The Senate Republicans have chosen Arizona prosecutor to question Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who has accused Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct over 30 years ago, at the hearing that should take place on Thursday.

Democrats Threaten to Sue

This will not end well. Also, separation of powers, anyone?

Committee Releases Kavanaugh’s Prepared Remarks for Thursday

The Senate Judiciary Committee has released Kavanaugh’s prepared remarks for the hearing that may take place tomorrow. He denies the allegations against him and promises that the campaign against him will not work:

Sexual assault is horrific. It is morally wrong. It is illegal. It is contrary to my religious faith. And it contradicts the core promise of this Nation that all people are created equal and entitled to be treated with dignity and respect. Allegations of sexual assault must be taken seriously. Those who make allegations deserve to be heard. The subject of allegations also deserves to be heard. Due process is a foundation of the American rule of law.

Dr. Ford’s allegation dates back more than 36 years, to a party that she says occurred during our time in high school. I spent most of my time in high school focused on academics, sports, church, and service. But I was not perfect in those days, just as I am not perfect today. I drank beer with my friends, usually on weekends. Sometimes I had too many. In retrospect, I said and did things in high school that make me cringe now. But that’s not why we are here today. What I’ve been accused of is far more serious than juvenile misbehavior. I never did anything remotely resembling what Dr. Ford describes.

The allegation of misconduct is completely inconsistent with the rest of my life. The record of my life, from my days in grade school through the present day, shows that I have always promoted the equality and dignity of women.

Ford Hasn’t Turned Over Lie Detector Tests or Therapist Notes

According to Kavanaugh’s attorney, Ford hasn’t turned over her lie detector test results or notes from her therapist, both of which Ford’s lawyer has used to give her accusations proof of the alleged sexual misconduct. From Townhall:

“The first time these allegations came to light as far as we know from reading the reports in the media, Dr. Blasey [Ford] told her therapist and her husband. They announced that there were notes and that there had been a lie detector test, but as I understand it, they did not turn any of those over the Senate Committee even though they were requested,” attorney Beth Wilkinkson said during an interview Wednesday with CBS This Morning. “The information that would have shown at the very first time when she revealed these allegations have not been turned over to the Senate.”

Wilkinson said Kavanaugh is prepared to answer any questions asked at Thursday’s planned hearing. Blasey Ford is also scheduled to testify.


WaPo obtained Kavanugh’s calendars from 1982:

Charles Cooke Debunks MSM’s Media Spin on Kavanaugh’s Fox Interview

Apparently people in the MSM have said that Kavanaugh told Martha McCallum that he didn’t drink or do anything embarrassing in college. He never said any of that.

Washington Post and NBC News have latched onto these stupid lies, too.

Jennifer Rubin Spreading Lies

WaPo columnist Jennifer Rubin claimed on Twitter that Mitchell worked under Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Yeah….that is NOT true at all.

Arizona Prosecutor Rachel Mitchell

From The Washington Post:

Mitchell is the chief of the special victims division of the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, which deals with sexual assault cases, among others. A registered Republican, Mitchell has worked for in the county attorney’s office for 26 years.

In enlisting Mitchell to join their staff, Republican senators are taking an unusual step. They are turning to her to ask what are expected to be personal and potentially painful questions about the woman’s youth on live television, sparing the all-male panel of 11 Republican senators on the committee some uncomfortable exchanges that could sway the public’s opinion about the session.

“The majority members have followed the bipartisan recommendation to hire as staff counsel for the committee an experienced career sex-crimes prosecutor to question the witnesses at Thursday’s hearing,” Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa) said in a statement. “The goal is to de-politicize the process and get to the truth, instead of grandstanding and giving senators an opportunity to launch their presidential campaigns.”

He added, “I’m very appreciative that Rachel Mitchell has stepped forward to serve in this important and serious role.”