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Prof Who Vandalized Home of NRA Official Fined $500

Prof Who Vandalized Home of NRA Official Fined $500

She sprayed his home with fake blood.

We covered this in an earlier post. How is this acceptable behavior for a professor?

Campus Reform reports:

Prof convicted of vandalizing home of NRA lobbyist

University of Nebraska, Lincoln professor Patricia Hill has been convicted of spraying fake blood on the home of NRA lobbyist Chris Cox and ordered to pay a $500 fine.

Hill, a research assistant professor in UNL’s Department of Sociology, and Amanda Gailey, an associate professor in the English Department, staged separate protests outside Cox’s Alexandria, Virginia home last month. Cox, a long-time NRA lobbyist, currently serves as the NRA’s chief political strategist and the Executive Director of the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action.

This is not the first time that Gailey made headlines over her political activism. In August of last year, the academic was involved in protesting a UNL student who was attempting to recruit new members for a conservative organization Turning Point USA.

According to The Washington Post, Gailey, along with former College of William and Mary visiting professor Catherine Koebel, carried provocative signs and distributed flyers outside of Cox’s home and his wife’s business in April, shortly after an anonymous group created a fake website for the business featuring photographs of dead bodies.

Gailey and Koebel insist that they were very careful to ensure that their protest actions stayed within the law, but Hill took the opposite approach, allegedly spraying Cox’s home with fake blood in October and then repeating the act of vandalism in January. The Cox family’s lawyer also reportedly claims that she attached stickers to their home.


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What a joke. A $500 fine which will be paid to the government. What about making the woman pay restitution to the victim…like…maybe, painting the guys house?

    Edward in reply to snopercod. | May 26, 2018 at 6:00 pm

    Exactly, I don’t have a problem with a fine, but what about paying for damages (or restitution for the effort and expense Cox had to put out to rectify the situation).

    randian in reply to snopercod. | May 27, 2018 at 3:04 am

    The lack of restitution offers the very strong appearance of anti-NRA bias on the part of the sentencing judge.

It wasn’t just the fine. “Patricia Hill, a sociology professor from Nebraska, was ordered to pay a $500 fine, not contact the Cox family, and stay 500 feet away from their home. If she does not comply, she could owe an additional $500. She is also under a temporary restraining order that bars her from Cox’s wife’s business and from NRA offices in Virginia and Washington, D.C. And on Monday after court, Hill was served with a warrant for an additional vandalism charge, stemming from a similar incident in October.”

I was surprised not to see anything about restitution, though. As I understand it, restitution is generally an almost automatic part of any sentence for criminal destruction of property.

“When the responsible authorities fail to act, other forms of authority will assert themselves. They may not behave responsibly, but they will act” – Insty

healthguyfsu | May 28, 2018 at 12:09 pm

Her job should be finished. Fired with cause.

An interesting part of their delusional thinking is the belief that “everyone” supports them, so they immediately bring up their affiliation with the university in the belief that the university with both support them and also validate their actions. It really is amazing at how often they violate the “not crapping where you eat” rule.

And on rare occasions, you even get to see the institution take the bait, like Oberlin did, and get themselves dragged into the fury. The second a perp makes a public reference to their place of employment, that place of employment should become part of the story so the end result will be the perp no longer working there.