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Get Morning Insurrection Delivered Straight to Your Inbox

Get Morning Insurrection Delivered Straight to Your Inbox

And troubleshooting if you’ve experienced difficulty receiving MI

We started the Morning Insurrection newsletter in 2014. It’s our daily, weekday newsletter that shows up directly in your inbox around 7 AM. Exclusive author content with a more personal bent, straight to the point, other important announcements — you’ll find them all in Morning Insurrection.

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As Professor Jacobson opined a couple of years back:

…Most important in my mind, is the Quick Hits part of the newsletter where authors post quick thoughts and information about the news and their own lives. Particularly for authors like Prof. Miriam Elman and David Gerstman, who are not daily contributors at the website, it gives them an opportunity to opine on recent events and issues that you will not see on the website.

I tend to use the Quick Hits section of the newsletter to update readers on events going on in my life, and observations on events that I don’t necessarily mention on the website because there’s not place for me to do so. So, for example, I might mention upcoming speaking engagements, people I’ve met, past posts I’ve been thinking about, and so on.

But wait, there’s more: A lifeline

I’ve been thinking about the role of the newsletter in light of the unexpected shutdown of our YouTube account based on unfounded copyright claims. Thankfully, the account was restored after we were able to mobilize people on Twitter, and file the necessary legal papers with YouTube.

That emphasized for me how precarious our ability to communicate with others is on the large social media websites. Many people have been shut down by Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. We will continue to use them because there is no substitute, but having the ability to communicate via email with readers is a safety valve. It’s something we haven’t focused on before, but want to do in the future. Morning Insurrection may, on select occasions, serve the function of sending alerts to readers or having special issues devoted to a particular topic.

So Morning Insurrection is not just interesting and useful, it’s a lifeline in an age of social media shutdowns.

Morning Insurrection relocated when we got the Legal Insurrection Foundation up and running. Now coming from a different email address (see beneath), we’ve heard from several of y’all that MI isn’t arriving every weekday.

I’m not sure about other email clients, but Gmail has initiated a fantastically annoying algorithmic feature in which daily emails are often filtered out to the “Update” or even “Promotions” tab. Even more irritating, Gmail will also prioritize daily emails based on how frequently you interact with content from a particular publisher. So, if you’re not seeing our emails Monday thru Friday, explore your tabs and even your spam box.

Still have questions? You can reach us anytime at the email address beneath.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog. We appreciate you. Greatly.

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casualobserver | April 9, 2019 at 8:43 am

For what it’s worth I keep email accounts on a lot of different legacy services – Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail (Outlook), etc. I have yet to miss a single MI daily using Yahoo. Which has a decent history from my experience in thwarting spam, because it seems they are more likely to put good mail in spam than the reverse….so far from perfect.

However, I still use Chrome to view LI because I have it configured to block ads. When using my other browsers I don’t have configured to block, LI is almost crippled with page loading annoyances like ads and everything else you have running. I can’t effectively type comments, even, because the delays per character can be seconds my system is so busy processing garbage. (And my machine is hardly old or under resourced). Just and FYI.

your spif/dkm records changed and bayensian filters flag it.