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Pennsylvania Planned Parenthood Suggests Disney create a pro-choice, trans, illegal, union-working Princess

Pennsylvania Planned Parenthood Suggests Disney create a pro-choice, trans, illegal, union-working Princess

Then promptly deletes the suggestion

Tuesday, Planned Parenthood Keystone, located in Trexlertown, Pennsylvania, had some suggestions for Disney’s next princess. SPOILER: They’re all terrible ideas that would make for an awful children’s animated film, but I digress…

The account promptly deleted their horrible suggestions.

Just imagine trying to explain to a four-year-old the nuances of U.S. immigration law, why some people think it’s just fine to kill the pre-born (like the baby brother or sister currently swimming around in Mommy’s tummy), or why that man is wearing lipstick and answering to the name ‘Karen’.

Every time Disney releases a new animated film featuring a female protagonist, they’re met with backlash from every corner of the identity politics dimension. No matter how ethnic, or strong the character is, she’s not strong enough or the storyline whitewashes the highlighted cultural backdrop (just see the insanity surrounding Moana for a glimpse into that crazy train).

I have a better idea: we could just let kids be kids instead of politicizing their entertainment. That seems too much to ask these days.


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I disagree. This is a wonderful idea. And let’s not be shy about exposing all the interesting lifestyle choices involved. I want to see graphic “fisting” in a children’s film.

That should help clarify what Disney stands for these days.

I loved Tinkerbell as a boy. Really, really. I thought she was gorgeous.

So now we’ll have Tinker Bill.


Yes please. And have “it” aborted in the first scene.

For the second scene we can follow all the baby Parts as they are sold off and shipped around the United States.

Villian will be a entitled spoiled woman shouting the lullaby “My Body My Choice!”

Disney can market the doll in pieces “head, arms, torso, legs! Be the first to collect all the parts!”

There’s a union for Princesses?

When the Princess sings a song, will it be – ♪ ♫ Look for…the union label ♩ ♬

I’m surprised they didn’t include a porn star/stripper ptincess

Planned Parenthood’s Utopia: brown skinned society of gender mutilated identity-less worker drones.


100 unborn die by the likes of Planned Parenthood for every death by a gun in this country

    4th armored div in reply to Neo. | March 27, 2018 at 7:34 pm

    where is the children’s march for life –
    where each kid varries x number of dolls in coffins ?
    make it accurately represent the number of BLACK vs WHITE terminations of life.
    that is the true racism.

I guess they will go with a male trans so it will give the kids a new pondering of what Princess means. And the real plus side, the young males can someone to look up to, as they don’t seem to like boys as heroes all that much anymore.

Of course Disney has long enjoyed killing off parents in their movies, so a move to killing off a young cub is right up their alley.

Progress… so we are told.

Is there a way to get an emoji vomit graphic in here ?

Whomever controls the media controls the mind.

Transgender/homosexual, bisexual, transvestite, corrupted, indoctrinated. There’s a whole transgender spectrum to represent. Colorful, not black, brown, or white.

As for Planned Parenthood, the liberal rites of human sacrifice, and recycling, must be normalized, nay, celebrated, in a progression, a march, a parade.

Transgendered princess? Been done.

nordic_prince | March 27, 2018 at 10:52 pm

It’s probably not that far off. In the late 90s, Michael Eisner admitted that 40% of Disney employees were homosexual – well out of proportion to the national rate of 2 – 3%. It’s all part of a push to normalize perversion and get the kiddos while they’re young and malleable.

They bitch about the NRA “buying politicians”. They gave 1 million state and national. The teachers union alone gave 32 MILLION. So who is buying them?

The upside is, if Disney wants copyright on this dreck to last for a “limited term” of 999,999 years they’re welcome to it.