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Elizabeth Warren’s increasingly dramatic proposals reflect a campaign struggling to stay relevant

Elizabeth Warren’s increasingly dramatic proposals reflect a campaign struggling to stay relevant

What is left for Warren to propose? Public flogging of executives? If her fundraising numbers come in weak, she may have to go there to keep in the news cycle.

Elizabeth Warren’s campaign is stuck in neutral at best, in reverse at worst.

She just isn’t getting any momentum despite assembling a high-powered campaign team before anyone else, and announcing before any other major candidates. The DNA rollout was an unmitigated disaster, and compounded Warren’s original sin, her false claim to be Native American.

In an attempt to reboot, Warren held a bizarre New Year’s Eve beer-drinking livestream campaign launch, mimicking Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ cooking livestreams.

Whatever else she is, Elizabeth Warren is not the cool kid, and it flopped.

Warren is stuck in single digits in polling despite trying so hard for so long. Liberal New York Magazine had a roundtable on Why Hasn’t Elizabeth Warren Caught Fire in the Primaries?

A test of whether Warren can get momentum is whether she can assemble an army of small donors like Bernie and Beto.

In the past several days several of the major candidates were quick to announced their numbers, with Bernie blasting out $18 million:

But Warren sat back, releasing only a campaign statement that she had met her goals, but no numbers. That generated some headlines focused on Warren meeting her goals, but of course those goals were developed to be met. The real test would be how Warren compared to others, and for that we have to wait until she releases the numbers.

Warren can transfer $12.5 million from her Senate campaign account, where she faced no serious challenge in 2018 but kept fundraising anyway, but even that money will run dry unless replenished quickly. And a financial transfer hardly reflects a swell of support.

There were warning signs that Warren was struggling. The NY Times ran an article Elizabeth Warren Loses Finance Director as She Struggles in Early Fund-Raising:

But as the first fund-raising deadline arrives at midnight on Sunday, Ms. Warren — who last year was widely considered a would-be front-runner — finds herself in a political vise. Her rivals on either ideological flank will raise substantially more money in the first quarter than she does, and her focus on policy has not yet translated in the polls.

Ms. Warren’s early troubles reflect the broader challenges confronting the vast Democratic field, all vying for money and attention as they seek to dethrone President Trump. Harvesting online donations does not come easily to noncelebrity candidates, and the party’s longstanding fascination with youthful charisma — along with its current, Trump-driven fixation on electability — can outweigh qualities like experience or policy expertise.

The decision of Senator Bernie Sanders, Ms. Warren’s longtime friend and fellow populist, to run again has cut into her money and her potential share of the vote on the left. And Democrats like Mr. O’Rourke, Senator Kamala Harris and Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Ind., have offered a party eager to find fresh faces a handful from which to choose.

“If Warren says, ‘I can’t raise enough money, so my way to win is through an aggressive field operation because I have fired-up volunteers,’ well, Bernie and Beto can say, ‘O.K., well, we can do both,’” said Rufus Gifford, the finance director in former President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign.

New York Magazine noted that Elizabeth Warren’s Big-Donor Ban Isn’t Paying Off — Yet:

Senator Elizabeth Warren is already getting out-raised by many of the other Democrats vying for the party’s 2020 presidential nomination. Now, her finance director has reportedly resigned over her pledge to not raise money from big-bundling donors and big-dollar fundraisers, even though she could probably use the money. The New York Times reported on Sunday that campaign finance director Michael Pratt resigned after being unable to convince Warren and her advisers to avoid the big-donor ban, which she announced last month as a way to spend more time engaging with voters on the trail….

In the meantime, it’s not yet clear how much Warren will report having raised in the first quarter, but it does seem clear that she will dramatically lag her rivals, to the point that her campaign is warning supporters and using the gap as a fundraising pitch.

We noted that Warren’s online email pitches were becoming increasingly desperate, and she was lowering expectations, Elizabeth Warren warns on fundraising: “we’re a little behind where we hoped to be”.

Perhaps Warren’s numbers are good, but if so, why is she holding them back? More likely, the numbers are bad in comparison to others, and Warren is waiting to the right moment to release them, i.e, that moment when they will cause her the least damage.

As Warren’s campaign has stalled, she shifted from trying to be the cool kid to being a policy wonk as a campaign theme. Hardly a day passes that she doesn’t roll out some huge proposal to reshape the economy in her image, or to take vengeance on the enemy.

Here is a partial catalog of Warren’s increasingly dramatic proposals just in the past three weeks:

‘Full-blown Conversation about Reparations’ for Blacks and Native Americans

Eliminate the Electoral College

$700 Billion Free Childcare Plan

Expand Government Oversight of Credit Reporting Bureaus

Break Up Big Tech

Break Up Big Corporate Agricultural Businesses including Seed Companies

Jail Executives for Negligence if Company has a Fraud Scandal

Jail Executives for Negligence if Company has  a Consumer Data Breach

End the Senate Filibuster

These proposals have kept Warren in the short-term news cycles without any obvious positive impact on her popularity or fundraising. Warren is approaching the point where even the sympathetic liberal and mainstream media will grow weary.

What is left for Warren to propose? Public flogging of executives?

If her fundraising numbers come in weak, she may have to go there to keep in the news cycle.


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Next Shrieking Crow will start speaking Jive. It happens to all the Democrat candidates. They all know Jive talk.

    murkyv in reply to puhiawa. | April 6, 2019 at 10:00 am


    I posted elsewhere a week ago that Princess Buffalo Squat will be channelling her inner Barbara Billingsly in front of a black audience

If reparations become a reality, expect Fauxahontas to claim she’s also a descendent of Aunt Jemima.

