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Former Hillary Adviser: “Hillary will run again”

Former Hillary Adviser: “Hillary will run again”

“She will not allow this humiliating loss at the hands of an amateur to end the story of her career.”

You KNOW she wants it.

Her destiny was taken away from her by the Orange Man.


She can’t let it go.

She’s going on tour with Bubba.

She’s gone all Resistance on Twitter and in speeches, Hillary: Civility not possible until Dems take back control


Mark Penn, her 2008 pollster and advisor to both Clintons for over a decade, and Mark Stein, a who’s who in conventional liberal politics, think she’s running:

Mr. Penn was a pollster and senior adviser to Bill and Hillary Clinton from 1995-2008. Mr. Stein is a former Democratic Manhattan borough president and president of the New York City Council.

They write in The Wall Street Journal, Hillary Will Run Again:

Get ready for Hillary Clinton 4.0. More than 30 years in the making, this new version of Mrs. Clinton, when she runs for president in 2020, will come full circle—back to the universal-health-care-promoting progressive firebrand of 1994. True to her name, Mrs. Clinton will fight this out until the last dog dies. She won’t let a little thing like two stunning defeats stand in the way of her claim to the White House.

Hillary 1.0 was the radical of her early years.

Then came Hillary 2.0:

In July 1999, Mrs. Clinton began her independent political career on retiring Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s farm in upstate New York. Her Senate platform included support for a balanced budget, the death penalty and incremental health-care reform. It was a decisive break from her early-1990s self. Hillary Clinton 2.0 was a moderate, building on the success of her communitarian “It Takes a Village” appeals and pledging to bring home the bacon for New York. She emphasized her religious background, voiced strong support for Israel, voted for the Iraq war, and took a hard line against Iran.

This was arguably the most successful version of Hillary Clinton. She captured the hearts and minds of New York’s voters and soared to an easy re-election in 2006, leaving Bill and all his controversies behind.

But Hillary 2.0 could not overcome Barack Obama, the instant press sensation…

Then Hillary 3.0:

Licking her wounds, Mrs. Clinton served as secretary of state while she planned her comeback. It was during this time that the more liberal Hillary 3.0 emerged. She believed she could never win a primary as a moderate, so she entered the 2016 primary as a progressive like Mr. Obama. Then she moved further left as Sen. Bernie Sanders came closer to derailing her nomination. This time she was able to contain her opponent’s support, crucially by bringing African-American voters into her camp.

But Mrs. Clinton’s transformation during the primaries, especially on social and cultural issues, cost her an easy win against Donald Trump. As Hillary 3.0 catered to the coastal elites who had eluded her in 2008, Mr. Trump stole many of the white working-class voters who might have been amenable to the previous version…

Next will be Hillary 4.0:

Claims of a Russian conspiracy and the unfairness of the Electoral College shielded Mrs. Clinton from ever truly conceding she had lost. She was robbed, she told herself, yet again. But after two years of brooding—including at book length—Mrs. Clinton has come unbound. She will not allow this humiliating loss at the hands of an amateur to end the story of her career. You can expect her to run for president once again. Maybe not at first, when the legions of Senate Democrats make their announcements, but definitely by the time the primaries are in full swing.

Mrs. Clinton has a 75% approval rating among Democrats, an unfinished mission to be the first female president, and a personal grievance against Mr. Trump, whose supporters pilloried her with chants of “Lock her up!” This must be avenged.

Expect Hillary 4.0 to come out swinging. She has decisively to win those Iowa caucus-goers who have never warmed up to her. They will see her now as strong, partisan, left-leaning and all-Democrat—the one with the guts, experience and steely-eyed determination to defeat Mr. Trump. She has had two years to go over what she did wrong and how to take him on again.

Isn’t this the problem with Hillary? She keep reinventing herself. There’s not core.

Trump is Trump. What you see is what you get.

