Brett Kavanaugh’s testimony is over. I assessed Christine Ford’s testimony earlier, Mid-Hearing Assessment: Christine Blasey Ford believes an untruth.

I heard Kavanaugh’s opening statement, but missed over half of his question and answer because of another commitment. So I’ve been catching up via Twitter, highlights and reports. I think I have a good sense of how it went.

It was a home run for Kavanaugh. I was surprised that he came out so aggressively in the opening statement, but it was the right choice. Ford was so controlled and contrived that he was at risk of losing to the sympathy vote.

Kavanaugh was emotional during his opening statement. You could see how Democrats came close to breaking him. Most people could not withstand the Democrat smear machine and sleazy POS social media, entertainment industry and political operatives.

I can’t remember a time I have been as angry as I have been watching what has unfolded the past two weeks. The earlier hearings were bad enough, but at least those smears were about politics. This was personal, and attempt to destroy the man and his family because they could, a blood sport.

In an earlier post I mentioned that there but for fortune could go you or I.

Never was that more clear that today. What they did to Brett Kavanaugh could be done to any of us, and is being done to many of us on campuses and in workplaces.

Those NeverTrump Republicans who argue that Democrats need to win in 2018 and 2020 to save the Republican Party want to throw the rest of us to the wolves who attacked Kavanaugh while they keep their newspaper, cable TV and book deals.

Fortunately, Republican Senators abandoned handing off questioning to the Arizona prosecutor and stepped in to make their points during Kavanaugh’s testimony. This may have been Lindsey Graham’s finest moment.

There is going to be a political reckoning. It needs to start right now with a vote confirming Kavanaugh.

Then we’ll move on to other reckonings, like in November.


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