Der Tagesspiegel declared, refusing to comes to terms with the outcome of the 2016 U.S. election. “Obama Evokes Nostalgia in Germany,” The New York Times noted.

“Life is so much harder with the new guy,” said the headline in the UK’s Daily Mail, referring to the diplomatic differences between Merkel and Trump. The “pair were spotted in a warm embrace after a meeting at the German Chancellery,” the tabloid added.

German newspaper Die Welt reported the meeting between the two:

Chancellor Angela Merkel met with the former U.S. President Barack Obama for an hour and a half long exchange of views. The main topic is considered to be the strained transatlantic relations. These ties have significantly deteriorated since President Obama’s Republican successor Donald Trump took office. A big contentious issue is the protectionist economic policies pursued by the Americans. (…)

On the eve of the meeting [Friday], Obama received applause from more than 14,000 people at the World Leadership Summit in Cologne. Among other things, the Democratic politician spoke of “confident and cautious optimism” that the United States will soon take the lead in climate protection. Obama did not mention Trump, but it was clear at various times that he was being referred to. [Translation by the author]

The German newspaper Rheinische Post wrote about the political significance of the meeting:

This is a political signal, especially at a time when Donald Trump, Obama’s successor as the U.S. President, never misses an opportunity to criticize Merkel and the Germans. Just recently, he used the ceremonies to mark the NATO anniversary in Washington to slam the ally, Germany. [Translation by the author]

The newspaper was referring to President Trump’s demand that all NATO allies should meet their defense spending targets. As Legal Insurrection reported recently, Berlin was going to renege its NATO spending pledge. As of 2017, the U.S. was shouldering more than 70 percent of the NATO military expenditure.

Hillary Clinton’s ‘unexpected’ defeat is widely regarded as the reason why Merkel sought a fourth term back in 2017. As Obama staffer Ben Rhodes admitted in his 2017 memoir, the German leader told Obama that “she felt more obliged to run for another term because of Mr. Trump’s election to defend the liberal international order” (paraphrased by the New York Times).

Today this globalist order is on shaky ground on the other side of the Atlantic. Obama’s highly publicized visit comes in the backdrop if the upcoming European Union election set for late May. Opinion polls project strong showing by nationalist and anti-EU parties. The former U.S. President used his public appearance in Germany to slam the ‘populist’ parties. “Europe, Mr. Obama suggested, is one of the main battlefields between liberal democracy and far-right populism,” The New York Times said reporting Obama’s speech in Cologne on Friday.

Merkel will be traveling to the U.S. to give the commencement speech at Harvard University’s graduation ceremony next month. A meeting at the White House is not yet in the cards, the German media claimed.

Video: Obama, Angela Merkel depart chancellery together


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Sediton comes to mind….

I get the objections to Trump, who is boorish, given to empty boasting, speaks without thinking. But Obama is a rat. Let me fix that. Obama is a classless rat. He just can’t leave the stage. And he is undermining a duly elected president.

What a despicable, phony, empty-headed wretch Obama is. He makes Trump, who is self-absorbed, look like a piker in that respect. Obama’s self-love is like a disease.

The less said about the fool in the photo with him the better. Dead people have a stronger grasp on reality.

Eh. US/EU journalists repeatedly sold Merkel to American readers as a right wing politician. But now? No mention. That’s done with. The head fake to the right whilst the ball goes left. And now Maobama -whose admin was caught with its hand in Merkels intel services cookie jar – are the best of pals.

Fake news 100% of the time.

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | April 7, 2019 at 2:41 pm

Obama sure is getting FAT
like Hillary and Merkle are so FAT.

Back in the good old days former presidents respected the office and didn’t speak out against their successors. Peanut Head ended that. Bush43 was silent for eight years and now speaks out against Trump.

I guess George doesn’t like the way Trump stomped his low-energy brother.

Wonder how many weeks before the German security services provide the FBI – and Adam Schiff – with a dossier of Trump’s interactions with Russians…..

How is this not a violation of the Logan Act?

They should both rot in hell. Obama, more so.

German men must enjoy being flogged by these weasels.


Oh, Merkel deserves it just as much.

    To the Germans she does. To NATO she does.

    But to America, obama is a traitor unprecedented in US history. He was the Manchurian Candidate so many of us claimed he was.

PrincetonAl | April 7, 2019 at 6:00 pm

Would be collusion if Obama were Republican, not to mention nefarious, unprecedented, disrespectful, seizing and pouncing, etc.

But it’s Obami-Wan Kenobi – our only hope! – so it’s all good.

Two utterly vain and incompetent, Islam-fetishizing/whitewashing/enabling leaders, engaging in a mutual ego-stroking session.

Bitterlyclinging | April 8, 2019 at 8:45 am

Orgasms aplenty at the desks of the Times reporters and editorial staff viewing the newly arrived Obama/Merkel photos.
What shall we do with the New York Times staff after the next civil war is over, in view of the blood of the possible 100 million dead Americans being almost totally on theirs and the Democrats hands