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France’s ‘Yellow Vest” protesters angry at #FakeNews media as well as at bureaucrats

France’s ‘Yellow Vest” protesters angry at #FakeNews media as well as at bureaucrats

Protest against government’s elite policies continue as more protesters are injured by police during deminstrations.

Perhaps the most undercovered major news story today is the continuing ‘Yellow Vest’ protests in France.

They continued for the 11th week, and protesters clashed with security forces in Paris and several other cities.

Police arrested 52 people in the French capital when trouble flared as the march came to an end at Bastille Square. Groups of protesters formed makeshift barriers in the streets, lit fires and threw missiles at riot police, who responded with tear gas and water canon. There were also angry confrontations during protests in Marseille and Lyon.

…In one of several marches through the capital, a few hundred demonstrators walked down the Champs-Elysees, the famous avenue that has been the scene of protests every weekend, and across town to Bastille Square were the violent scenes unfolded.

As in previous weeks, protesters carried French flags and held signs attacking “King Macron” as out of touch or calling for referendums tabled by ordinary citizens.

Elsewhere in France, protesters marched through the eastern city of Strasbourg to the European Parliament.

In the southwest, marches took place in Bordeaux and Toulouse, which have been focal points of the movement, while there were some confrontations during protests in Marseille and Lyon.

Journalists have been the target of ‘Yellow Vest’ ire. One protester described the distrust they feel for journalists and the betrayal they have experienced by the #FakeNews media.

“We need the media to spread our demands, and they shouldn’t lash out at them,” [Christophe Chalencon, a protester in the southern Vaucluse department,] said. “But for many of my fellow protesters, journalists embody the elite that disregards them. They have been waiting to be heard for decades. Now, the journalists finally come, interview them for half an hour and include only 30 seconds of that in their reports, sometimes in a way that distorts what the protesters actually meant. That’s why many who thought they could finally tell the world about their worries now feel betrayed.”

They are not the only ones suspicious of journalists. Trust in the media is at an all-time low according to a recent poll by Kantar Sofres on behalf of La Croix daily. Only 38 percent of the French believe what TV programs tell them, 50 percent believe radio programs, and 44 percent the written press.

One European sociologist asserts that the ‘Yellow Vest’ protesters have a valid point.

Sociologist Yves Patte, who has been observing the developments from neighboring Belgium, says France is facing a crisis of confidence. “The French feel left behind by the system. That’s represented by politicians and the media, which keep organizing lofty TV debates between intellectuals instead of inviting real people,” he said.

He added that the yellow vests were practically the first “regular” people to be invited to appear on such shows.

“What’s more, French journalists are a lot less feisty with politicians than for example their British counterparts. That creates an impression of collusion.”

He believes the media should change its ways.

“They need to bring in the guy next door and better explain their methods.”

Last week, I reported that firefighter Olivier Beziade was shot in the head by French police and left in a coma. While there is no update available on his condition, another grassroots leader was injured seriously this week.

“I condemn as firmly as possible the violence and damage caused again this Saturday, both in Paris and in the regions, by vandals disguised as ‘yellow vests,’” Interior Minister Christophe Castaner wrote on Twitter.

However, he announced an internal police investigation had been launched after a protester was injured at Bastille. TV images and the victim’s Facebook page showed that Jerome Rodrigues, a prominent figure in the grassroots movement, had been wounded in the eye.

According the France24, the toll of injuries is beginning to mount.

The “Disarm” collective, a local group that campaigns against police violence, has documented 98 cases of serious injuries since the first nationwide protests on November 17, including 15 cases of people losing an eye.

The leftwing Liberation daily counted 77 people with serious head injuries, 71 caused by rubber bullets and others by stun grenades.


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The french media refused to report on all the Muzzies burning cars, as well. They may still be doing it…who knows?

They need to wear eye protective devices geez

Wow, can you possibly write a more biased article.

First, the Yellow Vest “movement” is an organized, orchestrated operation. It is not a spontaneous, grassroots movement protesting taxes and elitists ignoring the “people”. So, exactly who is controlling this “movement”? Other than destroying the existing Western European society, exactly what are its aims, if any?

