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From the LI Team: What We’re Thankful For

From the LI Team: What We’re Thankful For

LI Authors share their Thanksgiving thoughts

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite days of the year.

Setting aside an entire four-day weekend to actively and collectively practice gratitude is an incredible part of our cultural heritage.

Because I do so love Thanksgiving, I asked the LI team to share their thoughts on this special day. Here’s what we’re thankful for.

William Jacobson

“I’m particularly thankful this year for my wife. We met 34 years ago, and it was love at first sight. She went home that night, woke her parents, and told them she’d met the person she was going to marry. It took me a little longer to come around to that view, but not much. We haven’t been apart since that first night. For the past 15 months she has suffered from a painful neurological condition which would have broken most people, including me. Yet she has weathered the storm in heroic fashion, continuing to worry more about those around her than about herself. We continue to seek a remedy, and have traveled the country consulting experts. While no solution is on the immediate horizon, we remain hopeful. I’m thankful for her because I know that if the roles were reversed, and I was the one suffering, she’d be by my side.”

Kemberlee Kaye

“I’ve so much to be thankful for that I’m not entirely sure where to begin. My life is a completely different place than it was a year ago. In that short time, I’ve become a wife, step-momma, and mommy. All three titles are an incredible privilege and I thank the Good Lord every day, several times a day, for giving me the opportunity to share my life with these three (and our dog). The political arena can be a morally vapid, joyless desert, but my little family makes everything I do worthwhile.

So unsurprisingly, I’m thankful for my family. My Momma, my Daddy, my sister, bro-in-law, aunts, cousins, non-related family and friends…all of them. They’re wonderfully quirky people and I’m proud to share blood with (most of) them. They tolerate me even when I’m intolerable, insufferable, intemperate, and uncaffeinated. I’m especially thankful for my husband who chooses to love me each and every day. He’s my plumb line, support, encourager, and baby swaddler supreme. I couldn’t be more grateful for him and the life we’re building together. My daughters are incredible girls. They’ve taught me love like I’ve never known. And my dog. She’s the best sidekick a girl could ask for. She’s been by my side for ten years and I’m thankful for her, too.

I cannot say enough about Professor Jacobson — hands down the best boss I’ve ever had. He’s always pushed and challenged me and I’m all the better for it. He and his wife are good people and I’m happy to know them. I’m so thankful to be part of the LI team; to work with Prof. J and the rest of the LI crew. Each and every person is unique in their thought and contribution and I’m always impressed and enlightened by the variety of perspectives our writers articulate. We’re small, but mighty and I love the work we do.

I’m also thankful for you. The internet is awash with news sites and blogs. I’m thankful you take the time to read what we have to say. Thankful and humbled.

We live in a country that decided our first concocted holiday would be one where we give thanks to our Creator for the blessings He so richly bestowed upon us. Not because we’re deserving — we’re not, but because we’ve been portioned mercy and grace aplenty so we might share our good fortune with others. May we never forget our cultural heritage or why we gorge ourselves on turkey.

Wishing you the happiest of Thanksgivings. May God bless you this day and the rest of your days to follow.”

Fuzzy Slippers

“This year, I am thankful that Hillary is not going to be our next president, but more personally, I am hugely thankful to and for Professor Jacobson, LI, the amazing LI team with whom I love working, and to and for our readers.

We, the LI team and our great community of readers, made it through the Obama Era together, and now, we move into the era of the Trump presidency together. That’s something for which it is easy to be thankful.

I think I will celebrate by raising a glass of wine to the end of the progressive stranglehold on American politics and culture. So here’s to the rejection of leftist thought-policing, identity politics, and perpetual whining. And here’s to the first Thanksgiving in years that we aren’t being urged to discuss the failed ObamaCare disaster over our family dinners.

Happy Thanksgiving, may yours be blessed and joyous.”


“I love Thanksgiving because it’s like Christmas with none of the pressure of shopping or gifts.

