Liberals in the entertainment industry put out multiple ads before the 2016 election, pleading with voters to elect Hillary Clinton and not Donald Trump. Not only did it not work, but it sort of backfired as people were sick of Hollywood elites telling them what’s best for America.

This could be one of the reasons why so many of these same folks are lashing out now. They see Trump as a rejection of their influence. Samantha Bee is calling Ivanka Trump the “C” word on television and Robert DeNiro is screaming “F” Trump at the Tony Awards.

And this is who Democrats are enlisting to help them win future elections.

David Siders reports at Politico:

Democrats turn to Hollywood for messaging help

The Democratic National Committee and members of Congress are turning to Hollywood for help with voter turnout and messaging ahead of the midterm elections and 2020 presidential campaign, quietly consulting with a group of actors, writers and producers here.

DNC Chairman Tom Perez, several House members and other top elected officials have already met with the group, formed by members of the entertainment industry in the wake of the 2016 election, that participants liken to a TV writers’ room, complete with producers of such programs as “Veep.” The existence of the group and details of the meetings have not been previously reported.

The group has discussed targeted voter-registration programs with visiting Democrats, as well as the party’s framing of issues ranging from abortion rights to gun control. In one recent meeting, a Midwestern senator sought advice about how to discuss gun control with conservative-leaning voters in his or her state, multiple participants said.

David Mandel, who was an executive producer on the TV show “Veep” is involved in this effort and provides what is possibly the funniest line in the article:

“Look, the world knows they don’t necessarily need Hollywood telling people what to do,” Mandel said. “I have no desire to tell people what to do.”

Uh huh. Sure you don’t.

Democrats who are planning to run in 2020 are also reportedly asking Obama for his blessing. That dovetails perfectly with the DNC’s new Hollywood plan.

Twitchy has collected some of the best Twitter reactions to this:

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