Which Democrat can stop her? Since all leading Democrats believe Russia not only meddled in the election but colluded with Trump, how can they deny the victim of this supposed Trump-Putin conspiracy a second chance. She did win the popular national vote, as we are constantly reminded.

The signals have been there even before the Wall Street Journal op-ed, Hillary Aide Says She Could Run Again.

She even Smiles, Nods When Introduced as “The Real President”

Shirley you jest, Mark and Mark?

Don’t pay much attention to the “I won’t run” declarations. Mrs. Clinton knows both Mr. Clinton and Mr. Obama declared they weren’t running, until they ran. She may even skip Iowa and enter the race later, but rest assured that, one way or another, Hillary 4.0 is on the way.


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JusticeDelivered | November 11, 2018 at 9:16 pm

This is so funny, her place in history is assured, first female to lose, followed by temper tantrum where she blames everyone for her loss.


Hillary, Occasional, Beteaux, the Indian Chief, Spartucus, …let the all run! The more the merrier!

And then, count the POPULAR vote….

I will stick with what was written, thanks

If she does, I hope the other Dems pick her to pieces. They lined up behind her dutifully, only to lose to Trump. They probably aren’t interested in Round 2. Plus, they’ve lurched so far left, Hillary is far too mainstream for them.

    alaskabob in reply to windbag. | November 11, 2018 at 9:38 pm

    “I hope the other Dems pick her to pieces”…. depends how deep her Arkancide team is. Literally, she could be the last person standing.

    mrtoad21 in reply to windbag. | November 12, 2018 at 6:08 am

    Kamala will be the one to put Hillary out of her misery. Hillary can’t counter the card Kamala is going to play.

    Trump’s not afraid of the woman card or the race card, he’ll brutalize anyone the dems put up.

      notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to mrtoad21. | November 12, 2018 at 2:15 pm

      Hillary will just claim she’s purest “African-American.”

      I can see it coming now……..

    herm2416 in reply to windbag. | November 12, 2018 at 7:44 am

    Au contraire! She has rebranded herself….4.0.
    She is now a FIREBRAND!!, doncha know?

    JusticeDelivered in reply to windbag. | November 12, 2018 at 2:52 pm

    They have lurched so far that I don’t thing they can be characterized as left anymore. It is ironic that the traditional Democratic parts has been high jacked by the worlds dullest witted people. Some Republican party members thought they were going downhill when Trump won. As it turned out, Trump has been good for the party. At the same time, Democrats have been in a meltdown.

Eastwood Ravine | November 11, 2018 at 9:33 pm

Let her run again. She’ll probably lose the popular vote the next time around.

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | November 11, 2018 at 9:33 pm

Hillary circa 1992 NYT interview –
“My mother told me that I could be someone different every day.”

There is no there there.

Who can forget Hillary’s most famous quote: “There is no good or evil, only power and those too weak to seek it.”

Of course she wants to run. But the real question is, will the D’rats want to race this losing horse again?

History says no. The D’rats aren’t big on sticking with their proven losers.

And today’s politics says no. The D’rats increasingly hysterical stampede down the socialist toilet implies that Hillary’s no longer their type. She’s a good totalitarian, but not a very good communist. They’ll want a real SJW, not a chameleon with an eye on the focus groups.

Note, though, that Hillary’s true to form so far. When they’re knocked down, the Clintons invariably lie low, to see if they’re going to get away with it. Then, when no mobs of peasants with torches and pitchforks hunt them down, they figure it’s safe to go on the attack. Then the familiar old Clinton arrogance reappears. If the R’s weren’t so intent on losing, they’d be preparing some indictments, just to drive a stake through her and make sure she stays dead. The e-mail crimes should be plenty enough to put her and her favorite cronies away for years, as long as they’re not protected by the likes of Comey and Lynch. Trump apparently isn’t too keen on prosecuting ex-Presidents, but that has nothing to do with Hillary.

    MattMusson in reply to tom_swift. | November 12, 2018 at 8:56 am

    Is this a Clinton Foundation fundraising scheme?

