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Republican Cox closing in on Democrat star Newsom in California Governor’s Race

Republican Cox closing in on Democrat star Newsom in California Governor’s Race

Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s lead over uber-progressive challenger Kevin de León also shrinks.

I have some surprising news for my friends in the other 57 states of this nation, many of whom might have given up on the Golden State.

It appears that Californians are preparing to vote using the 2016 template, by voting out veteran politicians in favor of someone shiny and new.

Interestingly, this now means that a Republican candidate is in striking distance of the state’s highest office.

Two of California’s best-known Democrats are slipping in the polls as the calendar advances closer to Election Day.

In fact, both Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom and U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein have only single-digit leads over their opponents, the results show.

In the race for governor, a Probolsky Research poll, conducted between Aug. 29-Sept. 2, shows Newsom leading Republican businessman John Cox by a mere 5 points, with 17 percent of respondents undecided, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

The poll’s internals are even more fascinating, as Cox is doing nearly as well as Newsom among a traditional Democratic constituency.

[T]he poll found that Newsom and Cox are virtually tied among Hispanic voters, a group the Democratic Party usually carries by a pretty healthy margin.

Newsom leads Cox just 35 percent to 34 percent among Hispanics, with an additional 31 percent undecided.

Additionally, the Republican base seems a bit more enthusiastic about turning out to vote than may have been anticipated.

Additionally, Feinstein’s Chinese spy problem may be helping de Leon among Republican voters.

Also interesting is the fact that de León is doing better with Republicans than Feinstein, despite the fact that de León is advertising himself as the “progressive alternative” to the longtime Senator.

De León enjoys a 31 percent to 26 percent lead over Feinstein among Republican voters, but 43 percent of conservatives said they were undecided.

One of the reasons for the rise in the gubernatorial candidate’s numbers is that he is running a California First campaign.

The results for Cox are particularly impressive for this state, especially since I am only now seeing campaign ads.

Watching the Trump Rally in Billings, Montana, this week, I was struck by the fact our President slammed Newsom.

When discussing the Democratic party, Trump mentioned Newsom’s controversial proposal to have California pay for universal health care for state’s undocumented immigrant population.

“How about the governor, governorship of California,” Trump said in an attempt to refer to Newsom. “He just announced that he wants to open borders, and he wants to let anybody come in that wants to. And then he wants to pay for all medical, all school.”

Trump then predicted that California would swell to the size of 500 million people.

“What happens, I said, if the entire world decides to go to California because they get free health care, free medical care and free education,” the president said. “California has just increased in size to 500 million people.”

Newsom responded, in beta-male style:

Maybe Trump will have a rally for Cox in California? I sure hope so. At this point, it appears the only presidential figure who is scheduled to be here for mid-term campaigning is Obama.

One last thought: I will not be voting for Feinstein, especially after she invited an activist into the Kavanaugh hearings who then staged an incident with the intent to smear the SCOTUS nominee. At this point, I am thinking to write my name in!


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The only cure for California will be economic collapse. Soon after that will be social collapse and the collapse of the rule of law. Only when the well-heeled start suffering the consequences of their poor choices will California be fixed.

California’s problem is Californians.

    The only hope for California is for the republicans to get serious about recruiting charismatic conservative Latinos. Here in the north state we get to chose between dull, milquetoast republican rice and almond growers or chirpy, bubble headed well-to-do real estate agent types – about as charismatic as sun-dried peach pits. For years and years democrats here have been running weirdo vegan Che Guevara wannabees – but they’ve wised up and are grooming newbies from the local area. Kinda like Beto without the criminal history.

    The conservatives usually win in these districts. But they just aren’t compelling people.


    JusticeDelivered in reply to Matt_SE. | September 8, 2018 at 5:03 pm

    The same is true of ghettos, the problem is not buildings, it is the people in them. We have seen again and again, transplanting ghetto dwellers into nice neighborhoods does not improve those people, what it does do over a period of 10-20-30 years, is turn what was a nice neighborhood into a hood.

      When the halfgrobalack maggot was WH occupier, he ordered his HUD secretary Julian Castro to implement this:

      The 2015 rule required more than 1,200 communities receiving billions of federal housing dollars to draft plans to desegregate their communities — or risk losing federal funds.
      Apparently it’s in the spirit of the 1968 Fair Housing Act (an action by the racist president LBJ). I guess they were just waiting for the right black race hustler to implement it.

      This is of what you speak. Basically, it required either building low income housing, or otherwise injecting blacks and other non-whites into white neighborhoods. Forced segregation. If that isn’t a communist tactic, I don’t know what is. Would they me moving people out to make room? Can you imagine having a welfare family living next door to Zukerberg or Al Gore? Of course, not all blacks are on welfare, and it would never happen to the well-heeled, well-connected leftist. I haven’t seen the list of the communities, but I imagine they are in red districts. The left loves minorities, just not next door. It’s like open borders. No leftist will actully take in a criminal alien family, or sponsor one.

      Current HUD secretary Ben Carson suspended it, calling it a “failed socialist experiments” and naturally, he’s being sued. I personally don’t know how these injections would be constitutional despite the ’68 FHA, no matter how black the WH occupier is.

      People moving from Baltimore City no longer move to Baltimore County, they move into adjacent counties or north across the PA line. When Baltimore City started their “move to opportunity” program, by shipping single moms out to properties in the counties, we all knew that their baby daddies would follow along, thus stopping white flight by making the county equally undesirable.

