Earlier this week, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) outlined the Democrat agenda if the party retakes the House next month. The Democrats need to hold all of their seats and win 23 more in order to take over.

Pelosi spoke about the plan to Paul Krugman and said, “If there’s some collateral damage, for some others that don’t share our view, well so be it.”

The Agenda

The Democrats have confidence that they’ll win the House and Pelosi believes she will become Speaker.

At Harvard’s Institute of Politics, Pelosi spoke about five of the ten items the Democrats will tackle: campaign finance reform, health care costs, infrastructure, immigration, and gun background checks.

In the early days, Pelosi also wants to add the Equality Act to the agenda, “which would add protections for women and LGBT people to the existing Civil Rights Act.”

Impeachment of President Donald Trump did not make the list. Pelosi said the word impeachment “is very divisive.” From RealClearPolitics:

Instead, she said House committees under Democrats would conduct oversight of the administration and help special counsel Robert Mueller conclude his Russia investigation, preserving all the documents from his probe for congressional follow-up.

“Getting the documents and the truth — and where they lead us — that’s what we have to do,” she said.

Pelosi insisted that the Democrats will not budge on wall funding, describing it as “a manhood issue for the president.”

Collateral Damage

The Democrats love to rag on the Republicans for not working across the aisle, but someone needs to grab Pelosi a mirror…if it doesn’t break.

She told the New York Times‘ Paul Krugman at a 92Y event:

This is a contradiction to her talk at Harvard because during that speech, she said that Democrats could very well “find common ground” with Trump. From The Washington Post:

Speaking at Harvard University’s Institute of Politics, Pelosi (Calif.) said Democrats would “have to always try” to find opportunities to govern in tandem with Trump. Moments later she said that one of Trump’s key policy demands — construction of a U.S.-Mexico border wall — amounted to a “manhood issue” she had no interest in indulging.

“It’s an interesting dynamic when you have the gavel,” she said. “It just makes all the difference in the world in the leverage you have in your conversations.”

So which is it, Pelosi? Are you going to work on bipartisanship or just do your thing?

I thought the Republicans were the ones that didn’t care about others, especially those who don’t share their views.


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