I appeared on October 15, 2018, on the Lars Larson Radio Show to talk about Elizabeth Warren’s rollout of her DNA results via The Boston Globe.

For my prior review of the Globe article and DNA report, see my prior post, Elizabeth Warren DNA test does NOT prove she’s Native American, contrary to the hype.

I also discussed the issue on Tucker Carlson Tonight, and in a post reviewing how Warren scored an own goal, Elizabeth Warren DNA test responding to Trump’s mocking solidifies her brand as a fake.

I enjoy appearing on Lars’ show, which I’ve done many times, because he asks really pointed question and has a good understanding of whatever the issue of the day is.

And so it was. The audio is at the bottom of the post.

Here are some key quotes:

“She cannot trace, or name, any ancestor of hers who was Native American. And in fact, Cherokee Genealogists, when this first became a controversy in 2012, went back and traced her lineage going back to the early 1800s, essentially as far as there were records, and there is zero evidence that she has any Native American ancestry.”


“This whole [DNA] thing is ludicrous, and she’s out there with the Boston Globe essentially promoting her explanation, saying ah hah, look, I’m Native American because I might be anywhere from 1/64th to 1/1024th, believe it or not, 1/1000th Native American if you go back 10 generations. It’s preposterous. If you or I were in that position, would never claim a status, a preferred status under law, based on some flimsy excuse like that. I think she’s got problems.”


“The Boston Globe dating back to 2012 has essentially served as Elizabeth Warren’s press office. They did this back in 2012. What she does, she gives them exclusive to family members, exclusive access to documents, and they run with her story line. And they did it back in 2012, and they’ve done it multiple times in the last 3-4 months as she’s getting ready to run… They simply took off the shelf a report she commissioned, she obtained, which even on its face is almost laughable, that she might be 1/1000th Native American based on a DNA database which doesn’t even include Native Americans in it. This is really preposterous.”


“What she has done is, she has created two things. She thought she was going to settle a problem, instead she’s make herself a laughingstock. And two, she has actually forced Native American, and this is an official tribal statement from the Cherokee Nation, saying that she is undermining their interests by continued claims of tribal heritage. So I think she’s made a lot worse than it was.

The question I’ve always had for her, is we know what happened here. She tried to cheat, she tried to rig the system for herself. Why doesn’t she just apologize? What is the personality problem that she has that she will not simply apologize?”


“I think what she doesn’t realize is people are laughing at her, not with her. What she has done here with this ludicrous DNA test, she should have come out and said I had my DNA tested, it’s such a miniscule fraction, at 1/1000th, I really never should have claimed, I didn’t know this before, but now I do apologize to the Cherokee people and to other Native Americans. It would have created a little bluster for a week or two, but you know what, it would have served her much better. People have to ask, why won’t she just apologize?”

Here is the audio (click link here if Soundcloud embed doesn’t load)


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