As of this writing, it appears that Christine Blasey Ford still plans on testifying at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Thursday, September 27. A committee vote tentatively has been scheduled for 9:30 a.m. on Friday, and a floor vote is likely early next week.

Ford’s attorneys still are objecting to some of the planned procedures, including the use of an as-yet unidentified female sex crimes prosecutor to ask questions for Republicans. Having complained that a female accuser would face questioning from the all-male Republicans on the committee, Democrats are now complaining that those male Senators have hired a female attorney to ask questions.

Ford is trying to micromanage other aspects of the hearing, such as press access and cameras. There still is a possibility she will not show up, claiming the hearing is unfair to her.

Democrat Senators plan on asking questions themselves, not wanting to lose the opportunity for video soundbites and pre-presidential primary posturing.

We may think we know how this is going to play out. The conventional wisdom is that Ford tells her story, tearfully, is verbally and maybe physically embraced by Democrat Senators.

Those same Democrat Senators will treat Kavanaugh with the same disrespect and venom as they directed his way during the prior hearing sessions. Expect Cory “Spartacus” Booker, Kamala “Edit the Video” Harris, Sheldon “Don’t Let The Witness Finish a Question” Whitehouse, and the others to give the performances of their lifetimes. The Whole World Is Watching.

But putting aside those theatrics and visuals, what can we expect between now and the conclusion of the hearings? Here are some possibilities, though I’m probably not capable of thinking up all the crazy sh-t Democrats might pull.


Democrats have concealed evidence from Republicans both as to Ford and as to accuser Deborah Ramirez. There is every reason to believe Democrats have withheld other evidence they intend on springing either right before the hearing or in the middle of the hearing.

Chuck Grassley summed it up in his letter today rejecting Dianne Feinstein’s request to delay the hearing, referencing the Ford and Ramirez claims:

“The obvious connection between the two claims is that Senate Democrats hid both allegations of misconduct from the Committee and the public.”

What might that surprise evidence be? Could be a document from his past, a statement from someone who knew him, or even a surprise eyewitness who Ford “forgot” to previously mention. Democrats need to come up with something or someone to shake things up, because as of now all four of the people (including Kavanaugh) Ford has named as being present the night in question deny being there.


Twitter had fun today speculating that Stormy Daniels’ lawyer, Michael Avenatti, was punked by 4Chan trolls as to his claim to have a client who will come forward with new accusations. He’s denying it. Don’t count Avenatti out. If he doesn’t come up with a new accuser, his only hope of future employment will be as the pole in a Stormy Daniels performance.

But whether it’s Avenatti or someone else, there is a strong likelihood someone will be brought forward with new accusations. Democrat operatives have been shaking every bush in Kavanaugh’s history hoping more accusers will fall out. That’s how they found Ramirez.

Remember, the goal is not to prove Kavanaugh did anything particular, but to scare off some weak Republican Senators and thereby Bork Kavanaugh with a losing floor vote. Swarming accusations could be one way to do that, particularly if those accusations arise just before or during the hearings.


Chuck Grassley has rejected calls to include the Ramirez claims in the scheduled hearing because Ramirez has submitted no statement to the Committee. Kavanaugh already has been interviewed by committee staff about the Ramirez claim. But expect Democrats to grill Kavanaugh on the Ramirez claims. Maybe Ramirez even shows up, or has a press conference outside the Capitol.


Several dozen protesters disrupted Kavanaugh’s prior testimony. Thursday’s hearing is in a smaller room and appears more likely to be controlled. But the grounds around the Capitol and hallways inside will be filled with protesters being bused in from around the country. This will be like the Inauguration. Some of them likely will make their way into the hearing and try to disrupt Kavanaugh.


Expect Democrat Senators to ask the most personal questions of Kavanaugh about his sex life then and maybe even now, his drinking, basically to put his personal life on trial. You see it all over the media, with his high school yearbook entry being spun as a sign that he’s a sexual predator, and comments from his freshman roommate and others who knew him in college. It almost certainly will get ugly and the issue will be whether there are questions so personal in nature that either Chuck Grassley will instruct Kavanaugh he doesn’t have to answer or Kavanaugh will refuse to answer.

The point of this is not that light will be shed on whether Kavanaugh sexually assaulted Ford, but to make Kavanaugh a late night punch line, to marginalize and belittle him the way they have done to Clarence Thomas.


All of the above serves the purpose of delay. In noticing a vote for Friday morning, Chuck Grassley made clear that it was necessary procedurally to notice the vote, since 3-days notice is needed. Grassley referred to it as a “potential” vote. There may be other devices used to create a delay, but what those are remains to be seen.

* * *

I’m certain of one thing. I haven’t been able to think up all the possibilities. Democrats are desperate, and desperate people do desperate things.