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Elizabeth Warren’s “Dukakis Tank” moment

Elizabeth Warren’s “Dukakis Tank” moment

Tries to be one of the cool kids like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez by livestreaming herself drinking beer in her kitchen, but comes across more like Mike Dukakis on his disastrous tank ride

You all remember the “Mike Dukakis Tank” image?

Dukakis, trying to overcome the public perception that he was a wimp and soft on the military, boarded a tank on September 13, 1988. The image tanked his presidential campaign because the theater he created exposed him as a phony. Trying to portray the candidate as something he so clearly was not diminished the candidate and reduced him to a punchline.

Even the press corps howled with laughter at Dukakis.

Fast forward to Elizabeth Warren’s campaign launch.

Warren is surrounded by a team of consultants who have carefully managed her campaign rollout, and in the process have damaged her severely.

The release of her DNA test results right before the midterms is almost uniformly seen as a public relations disaster, from which she still is trying to recover. Rather than confirm the validity of her claim when she was climbing the law professor ladder to Harvard to be Native American, it turned her into a laughingstock.

Then Warren announced her candidacy on New Year’s Eve day. What were her handlers thinking? The timing could not have been worse. Perhaps they thought that in a slow news cycle her announcement would dominate the headlines in a good way. Instead, with little else going on, it gave even left-leaning media the opportunity to express doubts about her. And that slow news cycle ended up being dominated by Trump announcing on television that only Warren’s psychiatrist knows whether Warren actually believes she can win.

All those mistakes are dwarfed by what Warren did on New Year’s Eve. She went on Instagram live to drink beer in her kitchen. Seriously.

It’s obvious that she was trying to mimic Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the far-left Democrat rising star, who has made a name for herself, among other ways, by live streaming her meal preparation from her kitchen.

It worked for Ocasio-Cortez because — love her or hate her — it was genuine.

So Warren’s handlers had an idea. Let’s have Elizabeth try to be like the cool kid, and live stream her drinking beer from her kitchen.

It didn’t work.

Does this have the potential to be Elizabeth Warren’s “Dukakis Tank” moment?

Much like Mike Dukakis and Hillary Clinton, there appears to be no core to Elizabeth Warren. She will be whoever her political consultants want her to be.


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Indian. Firewater. Not a good combination for somebody whose finger is on the nuclear trigger. Heh.

    carabec in reply to Michael Haz. | January 2, 2019 at 12:59 pm

    Eizabeth Warren has proven she is a Phones again!She does not stand a a Chinamins Chance, unless her DNA confirms she is afterall Chinese!

I think it was Rush Limbaugh who opined, “Politics is show business for ugly people.”

Box office bomb, Faux-cahontas. Try your psychiatrist’s office.

Really smart people, the Indian and her handlers.


Big mistake.

If Elizabeth Warren had shown herself pounding a brewski while riding in a tank, I’d have to give her some thought.

If the tank were doing donuts on some Harvard lawn, I’d want early voting right now.

You blew it, Liz.

You needed to steer into the skid.

Instead you went with the automatic reaction of your consultants.

And you steered the wrong way.

There is no “authentic professional self” version of Warren. It’s all lies on top of B.S. on top of more lies. She’s an old sweater with a bunch of threads hanging out – don’t pull on any of them or she’ll completely unravel.

“She should just be her authentic professional self.”

That’s her fundamental problem. There is no authentic self. She’s fake all the way to the ground. Fake Indian, fake Affirmative Action, fake socialist, fake champion of the Middle Class, and now fake regular folksie type. Strip off all the fake, and what’s left? So far as anyone can see, nothing at all.

Not that being a fake is necessarily a political liability. Obama was pretty fake, and he did all right for himself. But the fakery shouldn’t be worn so prominently where we can all see it.

Humphrey's Executor | January 1, 2019 at 11:33 am

I saw a new term (to me) yesterday on lefty feeds in reference to EW: “Corporate Democrat.” They don’t like her.

Comanche Voter | January 1, 2019 at 11:45 am

She should have built a campfire in her backyard and roasted some buffalo on a stick. If she wanted to be authentic that is. She is one tired old lady–makes the people watching her feel old and worn out. Not a winning look. Now Ms. Occasional Cortex is nutty as a fruit bat–but you feel young looking at her. Time to hang it up Fauxcahontas.

“drinking bear”

Typo, but now it’s going to be my new name for her.

Is that an Aunt Jemima doll on the top shelf behind her?

Careful with the fire-water, Liz! BTW…nice “pickaninnie” up on top of your cabinets. If you were a Republican you’d never hold office again–JUST for that! But Democrat’s get a pass on rank racism.

I’m amazed.
Trump: She’s crazy.
Warren: I’ll show him I’m not crazy. I’ll swig a beer on camera.
The rest of us: *sigh*

I swear, the man makes more crazy people show just how crazy they are than Dr. Phil or Oprah combined.

Don’t blame me, I voted for opponent in November, Geoff Diehl. The other 60% of MA residents need a brain scan.

Her mother called her “The Surprise”? What did her parents think would happen if the medicine man and the drug store wasn’t open on Sunday and they got a little busy in the tee-pee?

amatuerwrangler | January 1, 2019 at 1:37 pm

Is her hat-tip to the middle class the “twist-off” beer cap?

And it appears that she has dropped the ban on the public seeing the inside of her house; that was some kind of issue a couple years back. Speculation was that it is full of valuable, expensive things and that would not look good while she tried to convince the middle-class (whatever that really is) that she was their champion.

Her early appearance makes her the coyote that gets the flock moving so the others can run them down as a team… She is getting them moving left, so this promises to be entertaining times.

