The Inspector General report not only explosed James Comey’s breach of protocol, there was a tidbit about Comey using his gmail account for FBI business.

That was like rubbing salt in Hillary Clinton’s wound.

She tweeted “But my emails” in response, a tweet that had been retweeted and liked hundreds of thousands of times.

Remember all the Hillary supporters crying on Election Night? “But my emails” could be their rallying cry.

[No grinning and smiling when you watch the video above, please. We’re better than that. Right? Right? Bueller?)

Of course, Hillary running a de facto shadow electronic government through her private server and Comey (and other officials) occasionally using personal email accounts are hardly comparable.

But no matter. Hillary is bitter, and refuses to accept responsibility for her own misconduct. She and her supporters are wallowing in self-pity over a year and one-half later. The election was stolen from them by (a) Comey, (b) Russia, (c) [fill in blank].

Add the highly-questionable conclusion of the Inspector General report that there was no proof of political bias in the decisions taken with regard to exonerating Hillary, and what we have here is a rage within Hillary that must be the ragiest rage since she threw plates at Bill.

My quick take on Hillary’s tweet is that she wants to run again, and the Comey revelation combined with the IG conclusions may be the hook she needs. She views herself as life’s ultimate victim, someone deprived unfairly of her destiny by Obama and then again by Trump.

Will Hillary run? I’m thinking the chances are better than 50/50.