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Hollywood Wants to Boycott Georgia Over Governor Race, But Abrams Pushes Back

Hollywood Wants to Boycott Georgia Over Governor Race, But Abrams Pushes Back

Abrams: “Please do not #boycottGeorgia.”

Hollywood actors took to Twitter over the weekend to encourage others within the entertainment industry to boycott Georgia after Republican Brian Kemp defeated Democrat Stacey Abrams in the governor race.

However, Abrams has pushed back and asked Hollywood not to boycott the state.

Boycott Georgia!

The decision came after Abrams announced on Friday that she will not continue to challenge the results of the governor’s race. She said Kemp won the race, but refused to call her speech a concession speech since a “concession means to acknowledge an action is right, true, or proper.”

According to Fox News, these shows shoot in Georgia along with the movie Avengers 4: Netflix’s “Stranger Things,” “Raising Don,” “Sextuplets,” CW’s “Legacies,” “Black Lightning,” AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” Fox’s “The Gifted,” “The Passage,” “The Resident,” “Star” and CBS’ “MacGyver,” Dynasty, Showtime’s “Queen Fur.”

Abrams Response

Georgia is a staple for Hollywood. Variety reported that the state gave “out about $800 million in tax credits in fiscal year 2017.”

Deadline Hollywood wrote “that Black Panther generated $83.9 Million to the state’s economy.”

Some of Hollywood sided with Abrams:


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She intends to run again, so of course she doesn’t want to be associated with a crippling boycott. That’s too bad, because now that she lost, I don’t see the incentive for Hollywood to listen to one word she says.

Real “Champions of the People” these, our betters, are…

Alyssa Milano and Bradley Whitford are two of Hollywood’s biggest loons. With loud mouths and small brains they are perfectly willing to destroy something of which they know nothing.

Cripple a state’s economy because you don’t like the outcome of an election in a state you don’t like in is typical of the lack of thinking from these two pinheads.

    We’re not hearing Producers and Directors calling to boycott Georgia, only a handful of obnoxious actors. Ron Perlman, for example, would never be missed if he chose not to act in a movie shot in Georgia. The same applies to the remaining laundry list of amazingly unappealing Twitterists who seem to be sufficiently unemployed to have ample time to complain so often about so much.

      Disney and Marvel threatened a boycott in 2016. Obviously that didn’t materialize, because I saw Georgia in the credits of a recent comic book film. (I cannot remember which one.) Now that would have been a serious boycott.

    harleycowboy in reply to kenoshamarge. | November 19, 2018 at 6:48 pm

    Georgia won’t even notice they left.

Some of those Hollywood tools are nothing without a script and apparently some of them will read from whatever is stuck in front of their faces. Maybe Abrams ought to send them her own scripts and paper clip a $5 bill to each one.

These people are truly daft. While a State can be beaten into submission over issues such as transgender bathroom rights; no State can be bludgeoned into declaring the actual loser of an election the winner.

It’s full fledged insanity.

Tweet after tweet after tweet after tweet above from complete morons who believe they matter somehow.

4th armored div | November 19, 2018 at 3:35 pm

it is long past time for talented libertarians and conservatives to start an entertainment industry which can also be wholesome.
we do not need to support our frenemies with our dollars.

Simple enough. Just don’t buy any tickets to movies these and other left wing loons get paid to act in. Maybe it’s time to blacklist the leftists like they do to conservative actors.

The movie industry is here because the costs are so much lower than in Hollywood.

    Halcyon Daze in reply to NGAREADER. | November 19, 2018 at 4:09 pm

    I can’t stop doing something that I haven’t done in decades. I get no enjoyment from watching video of any kind. I watch live sporting events, but I loathe the production values and the director’s decisions. These jackasses do their work solely for the praise of their peers and the rest of us can go to hell.

Rick the Curmudgeon | November 19, 2018 at 4:09 pm

Milano and Perlman need to worry about who was just elected Governor of California and let Georgians worry about Governor Kemp.

Back under the latex, Ron.

juliathemechanic | November 19, 2018 at 4:22 pm

I would take a different tact. Please boycott Georgia. Go to New Jersey or California or New York, places that will charge you up the wazoo. We in Georgia will in turn boycott every movie, production and commercial you star in, every public cause you sponsor. Please, exercise your Communist thug tactics so the world can see exactly what trash you are.

The court jesters have started thinking they hold sway like kings or queens. They don’t.

Comanche Voter | November 19, 2018 at 5:07 pm

What do you expect from a bunch of actors? They are all drama queens. As for “billions” into the Georgia economy, I suspect that they have delusions of economic grandeur. Or maybe they have been listening to the lying studio accountants.

“To all my friends who are studio and network executives, if you choose to shoot movies and tv in Georgia, don’t bother to call me.”

Sounds like a plan, Ron.

    I think they already have, when is the last time any one of those “actors” have had a part in any movie/series lately

“Hollywood Wants to Boycott Georgia Over Governor Race”

Um, I’m not seeing the downside here… 🙂

franciscodanconia | November 19, 2018 at 11:35 pm

I see Perlman wants to run for prez in 2020. The more lefty nut bags who decide to run, ths higher the likelihood Trump will win bigly.

Howdy Doody: “To all my friends who are studio and network executives, if you choose to shoot movies and tv in Georgia, don’t bother to call me.”

Cool. Because we seriously need to wipe Force Awakens and Last Jedi into the memory hole and do a full reboot.

And Solo was like cutting a diamond with a mallet and losing $80 million destroying the tale behind one of the most iconic characters of my lifetime.

Han Solo, the rebel James Dean Cool renegade had his name chosen for him? And by an Imperial bueurocrat? Really?

Stay out of Georgia, doofus. You’ve already defiled one national treasure too many.

Scratch a Progressive, find a Fascist.

These left wing loons are the most intolerant and bigoted people in this country.

If all this is getting under your skin, here is some salt for that lime.*

It will pick you up.

Thanks Famous Actors

* (Admin Note: Fen is allowed to mix metaphors under CoC Section 3.1.5 Onset of Senility)

    Fen in reply to Fen. | November 20, 2018 at 12:24 am

    Granted, I am a “Delusional Nutjob”. Turns out what I thought were 40 of my posts being censored and deleted a few days back was really just a stray weather balloon. Go figure.

    Hey, I have to find some humor in that disgrace. Cathartic.

I have boycotted CA for 7+ years – I MOVED OUT! And this kind of liberal lunacy is the reason why. Some of the dumbest people on the planet work in Hollywierd..

Yes — the peasants of Georgia must be punished for rejecting the benevolent and sagacious orthodoxies of their enlightened and morally superior coastal betters working in the entertainment industry. How dare these kulaks reject Hollywood’s “wisdom?!”