The number of weapon permits in Germany is soaring to record heights since Chancellor Angela Merkel opened the country’s borders to migrants in the spring of 2015. German authorities issued 600,000 basic weapon licenses since 2014, an increase of 130 percent, figures published by the German state broadcaster Deutsche Welle show.

The surge in weapon ownership reflects the waning public confidence in the German government’s ability to protect ordinary citizens.

Following the mass sexual assaults on women in Cologne and other German cities on the 2015 New Year’s Eve, many Germans have lost their faith in the state and law enforcement when it comes to tackling migrant crime. “Rising perceptions of insecurity have been cited as a key factor in the increase in issued licenses,” the broadcaster reported.

“We must be careful not to get American conditions in Germany,” said Jörg Radek, deputy chairman of the German police union, while referring to the growing number of Germans making use of their right to bear arms.

Germany witnessed a sharp rise in crime rates in the wake of unregulated migration since 2015. Between 2015 and 2016, the number of immigrants charged with crimes rose by over 50 percent, according to the reports published by the Ministry of Interior. The German police statistics show a steady increase in the rate of violent crimes — namely murder, stabbing and sexual assault — involving migrant perpetrators ever since.

The threat faced by the ordinary Germans is not limited to violent crimes alone. The country has been hit by a series of deadly Islamic terror attacks perpetrated by newly-arrived migrants from the Arab and Muslim countries.

The public broadcaster Deutsche Welle reported the steep rise in German weapon ownership:

Germany has issued nearly 600,000 basic weapons licenses, representing an increase of 130 percent since 2014, according to figures published on Friday by Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland (RND), which supplies a number of German dailies with content. In 2014, only 261,332 licenses were in use.

With the license, Germans can carry gas pistols, flare guns and other weapons not intended for deadly use.

The rise has been partially attributed to a growing sense of public insecurity, most notably with an increase in terror attacks on European soil since 2015.

The rising migrant crime wave coincides with European Union’s efforts to prevent the European citizenry from owing weapons. Last year, EU tightened the existing regulations on sales and possession of firearms, making it harder for law-abiding Europeans to buy and possess weapons. “The new Firearms Directive provides for more rigorous controls on the acquisition and possession of firearms,” a European politician said following the adopting of EU-wide guidelines in April 2017.

Not just the EU establishment, the German left is worried about the surge in gun sales as well. “More private weapons do not create more security,” said Irene Mihalic, a spokeswoman for Germany’s Green Party. “On the contrary, they have the potential to escalate conflicts into violence.”

The EU establishment is rightly fearful of a popular backlash against its globalist policies. The EU diktats continue to sweep away the policies and laws put in place by the elected national parliaments. While the EU elite have mastered the art of political power-grab through treaties and fiats, they have not been successful in stifling popular resistance as displayed by the Brexit vote and the subsequent rise of anti-establishment parties across Europe.

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