Tuesday, Planned Parenthood Keystone, located in Trexlertown, Pennsylvania, had some suggestions for Disney’s next princess. SPOILER: They’re all terrible ideas that would make for an awful children’s animated film, but I digress…

The account promptly deleted their horrible suggestions.

Just imagine trying to explain to a four-year-old the nuances of U.S. immigration law, why some people think it’s just fine to kill the pre-born (like the baby brother or sister currently swimming around in Mommy’s tummy), or why that man is wearing lipstick and answering to the name ‘Karen’.

Every time Disney releases a new animated film featuring a female protagonist, they’re met with backlash from every corner of the identity politics dimension. No matter how ethnic, or strong the character is, she’s not strong enough or the storyline whitewashes the highlighted cultural backdrop (just see the insanity surrounding Moana for a glimpse into that crazy train).

I have a better idea: we could just let kids be kids instead of politicizing their entertainment. That seems too much to ask these days.


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