Julie Swetnick, via porn attorney Michael Avenatti, is the latest accuser in the Brett Kavanaugh circus. Swetnick did not accuse Kavanaugh of assaulting her but said she attended parties where Kavanaugh participated in the sexual assault of other women, or at least that’s the claim in a roundabout fashion.

According to a report published by Politico, an ex-boyfriend of Swetnick’s filed a restraining order against Swetnick after the two broke up. Apparently, Swetnick was the side chick.

From Politico:

A Miami-Dade County court docket shows a petition for injunction against Swetnick was filed March 1, 2001, by her former boyfriend, Richard Vinneccy, who told POLITICO Wednesday the two had dated for four years before they broke up.

Thirteen days later, the case was dismissed, not long after an affidavit of non-ability to advance fees was filed.

According to Vinneccy, Swetnick threatened him after they broke up and even after he got married to his current wife and had a child.

“Right after I broke up with her, she was threatening my family, threatening my wife and threatening to do harm to my baby at that time,” Vinneccy said in a telephone interview with POLITICO. “I know a lot about her.”

“She’s not credible at all,” he said. “Not at all.”

…Vinneccy, 63, is a registered Democrat, according to Miami-Dade County voting records.

Further, Wednesday night, the Wall Street Journal reported Swetnick made a sexual harassment complaint against a former employer from which she was granted a settlement. According to the WSJ, representing Swetnick, “was the firm run by Debra Katz, who now reps Christine Blasey Ford.”

We’ve covered Swetnick’s story and the resultant holes in her story here.


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