Lizzy is a well know commodity. Americans find her to be repugnant. Despite her assertions, and persistence, she is WRONG. I did build that. I do own it. The damned government provided NOTHING toward the success of my business.

Elizabeth FAKE INDIAN Warren believes that she represents America and that everyone OWES the government something.

To the contrary, the government of the U.S. owes US.

Well, I guess it’s time for another beer, Lizzy. That worked so well the last time.

Has Elizabeth tried inappropriately touching people on camera?
It’s done wonders for Biden’s numbers!

We have entered an era where presidential candidates need to be ‘interesting’ in order to attract voters, and Trump just sucks all of the interesting out of the room every time he is mentioned.

    Tom Servo in reply to georgfelis. | April 6, 2019 at 9:35 am

    Trump was right – by focusing on Fauxcahontas early, he’s already knocked her out of the race. Even if she doesn’t know it yet.

From fake Indian to wallflower. If she needs a finance director I hear Michael Avenatti is good with other peoples money.

Hey, breaking news — Chief Dropping Bull Fauxcahontas is taking credit for flogging one of the greatest contemporary evildoers into submission — she is now strutting about, in self-congratulatory fervor, because the evil corporation known as will now advertise its name-brand electronics/computer cables via less-prominent banner ads, relative to competitors.

Wow, that Warren is really making a big difference in the lives of ordinary Americans! This was a top-five issue for almost every citizen!

Watch for her do it yourself abortion video.

Walking Eagle- a bird so full of crap it can’t fly!

This is great. Despite their desperate commitment to NOT nominate a white male, they can’t find a single alternative that isn’t insane or extreme. This isn’t the conservatives nor the Republicans who are rejecting the non-white candidates.

They have told white male and Jewish voters to hang themselves and lost the white suburban female vote to Trump. They are also losing credibility among blacks due to the one-note (“racist!”) black commies they keep presenting. And they’re losing more and more of the legal Hispanic American voters too. What’s left?

And they’re most viable candidate is Bernie Sanders who is not even a Democrat! And the white old man from the whitest state is basing his campaign on institutional racism being worse than ever! He is the leading candidate! On the sidelines ready to step in are white male billionaires Bloomberg and Schultz and Creepy Joe. LOL!

Who is running that insane asylum anyway? The Dems could place 3rd in 2020. Even worse if the party shatters. Could they be more disconnected from reality? Sure! Double down on stupid again and keep on doing it until it sticks!

    guyjones in reply to Pasadena Phil. | April 6, 2019 at 10:49 pm

    I pray that your assessment proves correct, but, we cannot become complacent. Demographic trends, shifts in the electoral map and the media’s ceaseless, water-carrying propaganda efforts in service of Dhimmi-crat/Dumb-o-crat aims and narratives all serve to create a national electoral climate and certain on-the-ground realities that are inherently inhospitable to GOP aspirations.

    This ceaseless vilification of, and, unhinged hatred of Trump, on the part of the Mainstream Media, “celebrity” twits, etc., does begin to have an impact on certain voters, after a while. Propaganda narratives, no matter how manifestly false and contrived, if shouted repeatedly, ad nauseam, do begin to assume the patina of legitimacy and truth, a fact that has been observed by historical master propagandists.

      I live in CA which is has gone nuts at the top. But even among the liberal voters that I know, which is most people I know, the creepiness is registering with them. I don’t talk politics with them anymore. But I still talk to them.

      And sometimes they will complain about how everything is now about politics. Wives not talking to husbands, friends not talking to friends…. Good opportunity to calmly ask them who they think is the one refusing to associate with the other. Even if they don’t answer it is obvious. It’s ALWAYS the anti-Trump person. And what exactly is the issue? Economics? Foreign policy? Taxes? What is it? The answer? It’s usually something like “the way he treats women” or “he shouldn’t tweet so much”… Never ever about real issues.

      It doesn’t take a discussion anymore, just a polite observation. Once the influentials start rethinking and having doubts, the game changes. I think the game is beginning to change. Voters in CA are already openly griping about the one-party system.

Elizabeth Warren is a fake.
Nothing more.
Nothing less.

She’s ridiculous.

But that’s not it. All the D’rat hopefulls are ridiculous.

She’s a lying dirtbag.

Ditto. They all are. She fits right in. Her showmanship is poor—her one-squaw beer summit was cringeworthy even by cheapjack modern standards—but the only one of the crowd who really has that vacuous, crowd-pleaser Kardashianesque “famous for being famous” touch is A. Psycho-Chick, and she’s not running.

She’s a dumb hammerhead. The DNA thing was a disaster of Titanic proportions. This is a terribly stupid person. But again, that hardly makes her a standout. Slow Joe? Horizontal Harris? Old “I am Sparky”? Not ten grams of brain cells between them.

So, what’s different about Chief Squawk? Only her fundraising strategy—

Now, her finance director has reportedly resigned over her pledge to not raise money from big-bundling donors and big-dollar fundraisers, even though she could probably use the money.

No, she could definitely use the money. And, apparently, the big donors are where it comes from. And if she’s telling the truth (for once), she’s not taking any. She’s going to stick with the pretense that “the little guy” wants her to be POTUS. And the little guy isn’t coming through for her. There’s no real evidence that the little guy is coming through for any of the D’rats, no matter what they claim.

Tentative conclusion—that D’rat thing about armies of small donors doing the trick is a load of rubbish. A D’rat who doesn’t suck up to big money is a gonner.

None of the other Progressive Fascists have the anchor that liawatha has.

Squawking faxahauntis will demandi reparations for her campaign.

If Fauxcahontas had any shame, she’d have crawled back under the rock she came from, happy to have swindled all the money she has.

But, no.

She’s a pscyhopath.

Paleface lose her ethnicity creds?