Newsweek’s bizarre downward spiral has a new twist. Monday, CNN reported top execs at the struggling publication were suddenly canned.

From CNN:

Employees at Newsweek have been told that editor-in-chief Bob Roe and executive editor Ken Li have been fired, sources with knowledge of the situation told CNN.
A reporter, Celeste Katz, who had written articles about financial issues at the magazine as well as an investigation by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office into its parent company, Newsweek Media Group, was also let go, the sources said.

Katz declined to comment to CNN but tweeted on Monday afternoon, “My warmest thanks to the brave Newsweek editors and colleagues who supported and shared in my work — especially our recent, difficult stories about the magazine itself — before my dismissal today. I’ll sleep well tonight… and I’m looking for a job!”

Staff in Newsweek’s New York offices were told they could stop working and go home for the day on Monday afternoon, multiple sources said.

“Can confirm I was fired. I know nothing else. Can say nothing else yet,” Roe told CNN in an email.

Li could not be reached for comment, though he tweeted, “What a day to leave my charger at home.”

We’ve chronicled Newsweek’s difficulties over the years. The last few months have been particularly embarrassing for the legacy publication.

Publishing flat-out fake news, misquoting Donald Trump Jr. and a handful of other horrible “news” stories have made Newsweek a joke.

Not to mention their cheap shot at Vice President Pence when his family pets passed away.


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