This year I’m thankful for my family, friends and everyone at Legal Insurrection.

I’m also thankful for the outcome of the election. It’s so huge and means so much for the future of America.

Thank you legal Insurrection readers for letting me discuss politics with you here. My family has agreed not to discuss the topic at dinner. :)”

David Gerstman

“My career took a sharp turn three years ago and I want to thank Prof Jacobson for allowing me to blog at Legal Insurrection. Contributing to LI has been helpful to my professional development and as a bonus I’ve gotten to interact with the wonderful contributors at LI.”

Leslie Eastman

“I wish our Legal Insurrection fans a safe, happy, and blessed Thanksgiving Day. For those of you who have to prepare a dish to bring, but don’t want to spend much time, money, or energy, here is a recipe for you: 2 cans tomato soup (prepared per instructions), 1 can crab, 1-4 gloves garlic (minced, amount depending on taste), pepper to taste. Heat slowly in crock pot or simmer on stove. My friends and family love this!”

Mark Finkelstein

“I’m thankful for the opportunity that exists for real, positive change in America. The last time Republicans controlled the presidency and both houses of congress was at the beginning of Pres. George W. Bush’s administration in 2001. But I don’t recall anticipation at the time of sweeping changes in the offing. And in any case, 9/11 came soon thereafter, and attention swiftly focused on uprooting the Taliban in Afghanistan and then invading Iraq. But today, there is reason to think that we can move toward better policies on immigration, taxes, regulation and a foreign policy based on promoting America’s interests rather than on nation-building elsewhere.”

Vijeta Uniyal

““We can always find something to be thankful for, and there may be reasons why we ought to be thankful for even those dispensations which appear dark and frowning,” wrote the 19th century theologian Albert Barnes. This age-old wisdom holds true even today.

As a recent immigrant to Europe, I have all the more reason to be grateful for the liberty and prosperity I enjoy today. But with such privilege comes responsibility. Responsibility to cherish and defend the values that form the very foundation of the Western and European civilisation. Especially at a time when these values are under attack from the outside and scorned at home by the most privileged of the lot.

In these perilous times I am thankful for the opportunity to write alongside a band of brilliant and happy warriors at Legal Insurrection. I am equally thankful for the acceptance, love and guidance I receive almost daily from the readers.

May this Thanksgiving bring joy and peace to you and all those you love!”


“Since I like to eat, I am drawn to the fact that Thanksgiving is a food-oriented holiday with a basic obligatory theme (turkey plus seasonal autumnal food) and almost infinite variations on that theme. Sweet potatoes? Absolutely—but oh, the myriad ways to make them, some revolting, some sublime. Pie? Of course, but what kind? And what to put on it, ice cream, whipped cream, or both?

Thanksgiving is one of the few holidays that has a theme that is vaguely religious—giving thanks—but has no specific religious affiliation. So it’s a holiday that unites. It’s one of the least commercial holidays as well, because it involves no presents. It’s a home-based holiday, which is good, too, except for those who don’t have relatives or friends to be with. One drawback is the terribly compressed travel time; I solve that by not usually traveling very far if I can possibly help it.

The main advantage to hosting the day is having leftovers left over. The main disadvantage to hosting the day is having leftovers left over.

I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving Day, filled with friends and/or family of your choice, and just the right amount of leftovers!”

