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Ilhan Omar Dunks on Meghan McCain’s ‘Faux Outrage’ Over Anti-Semitism

Ilhan Omar Dunks on Meghan McCain’s ‘Faux Outrage’ Over Anti-Semitism

“she and her supporters just gutted the Democratic Party, now she’s searching the landscape for survivors”

Mere hours after the passage of the Democrats’ anti-hate resolution, a move prompted entirely by the anti-Semitism of Rep. Ilhan Omar, she proved that she has learned absolutely nothing from the experience.

In the weeks following the death of Senator John McCain, Democrats who painted McCain as the embodiment of evil during the 2008 presidential campaign, held him up as the picture of virtue. Past criticisms of McCain by Trump or any of his supporters was used as a club by the same Democrats.

Now the rules have been changed again.

Yesterday on The View, John McCain’s daughter Meghan McCain expressed heartfelt distress over open displays of anti-Semitism. Ken Meyer reported at Mediaite:

As Hostin criticized the GOP’s “selective outrage,” McCain brought it back to Omar and argued “why this obsession with Jerusalem and Israel?” The conversation ended up taking a turn when McCain’s voice started to crack and she got emotional as she explained that Omar’s comments should be “very scary” to everyone, not just Jews.

“I take the hate crimes rising in this country incredibly seriously and I think what’s happening in Europe is really…The idea that this is politicized…it shouldn’t be. On both sides it should be called out. Just because I don’t technically have Jewish family that are related to me doesn’t mean that I don’t take this seriously and it is very dangerous, very dangerous and I think we collectively as Americans on both sides – what Ilhan Omar is saying is very scary to me.”

Here’s the video:

Ilhan Omar retweeted an attack on this, after the passage of an anti-hate resolution, prompted by her, and which Democrats watered down to the point where it didn’t even mention her by name:

This is who she is.

Omar is also taking a victory lap over the anti-hate resolution which she inspired.


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This woman is poison, her having any power is something which our formerly great country will regret… for as long as we last as such.

She is filled with hate and has no love for this country.

The electorate who put her in office should be forever shamed.

    Dave in reply to oldgoat36. | March 8, 2019 at 9:42 am

    Omar is going to push to turn America into the UK, where Muslims are given free reign and Sharia Law is the law of the land. This woman is very, very dangerous.

    pfg in reply to oldgoat36. | March 8, 2019 at 9:59 am

    She prevailed by getting 78% of the votes cast. 78% !!!

    Previous occupant of the MN-5 seat was Muslim Keith Ellison who is now MN’s Attorney General.

    These are not good signs for Americans who need to be listening to the Counter-Jihadists, such as Robert Spencer, who are trying to educate them on Islam.

      Chicklet in reply to pfg. | March 8, 2019 at 11:52 am

      So how did that happen?

      One only has to examine the deep-state refugee resettlement process, where so-called religious or community organizations buy up vast tracts of housing in rust belt cities and bring over ‘refugees’ a few dozen at a time. Before you know it, there is enough of them to control the school board, the local electorate, and they multiply.
      Look at the small failed (all Democrat run) cities in Michigan, Syracuse NY, etc.

      It’s a great and secret way to gain control over a state’s electoral balance because nobody seems to notice until it’s too late. This is another practice that a thorough cleanup of immigration laws and deep state practices might fix.

she proved that she has learned absolutely nothing from the experience.

She’s learned she can get away with it. Because the D’rats would rather go down with a sinking ship—a ship she just poked a hole in—than throw her overboard.

Bitterlyclinging | March 8, 2019 at 9:14 am

She’ll be handing over State Secrets to the Taliban, ISIS, Iran shortly…..

    Observer in reply to Bitterlyclinging. | March 8, 2019 at 9:37 am

    Assuming she hasn’t already.

    Her brother-in-law was recently given an appointment in the Somali government, after Omar endorsed the president there (who won in what has been described as one of the most fraudulent elections in Somali history). But surely we don’t have to worry about Omar slipping U.S. secrets to him. After all, it’s not as if there has been any history of Omar doing hinky favors for her brothers, or lying and cheating to gain family members some unfair advantages, right?

