As the likelihood of that Democrat Blue Wave recedes, Democrats are beginning to publicly suggest that they may not win back either house of Congress.

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), a possible 2020 Democrat candidate for president, told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow that while she hopes the Democrats can take back at least one house of Congress, she is “filled with terror” that they might not.

The Washington Times reports:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren says her life has become a round-the-clock nightmare due to the prospect of Democrats botching the midterm elections.

A conversation with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow revealed the perpetual “terror” the Massachusetts lawmaker experiences as voters prepare to go to the polls in November. Mrs. Warren admitted her fears Thursday evening when confronted with a scenario in which Democrats fail to capture control of either chamber of Congress.

“I really, really want us to do [succeed]. I’m going to work really, really hard to make that happen,” she said. “I run every day filled with terror that it won’t because if Donald Trump remains in control of the House and the Senate — and the Republicans won’t stop him — I don’t know what happens in the next two years.”

It’s not clear what she thinks will happen if the Democrats don’t win back at least one house of Congress; I’m not even sure she knows.

Watch the clip:

Warren goes on to explain to a seemingly bewildered Maddow that she feels “Democracy.  Changing.  Out there.”  She also finds it a significant advantage for Democrats that people are figuring out the “difference between a Democrat and a Republican.”

She messes up at one point, by accidentally stating the truth that Democrats want health insurance to be cheaper, and Maddow sort of squirms in her chair.  You can almost hear her screaming in her head, “NO no no! It’s health care. Everyone gets health care, not ‘insurance.’  Oh, and it should be single-payer, fgs.”

Warren also wants to invest in a 21st-century infrastructure to “harden” and prepare us for what’s coming, “from our oceans, from the fires out west.”  There’s more, it’s equally weird.

Here’s the full segment:


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