Thursday, undercover video outfit Project Veritas released a disturbing video featuring Twitter employees explaining a process they refer to as “shadow banning”, essentially suppressing content created by certain users from showing up in follower newsfeeds.

The video is a compilation of conversations with present and former Twitter employees, each discussing a different part of Twitter’s unofficial “shadow banning” policy.

Twitter is a private company and free to run their business as they (and shareholders) see fit, that said, based on the content of Project Veritas’ latest video, their unofficial rules are subjective and single out a very specific type of user based on their political ideology

Content managers and engineers explained how they filter out pro-Trump users and that those filters are subjectively applied, often letting liberal-leaning content through the filters.

A current Twitter employee described the censorship of conservative content as a way to “ban…a way of talking”

Watch the full video here:

Yeah, this isn’t helping:

Wednesday, Project Veritas released video footage of a Twitter network engineer discussing the company’s willingness to disclose Trump’s private Twitter record.


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