Did the resolution also condemn islamic supremacy?

Hahaha, didn’t think so.

Somehow I think that “married to her brother” thing is being looked into as you read this.

JusticeDelivered | March 8, 2019 at 10:00 am

She should be put under full surveillance, she is probably associated with terrorists.

Gather evidence, try her, strip her of her naturalized citizenship, and then expel her.

Democrat James Clyburn Utters Most INSANE Defense Yet Of Ilhan Omar

Since Mr. Clyburn dismisses the pain and suffering endured by people who are still living among us, his statement seems to obviate the need for us to pay reparations to black Americans, none of who are alive today who were once in chains. Thanks for that clarification, sir.

“Just because I don’t technically have Jewish family that are related to me doesn’t mean that I don’t take this seriously and it is very dangerous, very dangerous and I think we collectively as Americans on both sides – what Ilhan Omar is saying is very scary to me.” ”

Well, I do have Jewish family. What was it Esther said to the king? “These are my people.” What did Ruth say to Naomi? “I will go with you.”

And my whole, extended family is with me on this. That is a fairly large collage of aunts and uncles and cousins, along with their kids.

This country is full of Esthers and Ruths, and all of their non-Jewish families.

Muslims who come here, and who take as much delight in our freedoms as we do, are welcome. Those who learn to embrace the other half of their own religious law, “Love your neighbor”

are also welcome. Purveyors of a nihilistic philosophy of murder and hatred of their neighbors are not welcome and should be quarantined from our society. To the extent the Democrat Party fails to do this, they will drive even more voters away from their party.

ugottabekiddinme | March 8, 2019 at 11:03 am

Perhaps it would be wise to amend the Constitution to apply the natural-born citizen requirement to eligibility for Congress as well as the Oval Office.

An aggressive Islamist who’s unapologetically aggressive toward non-islamists.


One should not view Ilhan Omar as a raving anti-Semite, though one she is. Rather, caution requires that we view her as the tip of the spear, in which she represents a concerted–meaning, acting with others–effort to reduce her party’s support for Israel–which is already worrisomely low–and replace it with support for the Palestinian cause, which she holds near and dear. Then, with time, it will translate into a change in American policy, and the endgame–a Palestinian state that displaces Israel. Omar says she favors a two-state solution but we should not take her at her word, any more than voters should have when, during her campaign, she said she opposed BDS, only to recant those words once she was elected. And what is the aim of BDS? A one-state solution, meaning, the destruction of Israel.

Don’t understand why anyone is upset about this. Of course idiotic anti-Semites (redundant?) will not change. Look forward to more stupidity from Omar. This will (a) expose the inanity that is the modern democrat party and (b) it will be fairly amusing. So, a win-win.

    The things you predict will happen will come to pass, but you have left out one prediction. When these things come to pass a majority of jewish voters will still be voting DEMOCRAT. Why they continue to support the party that hates them is beyond comprehension.

    How long will Jewish voters delude themselves that conservative supporters of Israel are really just evil Christians who want to take over Israel and make it a Christian nation. This line of thinking for rejecting conservatives who have strongly supported Israel and stood against anti-semitism for decades is prevalent on the coasts. It even makes it into many hollywood productions. It was even on one of the later episodes of the Sopranos!! It is just one of many ways these jewish supporters of the democrat party rationalize voting against their own interests.

      Concise in reply to garybritt. | March 8, 2019 at 12:15 pm

      Never completely understood how a party as vile as the Democrats (with a history rooted in slavery, jim crow, segregation, the Klan, and, now, if that wasn’t bad enough, infanticide) has such broad support in any community. But if we have to be stuck with them, the least that can be done is to expose their vileness, which Omar and her moron companions may be doing. (I guess I may owe apologies to morons everywhere for comparing them to democrats)

    Colonel Travis in reply to Concise. | March 8, 2019 at 12:26 pm

    The strategy of sitting back and hoping everyone will see the (D) party as you do is not smart and does not work. The (D) party has gotten more leftist over time and we’re at the point now where open socialists are ready to do serious damage. We were THIS close to having a president who was corrupt out the yin-yang and married to a previous president who was impeached for being a liar. Gee, just look at how bad those Democrats are. They’ll pay for it big time down the road.


