The attorneys for Christine Blasey Ford, who recently accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault dating back to when they were teenagers, repeatedly tried to delay the date of her testimony, if she ever testified.

First she wanted it to wait until after and FBI investigation, that would have been weeks.

Then then she tried to buy as many days as possible, pushing potential testimony from next Monday to next Thursday, That would push a Judiciary Committee vote at least until the week after next, and would guarantee that Kavanaugh could not be confirmed by the entire Senate in time for the October 1, 2018, first argument day of the Supreme Court term (the first Monday in October).

More important, Ford clearly was trying to buy time. But for what? She’s being advised by one of the most ruthless Democrat operatives, Ricki Seidman, who was deeply involved in the take down of Robert Bork and trying to take down Clarence Thomas. Each day they could gain raised the possibility of more Democrat hand grenades thrown into the process, in a desperate attempt to create even more chaos. It’s not clear how long Seidman has been involved with Ford, but back in July Seidman bragged that Democrats had a strategy that might prevent the Kavanaugh confirmation

Ford also demanded conditions for her to testify at the Senate Judiciary Committee, some of which Republicans agreed to, but not her key demands that she testify after the person she accused (Kavanaugh) and that she not be questioned by lawyers.

Steven Dennis of Bloomberg tweeted the conditions Grassley did and did not agree to:

Grassley has agreed to some Ford team requests:
* Postponing hearing from original GOP plan of Monday
* No Kavanaugh in room while she testifies
* A single TV camera & limited press access
* Security accommodations
* Equal time for questioning by each senator
* Breaks

Grassley so far has rejected several of Ford team’s requests, including:
* Asking WH/FBI to reopen background check to investigate
* Testimony from other witnesses
* No staff attorney questions
* Kavanaugh to go first
* Delaying the hearing to Thursday instead of Wednesday

Grassley originally set a 10 a.m. deadline this morning for Ford to agree, but then extended it to 10 p.m. Grassley indicated that if there was not agreement from Ford to appear Wednesday, he would call a Committee vote on Monday.

Grassley must have confidence that the weak Republican links on the Judiciary Committee will vote for Kavanaugh, or he wouldn’t be doing this. Right?

Mitch McConnell also is expressing confidence that Kavanaugh will be confirmed soon.

Ford’s attorney’s responded tonight. And the response is a non-response, they want another day to decide.

This is just more of a stall game. What will Grassley do?

Ford and her attorney’s are playing Republicans like a fiddle, because they know that Republicans have a problem in the form of Collins, Murkowski, Flake and possibly Corker. Flake is on the Judiciary Committee, and while it can be sent to the floor without a committee majority (if Flake votes no or doesn’t vote), that would be embarrassing for Republicans. Also, unless two of those four can be kept on board as to the confirmation vote, Kavanaugh can’t be confirmed.

Ford and Democrats are playing for time, and days matter.

Don’t doubt that Democrats have more to throw at Kavanaugh and Senate Republicans. The next 10 days may be the ugliest and dirtiest yet.


Looks like Republicans found a backbone (title to post updated), via Atlanta Journal Constitution:

“It’s Friday night and nothing’s been agreed to despite our extensive efforts to make testimony possible,” said Sen. Charles Grassley (R-IA), the chairman of the Judiciary Committee….

Just before the deadline, Ford’s lawyers asked for extra time.

But Republicans said enough was enough.

“Chairman Grassley has made every effort all week to find a comfortable way for the Senate to hear Dr. Ford’s story, including sending staff to her,” said Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT).

“Delay, delay, delay,” said Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX), as the Senate Judiciary Committee website listed a 10 am Monday “Executive Business Meeting,” where Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination was the first on the list.

Anyone want to bet whether they actually vote Monday?

I’m not putting my money on it, we’ve been burned too many times before.

Further Update: UH OH

What is going on here? Those tweets are bizarre.

Maybe Grassley got a call from the Republican weak links who threatened to vote no if he didn’t give her more time.


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