The news cycle in 2018 has been a Fujita Scale 5 cyclone.

So I thought the most appropriate posts to feature would be those covering instances when the political winds blew back onto green justice warriors this year.

1. Obama’s Presidential Center facing environmental impact lawsuit

The fact that a group of Chicago community activists have filed a lawsuit demanding answers about the Barack Obama Presidential Center’s “impact on the environment” of the historic Jackson Park area has my “schadenfreude” senses tingling.

2. Strikeout: Court-requested tutorial did not go as planned for Team Climate Change

During a court-ordered tutorial, the judge pointed to several inaccuracies in the data and materials provided by the plaintiffs, much to the embarrassment of climate change activists. It truly warmed my heart.

3. DC lawmaker now sorry he blamed Jews for bad weather

Washington, D.C. council member Trayon White Sr. apologized for the comments he made in a since-deleted video on his official Facebook page theorizing that: “Rothschilds controlling the climate to create natural disasters they can pay for to own the cities”. The post allowed me to note that there is only one Jew who was known to control the weather:

4. San Francisco bans fur sales, to the joy of animal rights activists

Because banning business is far easier than dealing with the diseased streets.

Finally, my very favorite post of this year:

5. California faces a new immigration crisis: Giant rodents

Nutria: Cute, tasty, and won’t kill our police officers.

I wish our Legal Insurrection readers a very Happy New Year. I anticipate that the news cycle will continue with so much fury and force through 2019 that we may have to adjust the Fujita scale to reflect the sorts of winds recorded on the planet Neptune.