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Liz Warren for President? Massachusetts says Meh

Liz Warren for President? Massachusetts says Meh

If her constituents are a bellwether, Warren’s time on the national stage could be short-lived.

Despite her claims to the contrary, Elizabeth Warren certainly seems to be laying the groundwork for a presidential run.

But, if her constituents are a bellwether, Warren’s time on the national stage could be short-lived.

A new poll has only 32% of Warren’s constituents thinking she should run for president and a whopping 58% think she should not.

The Boston Globe reports:

A new poll shows a healthy majority of her constituents don’t think the Cambridge Democrat should jump into the 2020 race, which essentially begins as soon as the November midterm elections conclude less than 50 days from now. Fifty-eight percent of likely Massachusetts voters said they don’t think Warren should run for president, according to a Suffolk University Political Research Center/Boston Globe poll.

“This was a shocking finding to me, given that Democrats like her so much, and she has been making moves to run for president. I would have expected her to be leading this list of potential Massachusetts presidential candidates,” said David Paleologos, director of the poll.

Only 32 percent of those surveyed said Warren should run. That’s about the same level of enthusiasm generated by former senator John Kerry. He got the support of 33 percent of voters — and, unlike Warren, he isn’t on anyone’s short list for strongest possible challengers to President Trump.

But the poll of 500 likely midterm voters — Democrats, Republicans, and independents — showed the state’s voters better liked the prospect of a former Massachusetts governor, Deval Patrick, getting into the presidential race: 38 percent said he should run, while about 48 percent said the 62-year-old Bain Capital executive should stay out. The poll had a margin of error of plus or minus 4.4 percentage points.

Warren continues to deny she has aspirations of grander, rounder offices. At this point, she has to. Up for re-election this year, Republicans are reminding voters that a vote for Warren is worthless as she’ll likely neglect her duties in order to campaign.

Regardless, the results are surprising.


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Reminds of Martha Coakley, but even more corrupt.

Never underestimate the steely will of Massachusetts voters.


The progs have moved on past old white people. Kinda funny….she should have embraced her inner Cherokee.

These guys crack me up.

The poll had a margin of error of plus or minus 4.4 percentage points.

Actually the number they think they’re reporting for the poll described is 4.472%, which rounds off to 4.5%, not 4.4%, but since the number is rubbish anyway, that’s only of interest to math geeks.

But the “percentage points” thing is funnier. “Percentage points” are indeed a thing, but this isn’t it.

Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth . . . Deval Patrick is a funny case. Dumber than sticks, but seems to be sincere about it; a bit like Bernie but even dumber, and not so committed to the communist ideal. In fact, Patrick may be the closest thing to a genuine fascist that we have in modern American politics. Which isn’t terribly close, but still too close for me. Unlike Warren, so far as I—as a long-suffering resident of Massachusetts—can tell, Patrick means well . . . he just isn’t very good at it.

    Massinsanity in reply to tom_swift. | September 21, 2018 at 11:37 pm

    He is a good orator and never forget that Obama followed the Patrick blue print on a national level.

    I think he is an empty suit who masterfully played his cards as window dressing for several Fortune 500s in need of a little diversity into becoming a very wealthy man.

    Ironic that that he is now a partner at Bain the PE firm that Mitt Romney founded, and which the Dems portrayed as evil incarnate back in 2012.

A new poll has only 32% of Warren’s constituents thinking she should run for president and a whopping 58% think she should not.

It’s obvious what’s going on here. Her constituents just don’t wanna share her with the rest of us.

To which I give a heartfelt ‘THANK YOU’ to the voters of Massachusetts!

Anti-Native Americans, obviously. Or perhaps they just don’t like incompetent poseur liars

As a lifelong resident of the Bay State, I am excited at this news.

May she return swiftly to Harvard Law School, where her Democrat tribe awaits.

in a recent poll she has a 30 point lead in her senate race but polled at only 54% vs Jeff Diehl at 24%.

Diehl is a hard core Trump supporter and was head of the Trump campaign in MA. The fact that she is only at 54% against him in this state which is at the forefront of the resistance says that even in MA a great number of voters are tired of her antics.

Shrieking Crow will be out for scalps. And as usual, her home tribe, MA, will be first to be tortured.

Warren supports marijuana. So does Trump.

On cannabis would you believe that Sen “Indian” Warren and Sen Gardner (R-CO) have introduced a bill? With Trump’s approval.

Evidently Warren does not like all socialism.

Drug Prohibition is socialism for criminals. Says Milton Friedman.

    This is getting old fast, MSimon. Everyone here already has an opinion on the legalization of pot, and I doubt that a single person here has it in their top ten (or twenty or fifty) list of things that matter. (Excepting you, for whom this is all that matters . . . for some reason).

    How about just posting: “Yay pot!” instead of wasting your time typing out full comments that sway no one? /just a thought.

But Democrats are not the majority party in MA– Independents are, and have been for years. As of Feb 2016:

Republicans – 11%
Democrats – 35%
Independents – 53% (party registration)

    Massachusetts is a closed primary state (commonwealth), so that means relatively few eligible or likely voters are voting in primaries. Indies are hard to gauge because they leave their respective parties for different reasons: the dems aren’t socialist enough, the GOP isn’t conservative enough, the dems have moved too far left, the GOP has moved too far left (or right), and etc. I’d like to see Indies broken down at least by previous affiliation so we can assess what we have and not think of them as a monolithic voting bloc or as somehow swayable by the “other” side. How much time and money is wasted trying to win “independents” who would rather walk over broken glass than vote (D) or (R)?