Over the weekend, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani warned President Donald Trump that “war with Iran is the mother of all wars” and war will happen if the U.S. keeps provoking Iran while Secretary of State Mike Pompeo delivered his speech “Supporting Iranian Voices” in California.

Trump was not in the mood to hear threats from an oppressive dictator and promised Rouhani that if he threatens America again, he will “suffer consequences the likes of which few throughout history have ever suffered before.”

Rouhani’s Remarks

PressTV, which receives funds from the Iranian government, reported that Rouhani made the remarks during a “meeting with the heads of Iran’s diplomatic missions in the world.” He said:

“The Americans should learn well that peace with Iran is the mother of all peace and war with Iran is the mother of all wars,” President Rouhani said in a series of sharp remarks aimed at the US.

The Iranian president reminded America of Iran’s long reach in the region.

“Iran’s strategic depth reaches the [Indian] Subcontinent to the east, and the Mediterranean to the west, the Red Sea to the south, and the Caucasus to the north,” he said. “We rooted Daesh out and saved the people in the region; we take pride in ourselves.”

“Threats will further unite us [Iranians]; we will certainly defeat America,” he said. “That will carry some costs for us, but the benefits will be greater.”

“The US’s latest conspiracy [against Iran] has been to attempt to wear the Iranian nation down [and lead it into submission,” President Rouhani said. “You must know [however]: the Iranian nation is honorable and will never be servile to anyone.”

“No one with even a basic understanding of politics will ever say, ‘We will block Iran’s oil exports,’” President Rouhani said, reminding America that, “We have many straits; the Strait of Hormuz is but one.”

He had more advice for Trump.

“Mr. Trump! We are men of honor and [have been] the guarantors of the security of the region’s waterway throughout history. Don’t you want to play with the lion’s tail! It will be something [for you] to regret,” he said.

Pompeo’s Speech on Iran

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo lashed out at the Iranian regime, describing it “as a kleptocracy that has amassed wealth at the cost of its people” and its leaders as “hypocritical holy men.”

Pompeo delivered this speech in California that had a crowd with “young people who left Iran a few years ago and members of an older generation who fled after the revolution.”

The Los Angeles Times reported Pompeo’s speech received mixed reactions within the crowd:

Mariam Memarsadeghi said that though she voted for Democrats Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in previous presidential elections, she supports the Trump administration’s policies because she believes they are applying the type of pressure needed to force the Iranian regime to change.

“It’s a 180[-degree] contrast from Obama,” she said.

Iranian Americans who oppose Trump’s policies said they wondered how the administration could express its support for Iran’s citizens while imposing harsh sanctions and barring them from entering the United States.

Iran Reacts to Pompeo

It didn’t take long for the Iranian regime to respond to Pompeo’s speech. I haven’t seen any reactions on Trump’s tweet yet, but I’m sure officials will fire back.

PressTV reported that Bahram Qassemi, the spokesman for the foreign ministry, described Pompeo’s speech as “foolish and baseless” and his words proved the U.S. wants to meddle with Iran’s affairs:

“The US secretary of state’s remarks, especially last night, show that he is still deprived of the necessary knowledge and understanding of the past and present of the Iranians,” the spokesman said.

“Throughout history, Iranians have never accepted any foreign domination and bullying, and certainly in these sensitive situations, they will not only ignore the current president and the war-mongering minority in the US … they will also respond to these meddlesome remarks and measures with exemplary unity and coherence.”

“The US secretary of state’s hypocritical and foolish speech more than ever…was a sign of the American government’s fathomless desperation after its unilateral and unwise withdrawal from the JCPOA and its failure to achieve its goals despite global isolation,” Qassemi said.

The spokesman said Pompeo’s statements showed the “hypocrisy and lack of sincerity” of the current American statesmen and the long gap which exists between their words and deeds.

That’s precious coming from a regime that arrests women who don’t cover their heads out in public. It also sounds like they’re mad because the Trump administration won’t bow to a government that wants to destroy America and wipe Israel off the map.

As we all know, Trump withdrew from the Iranian nuclear deal and issued demands for a new deal. The administration attempted to work with the United Kingdom, France, and Germany to pen a new deal, but it went nowhere. The European countries told the Iranian regime “they are exploring activating accounts for the Iranian central bank with their national central banks in a bid to open a financial channel to keep the agreement alive.”

Iran is Hurting Its Citizens

While supporters of the Iranian nuclear deal and the regime want you to think Iranian citizens are ticked at America, the truth is that many of them are tired of the brutal and cruel regime. Sanctions are not hurting the Iranian citizens…their regime is hurting the citizens. The Iranian currency is losing value. Citizens are also sick of the lack of social freedoms.

Protests against the regime began in December and have not stopped. My friend Hanif Jazayeri continues to use his Twitter account to showcase the protests against the regime.


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