MSNBC and others won’t stop with the #StopKavanaugh stupid.

The Las Vegas tourist commercials are something of a cultural marker: “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”:

I have little doubt I’ve told a joke at some time using the “what stays” format.

MSNBC dug up a clip of Brett Kavanaugh at a speech in 2015  in which he made a joke that anyone but the most dishonest and/or humorless people would understand to be an attempt at humor.

Politico reported:

“But fortunately, we had a good saying that we’ve held firm to to this day … which is: What happens at Georgetown Prep, stays at Georgetown Prep,” Kavanaugh said, according to a video of the speech. “I think that’s been a good thing for all of us.”

Kavanaugh gave no other context for the joke, but it gained attention anyway after it first surfaced on MSNBC because the judge has recently been accused of misconduct while he was a high school student.

They got him, they got him, it’s tantamount to an admission of guilt!

The worst take was from Elizabeth Warren:

Is she humorless?

Or does she know it’s a joke, but not care so she can score a political point?

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