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Michael Bloomberg Passing on 2020 Election

Michael Bloomberg Passing on 2020 Election

“I’m not running for president, but I am launching a new campaign”

Michael Bloomberg released a statement Tuesday saying he would not be throwing his hat into the 2020 candidacy ring, but he is launching a new environmental campaign — Beyond Carbon, which he hopes will result in the shuttering of all coal-fired plants over the next 11 years and the eventual eradication of fossil fuels as an energy source.

From his statement, published at Bloomberg:

I’ve come to realize that I’m less interested in talking than doing. And I have concluded that, for now, the best way for me to help our country is by rolling up my sleeves and continuing to get work done.

Here’s one way I’ll do that. In 2011, following the failure of cap and trade legislation in Congress, I teamed up with the Sierra Club on a campaign called Beyond Coal. By organizing and mobilizing communities affected by the harmful pollution of coal-fired power plants, we have helped close more than half the nation’s plants — 285 out of 530 — and replaced them with cleaner and cheaper energy. That was the single biggest reason the U.S. has been able to reduce its carbon footprint by 11 percent — and cut deaths from coal power plants from 13,000 to 3,000.

Now, I will take the next big steps. First, I will expand my support for the Beyond Coal campaign so that we can retire every single coal-fired power plant over the next 11 years. That’s not a pipe dream. We can do it. And second, I will launch a new, even more ambitious phase of the campaign — Beyond Carbon: a grassroots effort to begin moving America as quickly as possible away from oil and gas and toward a 100 percent clean energy economy.

At the heart of Beyond Carbon is the conviction that, as the science has made clear, every year matters. The idea of a Green New Deal — first suggested by the columnist Tom Friedman more than a decade ago — stands no chance of passage in the Senate over the next two years. But Mother Nature does not wait on our political calendar, and neither can we.

Bloomberg reiterated his commitment to supporting like-minded Democrat candidates in the upcoming election. Had he run, it would’ve been in opposition to Trump.

When former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz floated running for President as a centrist independent, Bloomberg not to subtly suggested any independent would Ross Perot the election. From MSNBC:

Bloomberg had previously said little in public about a potential run, though he had made clear that, if he did run, it would be as a Democrat. After Howard Schultz, the billionaire former chief of Starbucks, announced that he was considering a bid for president as a centrist independent, Bloomberg wrote in a statement that an independent run would likely “split the anti-Trump vote and end up re-electing the President.”

Some speculated that Bloomberg’s entrance into the race might have served as a moderating influence in a primary that has seen a host of candidates vying to appeal to the party’s increasingly left-leaning base.

But his moderate views would also be a liability. Bloomberg has faced scrutiny from progressives over his ties to the financial services industry, his sprawling wealth and his past statements on issues including policing tactics and the Me Too movement, among other areas.


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1. He doesn’t want the long knives to come out for him on the Dem side
2. He cannot, absolutely cannot, survive the enema that Trump is getting

    It’s an attempted enema. And it’s backfiring, leaving the sinister people trying to rule us against our will covered in our feces.

    TrickyRicky in reply to RedEchos. | March 6, 2019 at 9:48 am

    He has power and money galore. Why subject himself to the indignities which, you are quite correct, he would inevitably endure. That leaves him time to pursue his most important project, disarming the American people, leaving them ripe for serfdom.

“Beyond Carbon”…. That experiment would require technology that may never exist for present population. This is smug assertion that technology is the savior of mankind (see Titanic). This requires bending the remaining downsized populace to technocratic control. All aspects of life controlled….except for the technocrats who must have full benefits to maintain their superior position. I see stagnation. It’s not a brave new future but a grave one.

As I’ve said before, they want you less well-fed, less comfortable (hotter in summer, colder in winter), less well-housed, less traveled, less mobile, less exposed to ideas, MUCH more compacted into cities (they design and rule), and MUCH more easily controlled.

It’s never been hard to know what they want. They tell us very clearly.

Bloomberg and Hillary are not going to roll around in the mud with the rest of low caste candidates but will throw a lot of money around, stay in the public eye and wait for the draft at the convention. That is their only road to the nomination. They are not going to stand on a stage, on camera, in a crowd of left wing idiots trading insults. NO NO NO

Out with the fossil fuels, in with the hydrocarbon fuels.

Out with the fetuses, in with the babies.

Semantic progress. Baby steps.

He’s an egocentric jerking with a lot of money who has reached his level of incompetence. Kinda like Mark Cuban, or Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the like.

Then there is Donald Trump, who keeps rising. An amazing, amazing man, who keeps getting better and better.

We are literally blessed to have him. The alternative was fascism. He saved the nation from itself.

He is so concerned about fossil fuels that he flies back and forth to London about 40 times a year on his private jet. What a hypocrite.

At the heart of Beyond Carbon is the conviction that, as the science has made clear, every year matters.

Jeezuz Krist on stilts. A technological barbarian like Bloomberg tossing the word “science” around like a magic talisman is as absurd as a eunuch posing as a marriage counselor. These people are beyond ridiculous.

Since he “SOOOO” worried about carbon, DOES he(prance) walk everywhere with his (12?) armed guards? SUCH a PRUDE JACK”O”! He reminds me of J.Edgar? Does he have a box other than his soapbox??

Now, I will take the next big steps. First, I will expand my support for the Beyond Coal campaign so that we can retire every single coal-fired power plant over the next 11 years. That’s not a pipe dream. We can do it.

Of course he can do it. If he’s willing to spend what it takes he can even do it constitutionally and ethically. Just buy them all and close them down. I see no problem with this. But I suspect he doesn’t want to spend his money that way; instead he’ll spend the same amount to lobby for legislation to forcibly close the plants, because he doesn’t want the owners to walk away without damage.

He would be reason number 1 on why I would support a billionaire wealth tax. Yeah, wealth tax as in their overall total wealth. Say 5% per year. Keep them too busy hiding money so they leave the rest of us alone so we don’t lose anymore rights.
Time to break these anti Constitution fascists.