    On the bright side, it means that Hillary’s goons will be out in force against Cortez, Beto, Booker, Warren, Biden, etc. She knows where the skeletons are buried and isn’t afraid to use them.

    I recall that right after Biden announced his intentions to run, there were suddenly videos of Biden caressing little girls (and women) that I binged watched one afternoon. Oh my goodness! Shortly after Biden said he was out, I noticed the videos that you could pull up were much milder, not nearly as creepy as the original ones I had seen.

    It was Hillary’s camp that released all of Obama’s birther info too. I was reading it in a travel chat room, full of committed progs, and posted by a complete and total Hillary sycophant – it was fascinating, but not well received by the progs who had already turned for Obama.

    When the MSM was only too willing to spread far and wide the Warren 1/1024 meme, I knew it meant Hillary would run again.

    She’s as crazy as Al Capone. And everyone knows it. Cortez/ Beto’s function will be like that of Bernie’s. Keep the far left and their donations on the plantation and they will either step or be pushed aside when the time comes.

My first reaction was “Run, Hillary, run!”
But I honestly care, so I will stick to “Please go away”.

She is not competent to hold high public office. She did not understand her responsibility as Secretary of State, and she would not make a mediocre President.

Hillary 5.0 will require a visit from H.P. Lovecraft’s “Reanimator” to pull off another run. Or the full Darth Vader treatment.

At least Snipes is ready in Broward County, FL!

I think one of the authors of the article in question is ANDREW Stein, not Mark.

I wish it were Mark Steyn – then the article would have been enjoyable to read.

“You KNOW she wants it.”

I The Donald already gave it to her.

Sincerely hopes she does run & gets propped up again when she has more brain seizures. Maybe when they chuck her in the Scooby van again it will be too forceful and she’ll break her neck. That wouldn’t stop her though: it will be Weekend at Hillary’s again.

Please run Hillary. Spend millions and lose again.

Will we get to hear Father Pfleger break out his 2008 impression of Hillary again?

““She will not allow this humiliating loss at the hands of an amateur to end the story of her career.”

Which amateur is she talking about – Odumbo?

Hillary klinton is all about humiliation. From our perspective, the more the better.

The malignant rat should be worried: her protector and fellow rat Sessions is out of power.

Her career is over, except as an indicted criminal, which is coming.

How preposterous. Her health in 2016 was bad, you think she’s cut back on the booze? Half the time I see her now it looks like she’s out of shampoo. And visine.

The establishment has protected her jugular and will do it again. Ding dong the witch isn’t dead. She has more lives than a cat. She won’t make the same electoral college mistake again. The liberal, big cities will see to that. Hopefully, she doesn’t have the physical capability to outlast the primary 🙂

    C. Lashown in reply to G. de La Hoya. | November 12, 2018 at 8:48 am

    LOL I get this thrill running up my leg every time I think of her being thrown into the back of a van like a sack of spuds! Even better, watching her give a press conference wearing her catheter. Life is good, the dems always provide entertainment for the masses. I wonder… Will she be like Mao or Lenin, embalmed in a glass casket for the faithful to worship? That’s one position her daughter could fill, be a tour guide to Mommy’s monument.

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to G. de La Hoya. | November 12, 2018 at 2:47 pm

    So Hillary is “Super Putty?”

“She will not allow this humiliating loss at the hands of an amateur to end the story of her career.”

Nope. She requires THREE humiliating losses in elections rigged in her favor. She is determined to get trampled to death in the upcoming 2020 commie stampede for the Dem nomination. That would be a more worthy and fitting end the story. As George Costanza said: “I want people to say “Wow! Now THAT [gal] was FIRED!!!””

The Butcher of Benghazi is a festering cauldron of hatred, moral turpitude and ought better be in a federal prison by 2020 than boring the nation with that onerous voice.

Maybe Maxine Waters will let her hang out. Hell, Hillary could be Maxine’s running mate. Nah, that would work better for Fauxcahontas and Hillary.