Professor Miriam Elman

“In the 1980s I was an idealistic ‘lone soldier’ serving in the Israel Defense Forces. A new immigrant to Israel, I had no security clearance for intelligence jobs (my preference) but ended up with good terms of service, doing translation work on an Air Force procurement base. (At one point I single-handedly re-organized the base library, irritated by the haphazard way in which the books and documents were shelved for analysts and researchers. Even at 18-years-old I was the biggest ‘yekke’ you ever met!) But Thanksgiving Day was always a lonely time—I had no close family living in Israel and Thanksgiving wasn’t as big a deal there among expats like it is today (see here and here). Allotted some monthly ‘points’ to use on phone calls to the States, I remember using them up in teary conversations with my folks on my favorite American holiday. Years later, I realize how difficult it was for them to have me so far away. But they were proud of my choice to make aliyah and move to Israel, become an Israeli citizen, and participate directly for a time in the Jewish people’s return to Zion and the building of the State of Israel. I’m glad to hear that today many American lone soldiers in the IDF are enjoying a turkey dinner in a new initiative that Mike’s Place, a very special Jerusalem (and Tel Aviv) sports bar and restaurant, is doing for this very special American holiday (see our post about Mike’s Place). I’m grateful that I can spend Thanksgiving with my parents, now nearing 90 years old and still going strong, G-d bless them. I’m thankful for all that America has done for me, my family, Israel, and the world. I give thanks to my fellow American-Israelis who are today serving in the IDF far away from their families, protecting us from the nefarious forces which would do harm to both our great nations.”

Mary Chastain

“I am thankful for many things, especially my family, cats, and those in the military who sacrifice everything for us. The family I speak of includes the Legal Insurrection team, who welcomed me with open arms back in April and has provided me with a great working environment. Thank you, Professor Jacobson, for taking a chance on me. Kemberlee has become one of my bestest and closest friends, one I can share anything with. I’m extremely thankful for our readers because without you we wouldn’t exist. THANK YOU! I’m also thankful to live in this country, which allows me to work freely. People complained so much during the election season, but I knew no matter who won, even Hillary, America would always remain the one bright light in this world.

I’m very thankful for my Chicago Cubs, who finally ended their 71 year pennant drought and 108 year World Series drought. (Yes I had to add that in!)

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I am thankful for this fantastic blog, especially for Professsor Jacobson. What a place of hope and sanity you all have been during the Obama years.
Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!

I’m thankful for this blog. Chili without beans. And the M-14.

No, I’m not being sarcastic.

    murkyv in reply to Arminius. | November 24, 2016 at 5:47 pm

    Chili without beans?

    That’s just plain silly. : )

      Whiskey Bravo in reply to murkyv. | November 24, 2016 at 8:36 pm

      No, no…Arminius’ post is nearly perfect. And chili without beans = wonderful.

      Arminius in reply to murkyv. | November 25, 2016 at 2:02 am

      There were days I was grateful to have Saltines and water.

      Arminius in reply to murkyv. | November 25, 2016 at 2:16 am

      And no, you can’t always count on having water.

      I will say, pro tip, cigars help suppress the hunger.

      They helped me and my friends graduate starvival training. It pissed our instructors off as we weren’t very cooperative. We sat around smoking and then when we were done with the nonsense we hiked out. I can make a fishing net out of my parachute, Umm Kay? How many times do I need to prove this? Anyway after a couple of days sitting around smoking we hiked out, thus completing the land navigation portion of the exercise.

I am thankful that America now has a chance of being for our posterity what it was for us.

I am grateful for living in this time, in the blessed country.

If I had been born in the not all that distant past, I’d have been dead several times over. Instead, I have enjoyed a life full of surprise and adventure, as well as a thoroughly enjoyable family. Lightning struck several times, and I now have adult children who are vigorous, good-hearted, whip-smart, and opinionated. (I do not expect that we voted all the same. Just saying.)

I think we dodged a bullet in this last election, for which I am very grateful, less for defeating Hillary Clinton than for providing respite from the unholy alliance that pushed her.

I pray for guidance for our newly-elected officials and appointees. May they always seek to do what is good and right and just: and may their efforts be blessed with positive results.

    snopercod in reply to Valerie. | November 24, 2016 at 6:41 pm

    I am grateful for living in this time, in the blessed country.

    A big AMEN to that! I have a children’s book called “Great Men of Medicine” and I read it from time to time to remind myself how recently things we take for granted – like anesthesia, suturing, antibiotics, joint replacement, and vaccination – were discovered. We are truly blessed.

