Cynthia Nixon, the Sex and the City star challenging Andrew Cuomo for governor of New York, is already taking a cue from Hillary Clinton’s playbook by painting Cuomo as a bully.

Hillary used this strategy repeatedly. In 2000, she famously used it against her Senate opponent Rick Lazio. During the 2016 Democratic primary, she used it against Bernie Sanders and then again against Trump in the general election.

Nixon and Cuomo are both Democrats, but Nixon is a gay woman which gives her more points on the progressive scorecard, so naturally, the media is already working on her behalf.

CNN clearly got the talking points:

Cynthia Nixon calls Cuomo ‘Andrew the Bully,’ compares him to Trump

In her first trip to New York’s capital since announcing her gubernatorial campaign, actress Cynthia Nixon on Monday called her primary opponent Governor Andrew Cuomo a “bully” who reminds her of President Donald Trump.

“We’ve all seen it — Andrew The Bully. He bullies other elected officials, he bullies anyone who criticizes him,” Nixon said at a press conference at the Hilton Albany. “It reminds me of the behavior we see from Donald Trump every day. My experience has taught me that there’s only one way to deal with a bully. You have to stand up to him. You have to send a loud, clear message that you will not be bullied.”

The press conference was organized by the Alliance for Quality Education, a group that Nixon has long been associated with that advocates for more state funding for schools.

As did the Washington Post:

Cynthia Nixon blasts Cuomo as ‘bully,’ ‘wannabe Republican’

Actress Cynthia Nixon blasted Gov. Andrew Cuomo as a “bully” and a “wannabe Republican” Monday during her first visit to Albany since announcing her bid for New York governor.

The “Sex and the City” star and public education advocate criticized the two-term governor for not doing enough to ensure equal opportunities for poor and minority students. She also faulted Cuomo’s effort to combat government corruption and said that while he touts himself as a progressive, he’s governed as a member of what she called Albany’s “old boys’ club.”…

Nixon, a 51-year-old New York native and Grammy, Emmy and Tony winner has never held public office, but as an activist she has lobbied extensively for better education funding and advocated for gay rights. She is the mother of three children and if elected would be the state’s first openly gay governor.

Nixon is running to Cuomo’s left, in a preview of the Democratic presidential primary of 2020. Cuomo is currently leading her in polls by double digits, but many people think she has a shot.

Even the conservative writer Stephen Miller recently wrote in the New York Post:

How Cynthia Nixon could give Cuomo the fight of his life

The celebrification of American politics is in full swing, with speculation still humming that Oprah Winfrey could challenge President Trump in 2020. At first blush, “Sex and the City” star Cynthia Nixon’s decision to challenge Gov. Andrew Cuomo in the Democratic gubernatorial primary might appear to belong to this trend.

But to write Nixon off as just another Trump-like star attempting to invade politics to simply expand her name and fame would be a grave mistake by Cuomo and allies. Nixon is for real…

At Nixon’s first presser as an official candidate, she declared, “If Washington is a swamp, Albany is a cesspool,” an apparent reference to Joseph Percoco, Cuomo’s close aide and confidant who was convicted on federal charges of fraud and bribery.

Miller goes on to note that Nixon’s biggest challenge will be outside of Manhattan. The tweet below confirms that premise. This is no way to appeal to people living upstate:

In terms of the “bully” rhetoric, if she starts rising in polls, expect to hear more of it. No matter how tired a strategy seems, people running for political office will use one until it doesn’t work anymore.


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