Walking Eagle=a bird so full of crap, it can’t fly!

They aren’t trying to find the best candidate, they are testing to see how much the masses hate Trump. Normally approaching primary season, you see the party lurching towards it’s extremes, but that doesn’t seem to be agreeable with the AARP faction of power holders who are stomping down any brand resembling the next Obama. Meanwhile, the young Leninist villains from the Ayn Rand novels aren’t getting on board with the Hillary/Biden look-a-likes.

It will be an interesting 2 years.

Build the wall.
Fix Healthcare.

There’s a lot of evil stuff happening behind the curtain on health care, some of it government’s fault, some extortion by providers. It’s got to get fixed.

DieJustAsHappy | January 1, 2019 at 2:01 pm

She has just announced that she’s going to seek the Dem presidential nomination and is hitting the bottle already? What’s going to happen if she actually wins it!

Actually, I find this several times more informative than all of the words written about her “native ancestry”, including those written on this blog (nothing personal!). She’s just plain “trying too hard”. It’s a personality trait that is obviously behind the DNA test fiasco as well as this video. She’s in an endless search for the magic words, video, personal status, etc, that will finally make her… cool.

If I was on her side I’d be sad because her anti-capitalism credentials are impeccable.

She is without a doubt not a beer drinker especially out of a bottle because, she doesn’t look very natural at doing it (political stunt). Also, she’s hiding the label because, it’s a foreign (non-American) beer to boot. Trump 2020…

A phony proving herself a phony. Again.

That looks like a really awkward way of drinking beer from a bottle.

Wonder where she came up with that technique?

Understood covering the bottle label with left hand to hide the brand (but could be Mother Town Blonde Ale for all we know), but beer drinkers do not twist off the cap as she did, it looked awkward. Also, you generally do not look down while twisting off a beer bottle, it should flow naturally – eye-hand coordination is off, it’s usually smooth and flawless. Besides looking down as she did while twisting off the bottle, she was also looking at the barley pop bottle while the brewski/cerveza/awogilvsgi glides down her throat. Moreover, puke fuel drinkers usually do not put the entire bottle opening in their mouth, looked strange; doing so, especially with a carbonated beverage such as rocketsauce, would spill the drink, unless just a little entered the person’s mouth. She needs more practice drinking loudmouthsoup.

She’s ridiculous.

She was once worried about the middle class getting hammered… now she acts like she wants to be one of the crowd! I’d love to see a video of her playing Edward Fortyhands!

Is she going to pull out the “soft baby voice” during the debates?

It was a Dukakis moment. And when she said, “I’m going to get me a beer,” it was a Kerry moment too:

Mr. Kerry’s Ohio hunting adventure started last Saturday, when the senator, campaign entourage in tow, went into a grocery store and asked the owner: “Can I get me a hunting license here?”

Much ado about nothing. Look, we ALL know Ms. Warren is NOT a beer drinker. My guess is that one of her aides opened a bottle of beer before the filming, poured out the beer, sanitized the bottle and refilled it with a nice red wine (my guess is a Chateau Duhart-Milon [1986 or 1989]) and pushed the cap back on. Not the right way to drink a Bordeaux but one does have to make a few sacrifices for politics.

And they complain about Trump degrading the image of the Presidency. George Wallace had better sense. Why can’t she do what other Massachusetts politicians do and go out and cause a traffic accident ?

What ? No hot sauce in her purse ?

Somebody want to tell her that’s a bottle, not a d*ck.

    MajorWood in reply to aka Hoss. | January 2, 2019 at 11:20 am

    First rule of photo-ops. Make sure that the end result isn’t suitable for photo-shopping. I am beginning to think that 90% of her advisors actually work for Trump.

    About 40 years ago Cleveland decided to counter New York’s “Big Apple” campaign by endorsing the Plum as their symbol. “New York is the Big Apple, but Cleveland is a Plum” bumper stickers were replaced by “Cleveland is a Slum” in, oh, about 8 nanoseconds.

Any one that enjoys beer would pour it into a glass and not suck on a bottle.

This isn’t goin to end well …

“Show us your papers. Release your birth certificate. It’s all part of the right’s disgusting effort to use race-baiting and fear-mongering to distract our country and divide our people while they rig the system for the rich and powerful,” Warren’s site claims.

As an encore she donates her salary to refugees? She’s toast.

Cue Howard Dean’s reaction, “YAAAAAAAHHH!!!”. Welcome to Elizabeth Warren’s New Coke marketing campaign. LOL!

Lizzie Warren took an axe,
Gave her presidential hopes 40 whacks;

When he saw what she had done,
Trump was thrilled she’s gonna run!

Fauxcahontas’ next stunts to get attention:

-she gets a tattoo on her face

-she makes a porn video

-she raps

-she smokes a joint

-she starts talking like al sharpton

It wouldn’t have went over any better for Fauxahontas if she had climbed into a tub of Marxist Kool Aid,or perhaps her fellow travelers would have bought it.

I wasn’t imoressed with her husband introduction. From the look on his face, neither was he!

TheSouthernNationalist | January 4, 2019 at 12:17 pm

What would really would have pushed that moment over the top is if Elizabeth had invited ole crazy Maxine over for a cold one, that would be choice!

Are there folks that believe that this country will elect an eyeglasses-wearing, nauseatingly shrill, perpetual harridan and scold? I suppose the media’s veneration of, and, kid gloves treatment of, Obama, proved that any Leftist — even one boasting non-existent professional accomplishment, odious personal associations and radical political beliefs — can be elected President.

At the very least, Warren should start wearing contact lenses. It would dial down the “Nutty Professor” vibe, just a tad.