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Disappointed in Durham

Disappointed in Durham

I guess I’ll never get that selfie at the Duke Lacrosse case house.

I was in Durham, NC, earlier this week, where my wife received treatment from doctors at Duke Medical Center.

With plenty of time to spare, it occurred to me that I should get a selfie at the Duke Lacrosse house to post on the website. While the 2006 prosecution and April 2007 dropping of all charges pre-dated Legal Insurrection, the false accusations, mob mentality, and faculty perfidy seemed to be a prelude to the campus due process disregard emboldened later by the Obama administration.

My wife was up for it, and we planned to drive there before leaving.

The address was easy to find.

This is what the house looked like at the time of the false allegation that Duke Lacrosse players raped stripper Crystal Magnum (who is in prison until 2026 on an unrelated murder charge):

[Duke Lacrosse House]

But alas, it no longer exists. The house was torn down in 2010:

This wasn’t exactly a “bucket list” type thing. But I was disappointed.

I greatly appreciate the many well wishes I receive from readers for my wife’s condition. We were not disappointed by Duke. Cleveland Clinic was a sorely disappointing bust at many levels, but Duke has us keeping hope alive.

That and our new seawall in Rhode Island, which is nearing completion. Building projects are my personal go-to therapy.


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Whatever happened to disbarred prosecutor Mike Nifong?

    The Friendly Grizzly in reply to Mercyneal. | April 27, 2018 at 8:46 am

    Not nearly enough.

    MarkSmith in reply to Mercyneal. | April 27, 2018 at 10:43 am

    He is an interesting character. There was a case that caught my attention before the Duke case. There was a series put together of the Michael Peterson Novelist who killed his wife.

    It is call The Stair Case. I read the book too.

    Peterson claims he got railroaded. Watching the series made me think he did not, but considering what Mike Nifong did to the Duke players makes me think he may have railroaded Peterson.

    I really wonder if Nifong felt he could pull off the Peterson case made him fell invincible.

    Here is a snippet of the summary:

    … Granted unusual access to Peterson’s lawyers, home and immediate family, de Lestrade’s cameras capture the defense team as it considers its strategic options. “The staircase” is an engrossing look at contemporary American justice that features more twists than a legal bestseller.
    —Julie Pouillon

    It also includes Henry Lee, the guy from the O.J. Simpson and Laci Peterson cases.

      molonlabe28 in reply to MarkSmith. | April 27, 2018 at 1:45 pm

      Michael Peterson’s refutations of guilt in the beating death of his wife are utterly unconvincing.

      As is usually the case, the adult children of the murdered spouse fall dutifully in line behind the perpetrator spouse.

        MarkSmith in reply to molonlabe28. | April 27, 2018 at 2:01 pm

        I just checked out the wikipedia site on the case.

        Interesting that SBI analyst Duane Deaver got caught for his false work. Sounds like Peterson got away with murder in the end because of Nifong’s sloppy work. At least the daughter got some money out of it.

          Peterson’s conviction was set aside based on Agent Deavers’ false Testimony. The state of NC, looking at a retrial on an old case, offered Peterson a plea to time served. Rather than roll the dice on a trial that could keep him in prison for life, he took the plea. See:

          Two asides on this case. Peterson was the last person to see a neighbor lady alive when he was stationed in Germany. She was found dead at the foot of some stairs. Peterson and his wife Kathleen adopted her two children. Second, during a forensic exam of Peterson’s computer before trial, the found that Peterson was paying for sex with a male prostitute. The guy actually testified about their relationship at trial.

I hope things are improving for Mrs. Jacobson, Prof.

You’re building a seawall in RI?!? I won’t ask about the permitting process you must have gone through. Look what the Ocean Mist (just a beach bar) in Matunick RI has been going through.
This is the latest I could find with a quick search. It’s still on-going.

Prayers for you and your wife. Explainably, miracles DO happen.

Prayers for you and your wife from here in NC.
Contact me if you need someone to sit with you or your wife there, or a place to stay. I’m about an hour away.

The neighbors are probably glad the house is gone.

Best of luck to your wife in dealing with her health issues. Hope things only get better from here.

So glad to hear you’re getting some help at Duke. Continuing to pray for you both.

Have the professors who sided against the team members ever apologized? Why not?

Hopes and prayers for your bride, Professor, may everything turn out OK for her.

I wish you and your wife the best. May she have a speedy recovery!

Prayers are continuing for your bride!

I can only echo the prayers and wishes above and add my own.

You were fifteen minutes away, and I didn’t know it! But you still have my prayers, and I am delighted to know that Duke is offering help and hope.

If Duke doesn’t work out for you, try my old boss Jim Campbell at Hopkins. Not sure if he is still seeing patients, but he built up a large team of well trained people in the field.

That is a beautiful wall! Prayers for you and your wife.

Prayers for you and your wife from Harney County.

P.S. There’s nothing in the world like therapeutic rip-rap.

Best wishes to you and your wife for answered prayers. If you have to seek medical attention, there is no better place than the greater Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area. UNC/Rex Hospital in Raleigh literally saved my life.

Henry Hawkins | April 27, 2018 at 4:45 pm

My wife, now deceased, suffered a stroke in 2001, which revealed a cancerous brain tumor judged inoperable and her prognosis terminal. We sought second and third opinions, heard the same. Unwilling to give up, we got her into Duke Hospital’s Brain Tumor Clinic under Dr. Henry Friedman. They saved her life, albeit after many years of chemo and radiation, and even returned to work as a nursing educator. Her remarkable case was profiled twice on 60 Minutes, though she declined to appear personally.

There is always reason to hope. Best wished to you and Mrs. J.

Prayers to you and your wife Professor.

Best wishes to you and your wife from Amman, Jordan!