Evergreen State College has been the scene of anti-White racism against professor Bret Weinstein, who objected to a Day Without Whites. See our  tag for the details.

There also have been anonymous threats have been made to Evergreen, which have closed the campus multiple times. While the reason remains unclear, there are reports of students self-policing campus with baseball bats.

Heat Street reported:

Bat-Wielding Mob of Left-Wing Students Are ‘Community Policing’ Evergreen College

Evergreen State College erupted in protest two weeks ago when a biology professor Bret Weinstein spoke out against a social justice event that coerced white students and faculty to leave campus.

Since then, the Olympia, Washington, campus has devolved into chaos, while the school administration cowers and capitulates to student mob rule.

Things are getting so bad that the school is having issues with a group of bat-wielding vigilantes seeking to “community police” the campus. The school was shut down Monday because of acts of vandalism and window smashing the previous night.

Bret Weinstein, a professor at the center of the protest tweeted this:


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