Second, these “protestors” are not a bunch of passive people marching in the streets carrying signs and singing Kumbia. They are violent people who are destroying property and injuring people. And, many of the people who are being injured, in some “demonstrations most, are police officers. In Toulouse on 1 December 2018, 57 people were injured in one of these demonstrations. 48 of them were police officers. Now, it is the duty of police to protect the innocents in society. They place their lives on the line to do just that. The Yellow vests are destroying private property belonging to ordinary citizens. When Maurice’s car is torched, Maurice loses not only his investment in the car, but he may now not be able to travel to work or otherwise make a living. If Maurice’s place of business is destroyed, then he is also no longer able to make a living. So, Maurice becomes collateral damage, through no fault of his own. So far, European police have used only less deadly weapons against violent demonstrators [there is no such thing as a completely non-deadly weapon]. And, those weapons are being used only against people engaged in these violent demonstrations. The lesson here is very simple. If you do not want to lose an eye or end up in a coma, do not throw rocks and bricks at the police and stop burning people’s private automobiles, looting and destroying private businesses and putting other citizens at risk. If you do those things, well, you knew the job was dangerous when you took it.

    Harold Jay in reply to Mac45. | January 27, 2019 at 2:42 pm

    Antifa in France

    snopercod in reply to Mac45. | January 27, 2019 at 3:32 pm

    I think the press said a lot of the same things about the Boston Tea Party.

    barnesto in reply to Mac45. | January 27, 2019 at 4:19 pm

    There is much to unpack in your comment. Before that, you should read and watch this thread. It’s from somebody actually on the ground in France, which makes him a bit more credible on this subject. Speaking of that…

    “First, the Yellow Vest “movement” is an organized, orchestrated operation. It is not a spontaneous, grassroots movement protesting taxes and elitists ignoring the “people”. So, exactly who is controlling this “movement”? Other than destroying the existing Western European society, exactly what are its aims, if any?”

    This is all over the place. The Yellow Vest Movement is, in fact, a movement. Much like the Tea Party a few years ago was a movement – still is in pockets throughout the country. Movements inherently become organized because they reach the size where organization is needed. It’s a fact, most of the “leaders” of this movement, which really means anyone willing to stand up and have their voice heard – has been targeted and put in the hospital. Movements need leaders not only to keep the group organized, but to be the voice when communicating with the other side. This isn’t like the NGOs ferrying migrants to Italy or human caravans to the US. These are everyday French citizens exerting their right to protest and free speech – have you not watched the videos? Please do.

    As for the violence – you are conflating what happens later in the day by a small subset of younger, more violent people with the average citizen. I have no doubt that embeds are also creating the violence you see – it’s what the left does. Want to know the vast majority who participate in these rallies all throughout France Saturday morning until the afternoon? Regular people like you and me that are just plain fed up. They only rally on Saturday, and early Saturday at that, because most of them are working 60+ hours each week for very little pay, btw. And that little pay is taxed greater than anything California does. Anyway, they want to enjoy the rest of their weekend; hence, no Sunday protests and back to work on Monday.

    You question their motives? Occam’s Razor and all that. The MSM said this was a violent group protesting the environmental tax. Sound familiar? It’s not. It’s absolutely about quality of life, the elites taking everything for themselves, the media propaganda, all the taxes – not just climate tax, and the migrant immigration problem. That’s what they are out in the street so you can stop wondering. They are tired of not having means for a better life and seeing their culture destroyed at every front – again, sound familiar? Whenever this movement comes here, and it’s getting there, you can use France as a template of how the left is going to be coming at us – Roger Stone nods in agreement.

    What about those police injuries? You realize the EU and Germany has started to send in help, right? That’s why you’re seeing more police brutality each weekend – or not because this revolution is not being televised. My point is it’s much easier for a German or other non-native Frenchman to whale unnecessarily on the French people – or to gas them. You’ve seen the hundreds of police that have refused to participate, yes? And I’m sure you caught all the “cops” that now look more like Antifa than police – it’s the imported help that doesn’t wear uniforms – just review the video. And as you already know, non-lethal will only remain non-lethal if they quit with the head shots. First, it’s an eye, then it’s a life.

    I have to say, your comment has me confused. I look at you as one of the more rational people commenting on this site. I have a hard time wrapping my head around how you feel about this. I can only think it’s lack of information – truthful information about what is happening in Europe. Also, this movement has spread. It’s in Germany and the UK now. And how can you not understand why? There’s been lots of outstanding coverage on Europe right here. I’m befuddled to say the least, which it’s probably too late for saying that, lol.

      barnesto in reply to barnesto. | January 27, 2019 at 4:21 pm

      Sorry for all the words… it got in the way of leaving the link!!!

