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Biden to Announce 2020 Plans Soon as Allies Say He Believes He’s the Best Hope for Democrats

Biden to Announce 2020 Plans Soon as Allies Say He Believes He’s the Best Hope for Democrats

If he runs will he receive the Sanders treatment?

The New York Times reported on Sunday that allies of former Vice President Joe Biden thinks of himself as the Democrat Party’s best hope for 2020 against President Donald Trump.

Biden knows he cannot wait too long to decide to jump into the race. He told CNN at the Philadelphia airport that he’ll decide “soon.”

From The New York Times:

But Mr. Biden has indicated that he is leaning toward running and will most likely make a decision within the next two weeks, according to Democrats within and beyond his inner circle who have spoken to him recently.

The former vice president told a senior Democratic official last week that he is both likely to run and that his aides have told him he must move quickly in this primary, according to two Democrats briefed on the conversation.

Mr. Biden is under significant pressure from his party’s major donors to make up his mind — no later than the end of January — or risk watching them migrate to other candidates. Mr. Biden and his advisers are highly sensitive to the criticism that in 2015, he dragged out his decision before ultimately opting out of the Democratic primary, exasperating his supporters and undermining the Democratic front-runner, Mrs. Clinton, in the process.

We have blogged about the polls that have come out as hype over the 2020 primary continues to grow after the November midterms. Biden captured the top spot in nearly all of them with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) in second place.

Over Christmas, Biden spent his time messaging allies:

In one of his calls over the holidays, Mr. Biden repeated a variation of a line he has used publicly: “If you can persuade me there is somebody better who can win, I’m happy not to do it,” he said, according to the Democrat he spoke to, who shared the conversation on condition of anonymity to discuss a private talk.

But then Mr. Biden said something he has not stated so bluntly in public: “But I don’t see the candidate who can clearly do what has to be done to win.”

One Biden ally told CNN that the former vide president “understands that he needs to make a decision relatively early in the process” and “knows he can’t wait.”

But would the Democrat Party treat him the way they treated Sanders against failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton? The party is all about women and minorities. Would those in charge risk their brand if they embrace an old white man? After all, they love to chide on the Republican Party for being the party of old white men.

Left-wing activist Waleed Shahid told the NYT that “Biden-style centrism will become a toxic and losing brand of politics in Democratic primaries.”

If they’re smart they’ll learn from their 2016 mistakes and give the people what they want. Biden is extremely likable. I cannot stand his politics, but as a person I like him. He has an approachable aura around him that Hillary never had.

All I know is that if Biden runs he better bring along Amy Poehler as Leslie Knope.


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If Joe runs, Hillary will run. Why not? It will be a donnybrook in the Donk-primaries. The only ” out ” for either of them is a health scare between now and a year from now. With CA moving their primaries up, it’s going to be a crowed field for the Donks.. the reverse of 2016. Of course that means Romney will throw in and primary Trump because, why not ruin the built in advantage of not having a primary fight while the other side is ripping itself to pieces.

Well, we had Smokin’ Joe from ’70-’73 … why not Gropin’ Joe from the same era?

He doesn’t sound very interested in the job.

I was in a doctor’s office, a year or so, ago, and, the radio there was tuned to NPR. Which always makes for nauseating listening, as the unabashed, self-congratulatory Leftist predilections of the hosts and guests are always on full display, and, there is never any ideological diversity present, ever. At any rate, the insufferable and perpetually fawning Terry Gross was interviewing a male Dumb-o-crat politician, in front of an audience, and, as the guy spoke, I didn’t recognize his voice, but, he was impressively witty, laid-back and affable.

The politician turned out to be Biden, and, that revelation blew me away, because, as much as I know that he’s had his share of verbal gaffes, I remember thinking, “This guy sounds genuinely down-to-earth and LIKEABLE.” Make no mistake — I would never vote for any Dumb-o-crat, but, the Dumb-o-crats were stupid to not push him to run in 2016, because, his personality and charm are about 10,000 times higher than those of transparently miserable, imperially arrogant and lawless harridan, Hillary, and, he would have stood a good chance of beating Trump.