I’m most thankful for my wife who has loved and supported me these many years. I couldn’t have made it without her. Then there is my dog who’s antics would make a rock smile. I’m thankful for the quiet people who rose up and destroyed Hillary’s chances of ever becoming president. I’m thankful for the bloggers who reported what was really happening this election cycle and who helped me keep the faith that everything was going to be okay. I am thankful for those Americans who didn’t allow the hateful rhetoric coming from the White House to divide us. I am also thankful for chili without beans, but having humped an M-14 too many miles up too many elevations, I’m was and still am thankful for Eugene Stoner and the M-16. God bless America!

    Arminius in reply to Old0311. | November 24, 2016 at 12:33 pm

    All I can say is I was Navy. Which meant I was never more than a few hundred feet from a coffee pot. So I never got tired of the M-14.

    You are also a lucky man. Black Marigolds:

    “ven now
    My thought is all of this gold-tinted king’s daughter
    With garlands tissue and golden buds,
    Smoke tangles of her hair, and sleeping or waking
    Feet trembling in love, full of pale languor;
    My thought is clinging as to a lost learning
    Slipped down out of the minds of men,
    Labouring to bring her back into my soul.

    Even now
    If I see in my soul the citron-breasted fair one
    Still gold-tinted, her face like our night stars,
    Drawing unto her; her body beaten about with flame,
    Wounded by the flaring spear of love,
    My first of all by reason of her fresh years,
    Then is my heart buried alive in snow.

    Even now
    If my girl with lotus eyes came to me again
    Weary with the dear weight of young love,
    Again I would give her to these starved twins of arms
    And from her mouth drink down the heavy wine,
    As a reeling pirate bee in fluttered ease
    Steals up the honey from the nenuphar…”

    It is my earnest hope, and I do not doubt, your wife knows how special she is is.

    It takes a brave woman to love us back.

    Arminius in reply to Old0311. | November 24, 2016 at 12:40 pm

    “I, swabbie, in lieu of prison hereby agree to shave my head, lose my name and my birthday, and go to sea.”

    Not a lot of women will sign up for that.

It’s my feeling as well that this is the best day of the year. Of my countless blessings please know that one is to visit all of you, have the wisdom and balance of your reportage, know that I am not alone. In my life, now long, I have never been so optimistic for our future, or so grateful for the blessing of our eleventh hour deliverance. We all owe this in part to you. Bless you this day.

Without any exaggeration, it’s safe to say the defeat of Clinton and the election of Donald Trump was as significant victory for our freedom as winning World War II.

There was no greater threat to our freedom than a candidate like the dangerously warped and corrupt Hillary Clinton, and there was no greater person in public life to both beat the left (and the equally dangerously warped collective of the corrupt GOPe) and later serve as president.

I am most grateful for my Savior, Jesus Christ and for this country where I can still worship Him without (too much) fear of persecution. My gratitude continues for this blog and others, where the fight to remain informed and free is fought with hard labor and time (most valuable and too often squandered commodity). And I am grateful for the commenters here (most of them, anyway), who constantly add to what is written and (often) provide additional insight and most certainly moral support.

And in my gratitude, I consistently pray for the writers here and for those who comment. I believe that one day soon, you will all probably know who I am and see just how important all of you have been and will continue to be to me.

I thank all of you. And I wish upon all of you the Lord’s blessings and His favor.

Thank you LI.

Thank you….

I’m thankful that it’s now Friday.

    UnCivilServant in reply to tom swift. | November 25, 2016 at 7:35 am

    Though I am sitting alone in a cube farm meant to hold hundred now that it is friday… I am thankful for finally getting some peace and quiet.

A belated Happy Thanksgiving to LI.
Mine was spent on my favorite island fishing with my oldest son. The fish gods were kind…

I am keeping your wife in my prayers professor.