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Hillary Supporters Rush to Paint Bernie as 2016’s Rick Lazio

Hillary Supporters Rush to Paint Bernie as 2016’s Rick Lazio

Hillary acted more like Trump than Bernie, Lazio

Senator Sanders’ refusal to let Hillary Clinton interrupt him became one of the most circulated moments of Sunday night’s Democratic debate in Flint, Michigan. “Excuse me, I’m talking,” said Sanders.

Within moments, comparisons of failed Clinton Senate competitor, Rick Lazio, cluttered the internet.

Pro-Clinton group, Correct the Record, compiled a list of tweets making the comparison and sent an email which included the Bernie’s Lazio moment.

Sanders campaign rebuffed the Lazio comparisons saying Clinton was interrupting constantly. David Sherfinski of the Washington Times reported:

A top strategist for Sen. Bernard Sanders‘ presidential campaign said Monday that Mr. Sanders wasn’t being disrespectful at all during Sunday’s Democratic debate and that the Vermont senator was getting constantly interrupted by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

“I don’t think he was disrespectful at all,” Sanders adviser Tad Devine said on CNN’s “New Day.” “I think she constantly interrupted him, I think she constantly distorted his record, and I think he felt a need to speak about that, and I think he did so in a respectful way.”

“You know, last night they were comparing Bernie to Rick Lazio in the debate that he had with her in the Senate,” Mr. Devine said. “I remember that — Lazio walked across the stage and practically mugged her, OK? So no, it was nothing like that.”

“How aggressiveness can destroy your campaign,” is the lesson of Rick Lazio’s failed Senate bid. During the first debate for 2000’s Senate election, Congressman Lazio went a little bit too far, demanding Clinton sign a New York Freedom from Soft Money Pact on stage, mid-debate. Immediately after the debate’s conclusion, Lazio’s campaign tanked.

The Bernie/Lazio comparison is a tad far fetched. Sanders wasn’t overly aggressive nor demanding. He didn’t halt the debate in order to make a scene; he was just sick of being interrupted.

More accurate? Hillary channelled Donald Trump’s need to talk over everyone else on the debate stage.

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I noticed that Hillary acts like Trump does too.

If the eventual republican nominee follows the traditional republican playbook of refraining from attack and trying to appear presidential, then Hillary will smoke them too.

I hope the Republicans are learning from Trump. That’s how they need to tackle Hillary.

Now there’s something to look forward to…a Clinton/Trump debate.

Two megalomaniacs, one stage.

Isn’t she, as a woman, allowed to interrupt?

Lucien Cordier | March 7, 2016 at 6:34 pm

At the time I couldn’t understand – and still can’t – how what Lazio did was so terrible. I see it as phony outrage, simply another case of an act being judged by who did it and who it was done to. In those days one could not question the Queen. Things have changed (slightly)in the Democratic Party.