Project Veritas’ latest undercover video captured Clay Haynes, network security engineer, for Twitter discussing the company’s alleged willingness to hand over Trump’s entire Twitter record: tweets, mentions, private messages, etc. if it would help the Department of Justice’s investigation.

Watch the video here:

In the undercover video, Haynes claimed he’s unaware of any current plan to turn over Trump’s Twitter record, but that he believes the company would readily comply if asked:

Which begs the question: has the DOJ or some other federal entity issued a subpoena? Twitter remains mum.

Haynes suggested Twitter held internal discussion about how to handle Trump’s tweets. He further claimed that because Trump’s tweets were deemed newsworthy, the social media platform left them alone.

In a separate conversation captured on undercover cameras, Haynes goes into more detail about the extensive digital record Twitter maintains on its users.

In their official response to the video, Twitter distanced itself from Haynes saying Haynes wasn’t speaking for the company:

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe has been publicly fighting with Twitter over their refusal to verify his account.

O’Keefe says his organization will release another, more damning video displaying Twitter’s alleged censorship of conservatives using the platform Thursday.


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