One year ago, a hostile takeover of the campus of Evergreen State College by students took place which is still adversely affecting the school today.

Students were participating in an event which would have driven white people off campus for a day. Bret Weinstein, a biology professor, who is also a progressive, refused to participate. Students verbally attacked him and called for his firing.

Weinstein was removed from campus for his safety, amid reports of students roaming campus with baseball bats.

Now a year later, Weinstein spoke to Tucker Carlson about what has happened since. Weinstein points out that the campus riots changed the conversation by casting a spotlight on the dangers of identity politics while creating unlikely alliances due to a shared belief in free speech.

He also notes correctly, that Evergreen State is now struggling financially due to a significant drop in enrollment.

Weinstein says that he was also vilified last spring for appearing on Tucker’s show. While he was trying to let people know what was happening, he was ultimately blamed for bad publicity.

A recent article in The Stranger describes what life was like for Weinstein and his wife who was also a professor at the school:

After Evergreen

One Year Later, Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying Look Back

The campus, during that time, was crazy. After the protest outside Weinstein’s class, a small group of students took over buildings, stalked and accosted professors, and held administrators captive in their offices, refusing to let them leave. They roamed the campus with bats and batons, searching cars and buildings for Weinstein and others. Weinstein and Heying, their house just a quick stroll through the forest, were concerned for the safety of their two young boys, and they thought the administration was failing to address the simmering violence. That, Weinstein said, is why he decided to go on Fox News: He wanted to expose what was happening at Evergreen, and the liberal press just wasn’t calling.

Appearing on Fox News incensed many of Weinstein’s colleagues. They argued that by talking to Tucker Carlson, Weinstein had put the campus in danger, and 90 Evergreen employees signed a letter to the administration demanding an investigation.

Watch the new segment with Tucker Carlson below:

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