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Is Cynthia Nixon’s Progressive Campaign for NY Gov Doomed?

Is Cynthia Nixon’s Progressive Campaign for NY Gov Doomed?

“Mr. Cuomo, 60, holds a 35-point advantage among likely voters over Ms. Nixon — 61-26 percent”

There has been a lot of buzz about actress Cynthia Nixon and her Bernie-esque challenge to Andrew Cuomo in the race for governor of New York. Nixon has garnered support from many in the progressive wing of the Democratic party and even some conservatives who would love to see Cuomo unseated. It might not be enough, however.

A new poll shows Cuomo holding a sizable and perhaps insurmountable lead.

Jesse McKinley reports at the New York Times:

Cuomo Stretches Lead Over Cynthia Nixon in 2018 Election Poll

With exactly three months to go until the Democratic primary for governor, the two-term incumbent, Andrew M. Cuomo, has slightly stretched his sizable lead over his Democratic rival, the actress Cynthia Nixon, according to a new poll.

Mr. Cuomo, 60, holds a 35-point advantage among likely voters over Ms. Nixon — 61-26 percent — according to the Siena College poll released on Wednesday. His lead over the Republican candidate, Marcus J. Molinaro, is narrower: 19 points, 56 to 37 percent, though Mr. Molinaro, the Dutchess County executive, is little known by most voters, the poll found.

Ms. Nixon had trimmed Mr. Cuomo’s lead to 31 points in an April poll by Siena, continuing a steady rise in voter surveys since declaring her candidacy in March. But the last month has seen Mr. Cuomo’s glossy coronation as the party’s preferred candidate at the state convention in late May, forcing Ms. Nixon — making her first run for public office — to begin petitioning to challenge him on the Sept. 13 ballot.

Nixon is hitting all the right notes for the left. She wants free college, driver’s licenses for all, bigger taxes on the rich and more. Yet she just isn’t breaking through with a majority of New Yorkers.

Jazz Shaw of Hot Air says it’s all over:

It’s Time To Stick A Fork In Cynthia Nixon’s Campaign

It’s been a fun and sometimes wild ride in the New York gubernatorial Democratic primary this spring. Upstart Sex and the City actress Cynthia Nixon got a lot of people excited with her challenge to the state’s scandal-prone governor, Andrew Cuomo. That was especially true in the media, where liberal analysts were falling all over themselves to find signs of life in her campaign.

But as the heat of summer approaches, a new Siena poll shows that not only is Nixon failing to chip away at Cuomo’s massive lead, she’s actually losing ground. I was first alerted to the latest set of numbers last night on Twitter by Steve Kornacki.

Shaw notes that Nixon is even losing among women:

The full numbers are available here but no matter how you slice the electorate, there’s really no good news here for Nixon. Cuomo is beating her by forty points in the Five Boroughs and a whopping 63 points in the suburbs. As I predicted when she first entered the race, Nixon is doing a little bit better upstate where more conservative voters really don’t like Cuomo, but she’s still losing by almost ten points there. She’ even losing among women 63-27.

The primary is September 13th, so Nixon still has time to try to turn this around but she is miles from where she needs to be in order to win.


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When it’s over, I hope she tells the press: “You won’t have dickless Nixon to kick around anymore!”

    Tom Servo in reply to rinardman. | June 14, 2018 at 12:27 pm

    The headline question is pretty much a “duh!”, of course it’s doomed, but it’s still fun to watch. Especially the part where it made Cuomo sweat for a little bit.

You failed to mention she is against Drug Prohibition, which – to tell the truth – isn’t working. Other than supporting criminals.

I believe Cuomo has moved some in her direction on that.

    YellowGrifterInChief in reply to MSimon. | June 14, 2018 at 10:43 am

    Thanks for telling the truth – Prohibition never worked. Other than supporting criminals. see also – Al Capone

So the choice is between a life-long machine politician perfumed Prince and a degenerate who in more civilized times would be institutionalized?

Of course this vote is only for registered Democrats, and NY law is designed to prevent strategic party-switching in order to sabotage the other party’s primary. Applications to change parties are only processed once a year, on the second Tuesday after November 1st, and must be received 32 days before that date. So applications received by October 12 2018 will be processed on Nov 13; miss that deadline and it won’t be processed until Nov 12 2019.

You could run a cardboard cutout or a dead person and get as many votes as Nixon.

There is the old adage about what affects a campaign being “events” … give it time “events” might caught up with it.

Yes, well, it may be a bad thing to say so, but maybe New York males, even Commiecrat ones, don’t really want a ballbuster as a mayor? Besides, with his corrupt ways, Cuomo fits right in!

Does anyone else visualize a raging deNiro when they skim Grifter’s rants? It must be tiring to have to stand all day with such never ending butthurt. And likely contrary to your intent, the rants bring joy to many of us, who are able to recognize when things are actually getting better. I am amazed at how many dems persist in staying the course much like JFK Jr. did.

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | June 14, 2018 at 11:41 am

What? NYers aren’t going for Jane Hathaway of the Beverly Hillbillies???????

Adolescent, incompetent, and incredibly inexperienced.

She’s the perfect NY governor.

Her Tweets are not just racially divisive, but they are ignorant and embarrassing.