“She will not allow this humiliating loss at the hands of an amateur to end the story of her career.”

Loosing twice wasn’t enough for her,she wants three times and you are still Out,you condescending,deplorable Communist Hag.

Lock Her Up and Throw Away The Effing Keys.

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to jmccandles. | November 12, 2018 at 2:45 pm

    Barry, the illegal alien President was an amateur also.

    But he had better Mafia to steal elections with……..

She keep reinventing herself. There’s not core.

Of course she has a core!


SADLY, it looks like it’s time for a stroke. Not a stroke of good luck or good fortune, but the kind that leaves a person in a wheelchair and speaking with a slurred speech – drooling copiously whenever their mouth shatters into a smile. The water pipes were knocking and you thought it was destiny…

You forgot Hillary 1.5, AKA “Pretty in Pink”.
Not to mention Hillary 0.5, the Little Rock Grifter, laundress of her husband’s bribes, or Hillary 0.1, the young Republican.

BTW, what you label Hillary 1.0 is Lady Macbeth, and 2.0 is The Wicked Witch of Westchester.

I don’t see it. The Democrats want to win the presidency, and they should certainly know by now that she cant do it.

    elle in reply to Bisley. | November 12, 2018 at 5:40 pm

    Which Democrats are you talking about? The ones that will vote for her? Or the ones who run the party? Take a look at FL, GA, AZ, CA and understand that unless the Keith Ellison Islamist faction of the party can get enough traction, or something as yet unknown and dramatic happens, Hillary will easily clear the field of front runners, Booker, Warren, Biden, etc..

    Don’t believe me, then ask yourself how come the mainstream media and social media allowed the Elizabeth Warren debacle to be on everyone’s radar? That wasn’t because Trump outplayed her, but because the powers in the Democratic party were clearing her from the field. Otherwise that drama would have never appeared in more than a few blog chatrooms.

Too old and ugly to be a pole dancer so I guess politics is all that is available to the wench.

She won’t run. She would be 73; she is not well. It’s the media that can’t let go of her. Give it a rest

This BITCH won’t die. She’s like a bad penny and the false thinking that more suckers will vote for her in 2020.. Wrong! Trump will destroy anyone the Demorats put up against him. even if old man Soto’s dumps a billion dollars into this three time losing horse!

Mrs. Iselin would like to run again.

I always thought she was a dead ringer for Angela Lansburry’s character. More for the character than Angela’s appearance.

Speaking of HRC, has Bill been placed in cold storage? He has disappeared…

hillary and her troop of ” unflushables “–slick willy, gropin’ joe biden, shartacus booker, kamelho harris, pocohontas, beta o’rourke, et al

lord, what a parade

Those of you who think she is not running are mistaken. Sure, it seems stupid, but who is going to tell HER no? Unless the Keith Ellison Islamist branch of the Dem party, or some other as yet unknown entity can ascend dramatically, ya’ll are kidding yourself if you don’t understand that she will do a fantastic job of handicapping all other players to make sure she comes out in the lead.

    elle in reply to elle. | November 12, 2018 at 2:59 pm

    Occasional Cortex is just a set up for playing the role as Bernie Sanders in the 2020 sequel. Someone the press can love on to get the socialist suckers to send in their cash to the Dem party, but who is not strong enough to actually win the nomination.

OleDirtyBarrister | November 12, 2018 at 4:09 pm

“to end the story of her career.”

One must willfully suspend disbelief to accept that she has had a meaningful “career”.

And by the way, she suffered two losses in races for POTUS to amateurs.

Trump is going to grab her like a six-pack, front hole and back hole, and throw her on the rubbish heap of history.

I’m surprised she didn’t die from the effort of the last campaign – and she spent most of her time recouperating (er, preparing) prior to each debate.

I expect her to kick off any day now.

don’t remember the particulars but aren’t ” candidates ” immune from indictment/prosecution while ” actively campaigning? “