That said — in 2020, with the Dumb-o-crats now obsessed with, and, promoting, dark skin pigmentation, female genitalia and homosexuality/bisexuality as the alleged most important traits in a Dumb-o-crat presidential nominee, I won’t be surprised to see identity tribalism concerns trump pragmatism in the nominee selection process, as Joe is deemed to be simply too white.

    Anchovy in reply to guyjones. | January 7, 2019 at 4:40 pm

    A rattlesnake with rabies is more likable than Mrs. Clinton.

      guyjones in reply to Anchovy. | January 7, 2019 at 5:32 pm

      Fair enough. I’m merely stating that, objectively-speaking, Biden has some innate charm and affability that puts him miles ahead in the “likeability” category, when compared to his histrionic, hectoring, embittered and radical peers, miserable scolds and shrews such as Warren, Kamala Harris, Gillibrand.

      MajorWood in reply to Anchovy. | January 8, 2019 at 11:15 am

      And a pit bull with AIDs is less dangerous.

      Bidens biggest problem is that he isn’t Hillary and he doesn’t have a $2B war chest.

    Paul in reply to guyjones. | January 7, 2019 at 4:44 pm

    Joe would beat Trump. LOTS of the “rust belt” and “blue collar” voters that went for Trump in 2016 would switch back to the Dim party and ol’ “Grope and Chains” in a heart-beat… they just couldn’t stomach a lying criminal grifter like Cankles.

    tom_swift in reply to guyjones. | January 7, 2019 at 7:27 pm

    I remember thinking, “This guy sounds genuinely down-to-earth and LIKEABLE.”

    But if you ignore what he “sounds like” and listen to what he says, it’s obvious that he’s either brain-damaged or malignant. I’d say brain-danaged, but in either case, he should be kept far away from government, TV interviews, or sharp objects. And, of course, little girls.


pffffft…. Trump will win in landslide….

Joe Biden is only acceptable when you look at short periods in his life. If you look at his entire political life he is a joke. He has been a public employee most of his adult life and has not thought out of the box ever except when he plagiarized a big speech. He has been a small man with the ability to insult on a moments notice. His infamous calling out to a crippled guy in his audience to “Stand up Chuck” several times says it all about Biden. Run Joe run!

That picture…like he just pulled up to the curb…I can just hear him saying, “want some candy, little girl?”

He had some kind of brain issue years back, between that and his hair plugs being put in the wrong way, his mental acuity is pretty low. He makes a ton of gaffs because he is not a mental giant.

Surely this country could do way better. I think Beto has a better chance than he does, but you know the National Socialists do really like their old men.

Run, Joe, run!

Run,little girls, run!

NEW VERSION: Compilation of Joe Biden being Creepy:

Does everyone remember a few decades ago when it was common knowledge that Joe invented a past that he plagiarized (from a British politician, if I recall)? We joke about Pocahontas – well old Joe from Scranton can run rings around her. But who wants to treat an old guy with disrespect and bring up old news? If it weren’t a big deal when he was a VP it shouldn’t be a big deal now.

If “ole Two Blasts Joe” is the Commiecrast’s best hope,how eloquently does that speak of their also rans.

Groping Biden is just another Pathological Lying demoCrap whose in politics to Enrich himself. The Vast Majority of them are lawyers who saw the opportunities to rob the taxpayers while doing little to nothing.

That photo looks like it belongs on a Wanted Poster for a creepy pedoraster.

Biden would be the Jeb Bush of the Dems. Good guy. Likable personality. True politician. He’ll have a $300 million warchest for the primaries. But he’ll be eaten alive by far Leftists. California will pick the candidate ultimately. Hillary will be the funder with the promise of a juicy cabinet post. She’s just not healthy enough. She barely survived the 2016 physically.

    Paul in reply to DanJ1. | January 8, 2019 at 3:25 pm

    If she tried to run again she’d go wall-eyed and have coughing fits on a daily basis. The SS would be tossing her into the Scooby Van like cord-wood after every campaign stop. Pass the popcorn.