Elizabeth Warren’s failed strategy to take a DNA test to quiet coverage of her false claim to be Native American for employment purposes as a law professor, continues to reverberate.

Yesterday we posted about a NY Times article in which even Warren loyalists complained that Warren had severely damaged her presidential ambitions, Former Elizabeth Warren adviser: DNA test a “strategic failure” that was “depressing and unforgettable”.

It gets even worse, if that’s possible.

The Boston Globe has been exceedingly friendly to Warren over the years. It serves as her press shop, the place she has gone to at critical moments to try to deflate issues related to her Native American problem. Warren provided the Globe with exclusive access to family members and documents in 2012 and again in 2018. Indeed, it is no surprise that Warren rolled out her DNA test results through an article in The Globe.

So what the Globe Editorial Board just did has to be particularly devastating for Warren.

The Globe has come out with an Editorial all but demanding Warren not run for president:

Running for president is hard.

Deciding not to run? That can be even harder….

Warren missed her moment in 2016, and there’s reason to be skeptical of her prospective candidacy in 2020. While Warren won reelection, her margin of victory in November suggests there’s a ceiling on her popularity; Baker garnered more votes than she did in a state that is supposed to be a Democratic haven. Meanwhile, a September poll indicated that Massachusetts voters were more enthusiastic about [Deval] Patrick making a White House bid than Warren.

Those are warning signs from the voters who know her best. While Warren is an effective and impactful senator with an important voice nationally, she has become a divisive figure. A unifying voice is what the country needs now after the polarizing politics of Donald Trump.

Politicians who “explore” or “consider” presidential campaigns set in motion a machine that can be hard to stop. Patrick did, and that’s to his credit. There’s no shame in testing the waters and deciding to stay on the beach.

Warren can’t blame the “right-wing” for the Globe editorial. She brought this on herself, but not in the way most media is covering it.

Warren’s problem is not the DNA test. That was the symptom of the underlying problem.

Warren’s underlying problem is that she falsely claimed to be Native American to try to advance her career, and now refuses to accept responsibility for what she did. So much of what makes her “divisive” relates to that ethnic deception.

This issue is not going to go away if Warren runs for president. It’s only going to get worse.