The debate between New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and progressive challenger Cynthia Nixon last night made for entertaining political theater but probably won’t do much to move the needle. According to the Real Clear Politics average of polls, Cuomo has a 33.5 point lead.

It’s still fun to watch liberals fight among themselves though.

Grace Segers reports at CBS News:

New York governor Democratic primary debate between Andrew Cuomo and Cynthia Nixon

Although the candidates criticized each other repeatedly, and accused each other of telling falsehoods, neither landed a significant hit against their opponent.

Nixon tried to highlight Cuomo’s ties to corruption in Albany, while Cuomo tried to paint Nixon as a millionaire who doesn’t release enough of her tax returns. On Friday, Nixon allowed reporters to inspect five years of her taxes.

However, Nixon was able to stand her ground against Cuomo in her first political debate, and had the opportunity to reach a wider audience.

The debate ended with a handshake between the two candidates, despite the rancor they had exhibited towards each other minutes before.

Cortney O’Brien of Townhall notes one of the heated moments:

Cynthia Nixon Tells Cuomo to ‘Stop Lying’ During Heated Debate

As expected, the New York Democratic primary debate between Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Cynthia Nixon on Wednesday was a scorcher. The two battled over everything from health care and public unions, to the state of the New York subway system.

That last topic produced some heated exchanges like this:

“Can you stop interrupting,” Cuomo asked.

“Can you stop lying,” Nixon responded.

“As soon as you do,” Cuomo said.

At one point, Cuomo suggested that Nixon lived in a world of “fiction rather than facts.” While she has a history of advocating on behalf of progressive issues, the governor has enacted real change, he said.

“The government is not about politics, it’s not about advocacy; it’s about doing,” Cuomo said. “It’s about management. This is real life.”

Here are some highlights from the Associated Press:

The silliest moment in the debate came when Cuomo accused Nixon of being a corporation and trying to call in favors to New York Mayor Bill de Blasio. She admitted asking the mayor to get helicopters to stop flying over Shakespeare in the Park performances:

Featured image via YouTube.