    MarkS in reply to Matt_SE. | September 8, 2018 at 9:32 pm

    The well heeled will do what they always do, move to a Red state and proceed to screw it up

the locust have fled California maybe a good thing for California

caseoftheblues | September 8, 2018 at 2:52 pm

Yah but not good for the states they fled to….locust(democrats) gotta locust…..

pablo panadero | September 8, 2018 at 2:54 pm

What is the rule for replacing a senator who resigns or dies in California? If appointed by the governor, you might want to consider voting for Feinstein and hoping that the Republican wins. Feinstein is in her upper 80’s, correct?

Is Cox blitzing Spanish language radio and TV with ads in the valley? The only way to win the governorship is to get the latino voters (in huge numbers) out in the valley. I’m pretty suspect of that actually happening. Coastal voters simply won’t crossover and vote republican in the numbers needed to change the electoral landscape. it’s just not going to happen. Newsome is pretty popular among silicon valley techies, so the greater SFBA region goes Newsome. LA County is another story. It could flip depending on Cox’s ground game in those districts. I won’t be holding my breath. Voters north of Willows to Redding? It’s a mixed bag. Lots of Latino along the I-5 corridor. I keep hoping for a Chicano conservative-repupublican faction to rise up, but it just never happens. The Jefferson Staters (Anderson to Redding) account for maybe 2m republican votes on the very very best of days?

And the news that the CA DMV tampered with motor-voter registrations? News outlets are portaying it as a glitch. Sure. Pull my finger. Do you think DMV accidentially signed people up as republicans? Right. The glitch went 99.9999% democratic party. Jungle vote or not, they got signed as democratic party which is out and out election fraud.

There are few times in the history of mankind that a people so desperately needs an earthquake of Biblical proportions.

I will believe it when I see it. California went full retard a decade ago with the “bullet” train.

    The people of California were lied to about the bullet train.

      redc1c4 in reply to Rick. | September 8, 2018 at 6:22 pm

      yeah, they lied about the train, but only an idiot or a fool would be stupid enough to believe them.

      unfortunately, we have a surfeit of both kinds of voters here.

    gospace in reply to Eddie Baby. | September 8, 2018 at 4:13 pm

    Yes, but…. there are some lies that are unbelievable, and it displays great naivety to believe them. The bullet train being of great economic value is one of those lies.

    redc1c4 in reply to Eddie Baby. | September 8, 2018 at 6:19 pm

    we went full retard a long farther back than that… the train is just another symptom of teh 5t00pid here.

Where are the calls for reinstating pot Prohibition?

California is like the rich old widow that lives in the big mansion at the end of the street. He fortune is gone and the house is falling apart but she acts like she is still rich. They can no longer fool the people of their state into believing that they will all get something for nothing. If Newsom is elected he will make Brown look conservative! He ruined San Francisco and he will do the same for the state.

Crap on the streets. Coming to a city near you. Seriously, I bet an (R) candidate could take California just by repeatedly hammering home both the problem and the Newsom’s solution.

CA open primary was supposed to ensure that Dems would shut out the GOP from any prominent state office. If all went according to plan, Newsom wouldn’t have to be running against a GOP candidate in this election. The fact that Cox came out of nowhere to win a spot on the general election ballot indicated he would be a headache for the Dem winner. I don’t expect him to win, but maybe the monster vote in CA is bigger than anyone realizes; they just need a reason to show up at the polls.

    Ireland in reply to technerd. | September 8, 2018 at 6:33 pm

    When that proposition which created the “murder primary” was presented, it was as dishonest and misleading as, “if you like your doctor…” It was written intentionally to dupe the voters. And thankfully, Cox broke the mold. That proposition needs a counter prop to undo it. There are a few other states which also have it, most notably, far left NY. It’s amazing how the left cheats, and that’s what it is, cheating.

    Elzorro in reply to technerd. | September 8, 2018 at 8:30 pm

    The democrat internal ‘real’ polls must be awful.

i don’t expect Cox to win, or even come close, but i’ll hold my nose and vote for him in November… i voted for Villarboboso in the primary, since he’d be less of a bother than Newsom, who will be an absolutely 5hitty governor.

as for the Senate, i’m voting for De Leon. he’s a window licking paint chip eater, just like Fineswine, but without her seniority, he’ll just be another shrill nobody in DC, just like Kamala-toe, which is better than letting the Bruja go back to DC again.

Vote Cox and Feinstein.

If Cox wins and Feinstein dies in office, Coxappoints the replacement.

Also, as D Sen go – she’s almost sane. De Leon is a radical. Worse, you could be launching him as the next Obama. The only politician Feinstein will follow is McCain.

Leslie Eastman for Senate.

An exercise in futility. A Republicans governor will be stymied by the Dem legislature

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | September 8, 2018 at 10:10 pm
notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | September 8, 2018 at 10:10 pm
notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | September 8, 2018 at 10:16 pm

GOP/Trump approval ratings among black voters:

November 6th, 2016 — 8%
September 7th, 2017 — 28%
September 7th, 2018 — 36%


— davealvord164 (@davealvord164) September 8, 2018

I think Cox can win. And here in NY, Marc Molinaro the Republican candidate is closing in on Cuomo. Just 3 points between them in this week’s poll.

Don’t get your hopes up. This is the People’s Socialist Republica del California Norte.

Cox has a better chance of defeating Maduro in Venezuela – in a rigged election.

Besides, if it’s close, you know that the Communist (Democrat) Party of CA will find a way to rig it so Newsom wins.

They believe Stalin’s old adage about who counts the votes.

    CDR D in reply to Eric R.. | September 9, 2018 at 10:58 am

    I have no doubt the illegal alien vote will overwhelm any challenge to the Democrat hegemony in CA. Free healthcare, education, all the Newsome goodies. What’s not to like for the freeloaders?