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Beto tries to outdo Elizabeth Warren by livestreaming his dentist appointment

Beto tries to outdo Elizabeth Warren by livestreaming his dentist appointment

2020 Dem race heats up. What’s next in this downward livestream contest?

The Democrat primaries haven’t even begun, yet Democrats already are pulling livestream publicity stunts to get attention.

And in the process, raising *troubling* questions as to how far they will go.

Elizabeth Warren, trying to overcome her likability problem, livestreamed herself drinking beer.

Beto O’Rourke was not to be one-upped.

So Beto livestreamed his dentist appointment.

Democrats will be hard-pressed to choose between such impressive contenders:

I’m worried where all this is heading.

If Joe Biden livestreams his colonoscopy, I’m quitting the internet.


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Regarding Biden, has that already been done by Katie Couric?

If Joe Biden livestreams his colonoscopy, I’m quitting the internet.

I dunno, you could say you were watching when they found Joe Biden’s head.

Isn’t “Beto” Spanish for “dumbass”?

What’s next? Chuck Schumer’s colonoscopy on live TV?

I have to hand it to Democrats on this issue. Democrats loudly profess their love of taxes yet avoid paying by using every trick in the book (legal and illegal). Democrats demand #BelieveAllWomen while supporting Bill Clinton, Keith Ellison and Ted Kennedy. Democrats oppose a bother wall yet many live in gentry housing protected by electronic surveillance. Democrats oppose having the proles possess firearms, yet arm themselves to the teeth or surround themselves with armed private security.

But on Democrats’ oft-expressed talk in favor of an all-powerful State monitoring our every word and action 24/7, Warren and O’Connor have actually walked the walk and moved us closer to George Orwell’s vision.

These people are certifiable.

“The medium is the message.”

Marshall McLuhan didn’t live to see the rise of the internet, and it’s constant stream of vacuous images, but my word, was this guy a prophet for the 21st century, or what?

MaggotAtBroadAndWall | January 11, 2019 at 10:52 am

The Democrat’s strategy is to do whatever it takes to deprive Trump of media coverage. The DNC has already announced a dozen debates in an effort to divert media attention away from Trump. They will do whatever ridiculous stunt – like livestreaming a dental cleaning – for media attention. As long as you are talking about Beto’s bicuspids and plaque buildup on his choppers, or Warren’s choice of beer, you are not talking about Trump. That’s the strategy – to deprive Trump of media attention.

Their problem is they are going up against a marketing genius who has made it his life’s work to get free media. Rather than pay Madison Avenue tens of millions to promote the Trump brand, he made himself a fixture in the NYC gossip rags in the ’90s and ’00s. That enabled him to create a persona – a brand – as sort of a renegade millionaire who goes around town attending parties with beautiful women on his arm. Very aspirational. After doing that for 20+ years or so, he began licensing the Trump name for everything from buildings; golf courses; steaks; vodka; clothing; whatever. He wasn’t taking the financial risk on many of the ventures – he was just licensing the TRUMP name, creating a risk free annuity stream for himself. When’s the last time someone paid you for the right to slap your name on a bottle of vodka?

I say good luck to Democrats. They are up against THE master in figuring out how to get free media.

Who watches this stuff?

And why?

Are their lives really that empty?

As Trump would say: Sad!

    MajorWood in reply to Observer. | January 11, 2019 at 11:22 am

    The chronically unemployed who live in front of the set, basically their target audience. Of course, in AOC’s area, one would hear “what ees dentis?”

Well. So much for the D’rats professed concern for “norms” and the “dignity of the Office.”

He goes to a dentist because he can’t handle the tooth.

Oh come ON, I’m trying to eat breakfast! And had to scroll past “Beto’s” mouth a second time to comment… Really sympathizing with dentists right now.

B2 has the nose hair vote sewed up.

Joe Biden supposedly likes to swim naked; if anyone from his campaign is reading this and would like to one-up Warren or Beto: don’t.

DouglasJBender | January 11, 2019 at 2:21 pm

@ Ulises: 😀

Is the Dentist gonna file down those Napoleon Dynamite chompers?

Will it be a “Where were you when … ?” moment when Kamala Harris livestreams taking a dump?

Professor, after reading the title, I had a sense how you’d close this post. Only difference is I thought it would be Spartacus who got up-ended. 😉 Thanks for a great laugh!

How soon before the sex tapes are released?

Linked at my site — with a hat tip, of course.

Beto: “I’m gonna get a candy bar! I’m gonna get a candy bar!”

See this.