      THREAD for #ActeXI tomorrowIve been covering the protesting in France for 11 wks now-Macrons gov is selling out France to the EU,Police brutality is rampant! the movement is growing as the media lies & says its dying- Follow me since the media is silent on this #GiletsJaunes— Armani (@armani_salado) January 25, 2019

      Mac45 in reply to barnesto. | January 28, 2019 at 1:49 am

      While the yellow vest movement may have been a spontaneous occurrence, when it first started, it, like The Tea Part Movement and antiFa has been co-opted by some central planning entity which is coordinating the activities of the participants. These “demonstrations” are also becoming more violent, destructive and anarchistic. And, the “movement”, whiel spreading geographically, is shrinking in numbers. What are left are hard core anarchists, with good PR.

      I always love the claim that these types of “protests” are really “peaceful” and that all the violence is due to embedded troublemakers. Of course, if this was true, then the “peaceful” demonstrators either would stop showing up or are so stupid that they should not be allowed out by themselves. Sorry, but the “peaceful” demonstrators are the ones causing the damage and committing the violence, right along with any “embedded agitators”. If you drive the car to the bank robbery, you are equally guilty of the crime.

      You are clearer about the true motives of the leadership of the Yellow Vests. It is to destroy the existing social structure of Europe. I believe that I mentioned that in my previous post. This is not a ground swell of ordinary people who simply want their elected representatives to listen to them. It goes far beyond that.

      Now, as to the injuries. You seem to assume that the head injuries are the result of “aimed shots”. However, te law of averages says that a fusillade of shots aimed in the general direct of violent rioters will result in several strikes to the head. Unfortunately, rubber bullets and even pepper balls can create substantial wounds at even moderate ranges. Also, though the wounded demonstrators are routinely identified as being leaders of the movement, by other members of the movement, they may be no more than front men who gain attention by standing in the front ranks of the rioters. True leaders of these “movements” are rare seen in the front ranks. And, if these people were being targeted by snipers, they would be taking hits from real rifle bullets.

      As to police casualties, these have been pretty well documented. And, in the first few weeks of the demonstrations, the police were suffering far higher casualties than the demonstrators. Guess what? The cops got tired of being attacked and injured and have changed tactics. Now, instead of waiting for demonstrators to get close enough to hit them with rocks, bricks and bottles, they are shooting the demonstrators, at a distance, with rubber munitions. No one, not even police officers, are stupid enough to allow people, who have attempted to harm them in the past, to get close enough to do it again.

      Originally, the Yellow Vest movement WAS a grass roots movement, which was largely rooted in the low standard of living enjoyed by a large segment of the French Populous, mostly outside of the large cities. Wages had stagnated and expenses risen to the point where people were simply breaking even. The new gas tax would have pushed a large portion of the citizenry too far into the red to recover. The French government met the initial demand and repealed the gas tax. But that did not stop the demonstrations. They continued and have made more and more demands. There is no way that the government can meet these demands. The goal has now become to destabilize the current society. The goal is to create sufficient anarchy to destroy the current European society so that the current Establishment can be replaced with a new. As the song says, “meet the new boss, same as the old boss”.

      When the US population became fed up with the refusal of the governing class to pay heed to their desires, our answer was to elect Donald Trump to make desired changes which were well within the ability of the government to perform. Those of us desiring change did not take to the streets to loot, burns, destroy or attack others. Those were the tactics used by the liberals, AntiFa and other anarchist groups. Even our Tea Party movement was never violent. The American Revolution had a clear cut goal. First to remove the control of the British Government and then, to replace it with a domestic government controlled by the powerful leaders of the various colonies. It always had a recognized leadership cadre. The Yellow Vests do not have this. Instead, it is a seemingly amorphous movement similar to early communist and socialist revolutions.

Gee, a protest against high taxes is not being covered by our media. I’m shocked! Next thing you’ll tell me is a demonstration in favor of life in our nation’s capitol is likewise… Oh.

It’s amazing to me that “media” whether here or in any other country simply decides not to report on news. Then what good are they?

Media has become propaganda and gossip columnists. None, or very dang few, are reporters and even fewer are journalists

Subotai Bahadur | January 27, 2019 at 2:16 pm

If they report on active, possibly effective, resistance to a Leftist government; it may encourage an active and possibly effective resistance to OUR Democrat/GOPe Leftist government. Given that we have a Second Amendment that a significant portion of the population takes seriously, that could impact the lifestyles, careers, and safety of the journalistic supporters [most writers and pretty much all editors]of said Leftist government.

The American media, like the French media, work for those in power on the Left.

Subotai Bahadur

Not surprising it hasn’t been covered as it doesn’t fit the media’s objective.

Look at how much coverage the murder of the little girl in Houston received when the suspect was a white racist, and how little it received once it was discovered the killer was a black man.

“Only 38 percent of the French believe what TV programs tell them, 50 percent believe radio programs, and 44 percent the written press.”

French are slow learners…