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With Middle Eastern Gangs Rioting in German Streets, Berlin “Concerned by Situation in Gaza”

With Middle Eastern Gangs Rioting in German Streets, Berlin “Concerned by Situation in Gaza”

Turkish and Arab gangs clash “armed with machetes, clubs and baseball bats”

While the German police struggle to take back control of their streets, the Merkel government has been “concerned by the situation in Gaza.” The German Foreign Ministry called for “resumption of negotiations to find a solution that would be suitable to all people between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea.”

This week, two large-scale riots took place in Hamborn district of Duisburg, a small town some 50-minute ride from the north-western German city of Cologne.

“Duisburg-Hamborn is on the cross-hairs of Turkish and Lebanese gangster clans that are demarcating territory in the northern part of the city,” the Düsseldorf-based newspaper Rheinischen Post reported on Wednesday. “The residents are scared and blame the city [authorities] of inaction.”

“Around 60 man armed with baseball bats, machetes and knives led to a large-scale police operation—the second of its kind at consecutive nights. The police moved in their hundreds to prevent rival gangs from chashing.”

“The background of the incidents is hazy. So far, its unclear which groups were involved in the rioting. According to the police claims, Lebanese, Turks and Germans where involved in the chaos. On Monday night, the similar incidents took place on the same spot,” the Rheinischen Post added.

The surging wave of violence was not limited to Duisburg alone. German newspaper Bild Zeitung reported the nationwide stabbing spree that began last Friday, describing it as “bloody weekend”.

In Berlin, a gang of nine “chase a 26-year-old man after a visit to night club. One of them thrust a knife in his thigh,” Bild Zeitung wrote.

In the town of Nordhorn, “some 40 men belonging to Iraqi and Lebanese clans clashed with each other armed with machetes, clubs and baseball bats. It took a large police contingent to separate them,” the newspaper continued.

Benjamin Weinthal, a research fellow for the DC-based Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD), pointed out Merkel government’s hypocrisy over the situation in Gaza:

With Arab and Turkish gangs fighting for supremacy over German streets, the Catholic Church in Germany urged the Christians to renounce ‘hate and violence’.

Cardinal Reinhard Marx, the highest representative of the Catholic Church in the country, told ‘Christians to engage with Muslims’. the Public broadcaster Deutsche Welle reported:

[Cardinal Marx] called on Christians to seek contact to Muslims and non-believers in view of what he described as an era of “verbal, political and military rearmament.”

In comments to be delivered at a religious procession in Munich on the Christian holy day of Good Friday, Marx said Christian believers should say “no” when hate and violence were preached (…).

He urged those of the Christian faith to go the path of non-violence and love when encountering people of other religions or those who professed no faith.

The pronouncements of the German Catholic Church are in sharp contrast with the position taken by the Catholic clergy in eastern and even southern Europe, which has been outspoken in its opposition to the EU-wide open doors policy for illegal immigrants from Arab and Muslim countries.

European Union foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini called for ‘investigation’ into the Israeli military’s response to Islamist attempts to breach its border along the Gaza strip. She also told Israel to respect ‘freedom of assembly’ of the Palestinian rioters. Her statement did not mention the fact that Israeli border security forces were facing a large-scale intrusion orchestrated by the Islamist-Palestinian terror group Hamas.

The EU, however, failed to question the German police’s use of force in curbing ‘freedom of assembly’ of the Arab and migrant gangs in the cities of Duisburg or Nordhorn.

As Europe, and Germany in particular, import immigrant men from Arab- and Muslim-majority countries in their millions, street violence and violent crimes are hitting record highs. According to a recent study commissioned by German Ministry of Family Affairs, newly arrived ‘refugees’ were responsible for more than 90 percent of the rise in violent crimes in the state of Lower Saxony. Similar trends are being witnessed across Germany.

Despite the reality blowing up in Europe’s face, the continent’s political elite continue to lecture Israel and anyone else who dares to push back against the Islamist aggression.

Raw footage: Arab and Turkish clans clash in German town of Duisburg

[Cover image via YouTube] [Translation of the German news reports by the author]


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Once these gangs develop a hierarchy among themselves, they will then turn their weapons on Germany in a civil war.

Soros in action.

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“Around 60 man armed with baseball bats, machetes and knives led to a large-scale police operation—the second of its kind at consecutive nights. The police moved in their hundreds to prevent rival gangs from clashing.”

Why stop them? Put a fence around’em, and let’em fight it out. If there’s only one or two left, oh well.

A message to German leadership:

Worry about the jackbooted, goose-stepping Islamic National Socialists in your own house, before you worry about the Islamic National Socialists in the Middle East.

Catholic priests lecturing ethnic German Christians about Islamic turf war violence in a suburb of Cologne. Why are Catholic priests purposefully and willfully misdirecting the attention of their flock?

Remember the antiwestern behavior by the former Archbishop of Canterbury? The seditious old weasel. Was he CoE or a papist? What is wrong with these men? Every time they open their bisketholes they insult people like me – people now less likely to feel affinity for distant Christian friends.

Merkel’s Fourth Reich. Materially support Islamic hate groups. German lawfare and propaganda warfare against the Jewish state – a state whose very existence is due to the murderous German state. Multiculturalism is just the latest iteration of the chauvinistic and hateful historic German Reich.

(((Boogs))) | April 1, 2018 at 3:27 pm

Fifth column. Germany finally got the minority it so richly deserves.

blah deblah | April 1, 2018 at 3:54 pm

The soldiers are in place. Now they blow the trumpet.

Slowly, yet execrably, the creeping continues, and the left will only become alarmed once it is far too late to do anything. And they wonder why we know that liberalism is a mental disorder.

Voice_of_Reason | April 2, 2018 at 7:46 am

diverting attention to Gaza. huh. that’s the same trick all the islamo-fascist theocratic dictators use.