On Monday I blogged that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg missed oral arguments for the first time in her tenure because she’s recovering from surgery. Doctors removed cancerous nodules off her lung.

I wrote that people joked about giving her their limbs and organs, but also wouldn’t be surprised if people actually did this.

Say no more! Politico Chief Political Columnist Roger Simon asked Twitter today if anyone would “subtract one day off your life and add it to Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s life for one extra day of good health.”

Ginsburg also missed oral arguments today. Chief Justice John Roberts said again that she “will participate in the decisions using transcripts of the arguments and court briefs.”

The responses caused me to laugh a little too hard. I looked through those who answered and about 99% mocked Simon over the tweet.

You know what would be SO GREAT? We stop relying on the Supreme Court so much and giving them power.

Secondly, the Supreme Court interprets the Constitution. The Constitution is not conservative or liberal. Stop politicizing the Supreme Court and the Constitution. I’ve written before that it’s not hard to interpret the Constitution, especially the Bill of Rights.

I’d tell people to can it, but I find it hilarious. Show off your crazy!

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