    The left has been aggressive, while for decades the right has just sat there saying – this is great, everyone will finally see how bad they are! Meanwhile, pop culture is taken over by the left, education is taken over, the media, etc.

    Passive doesn’t work. If it did, we’d be more aligned to how the Founders envisioned this country instead of heading toward socialist Euro-trash.

      Concise in reply to Colonel Travis. | March 8, 2019 at 2:44 pm

      Maybe it’s just my mood today, but frankly I think the battle was lost for the most part with the 17th amendment. If not that, the 26rh continues to do unheard of damage and just wait until 16 and 17 year olds get to vote (the groundwork for that is set in H.R. 1). Mocking passivity is about all we have left.

      The most active resistance people with school-age children can accomplish is to pull your children out of the leftist K-PhD system. What’s your excuse for not doing that?

      The most active resistance people without school-age children can accomplish is to help people with school-age children to pull their children out of the leftist K-PhD system. What’s your excuse for not doing that?

      The most active resistance Christian churches can accomplish is to start and/or support Christian schools and warn parents about the leftist K-PhD system. What’s their excuse for not doing that?

        Concise in reply to gibbie. | March 8, 2019 at 5:27 pm

        I think you need some more realistic options. Fight the public school establishment? Teacher union enrollment may be up, or at least unaffected, after Janus.

        gibbie in reply to gibbie. | March 8, 2019 at 6:18 pm

        “Fight the public school establishment?”

        Thanks for your reply! My suggestions are mostly met with silence.

        However, I think you have completely misunderstood what I said. Fighting the public school establishment is a complete waste of time. Even if you succeeded you would only be replacing one abuse of government power to indoctrinate students with a different abuse of government power to indoctrinate students.

        I am suggesting that parents, friends, and churches examine their priorities, take responsibility for their children, and and get them out of the education systems which the left has corrupted.

        It took me a long time to reach this conclusion, resulting in much damage. It’s our responsibility to act instead of waiting for government to fix the problem which it created.

        I’m convinced that many churches fail to warn parents because they are afraid of offending those who think everything is just fine.

bobinreverse | March 8, 2019 at 11:56 am

As the saying goes this. This Ain’t jack compared to what’s going to happen with the Dems when hezbollah attacks the Jews from Lebanon the next tine. Call me what you like but can hatdly wait.

As she saw it, the party ostensibly committed to progressive values had become complicit in perpetuating the status quo. Omar says the “hope and change” offered by Barack Obama was a mirage. Recalling the “caging of kids” at the U.S.-Mexico border and the “droning of countries around the world” on Obama’s watch, she argues that the Democratic president operated within the same fundamentally broken framework as his Republican successor.

I prefer my Democratic anti-semitism right out in the open where everyone can see it. No pretending – show me who you honestly are. We can see who supports her unapologetically better too.

Let’s just draw the battles lines for all to see.

Has anyone else noticed what seems to be a coordinated effort by anti-semitic liberals on other sites that use Disqus for their commenting? Everywhere I go, the “top” comment seems to be the same talking point trying to defend Ihlan Omar. I just want to yell at people “AIPAC isn’t the only ‘foreign’ lobbying organization”. Every other country has ten trying to influence our foreign policy. Going after the major Israeli one just makes you even more of an anti-semite.

And yet Meghan McCain will continue to bash conservatives in her futile quest to be accepted by the progressive Kool Kids Klub.

stutz bearcat | March 8, 2019 at 2:21 pm

how many kufirs have been slain by acolytes of Islam and now she feels afraid? Not defending the somali in anyway.