The Republican field for Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake’s Senate continues to grow as Rep. Martha McSally has officially joined the race. She joins former controversial Sheriff Joe Arpaio and former Arizona State Senator Kelli Ward.

McSally released the above video on YouTube today. She played up her career as the first woman Air Force combat pilot. From ABC News:

“We are in a crucial time for our country. The security of the United States, and so much else, will be on the line in these coming years. It’s a time of big and defining choices,” McSally told the crowd after she’d safely landed. “I recently made one myself, and I wanted my friends in Tucson to be the first to know. As of today, I am a candidate for the office of United States senator from Arizona.”

I don’t know how well she’ll do since Politico described her as “an establishment favorite” and noted that “Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell called her one of the party’s best Senate recruits this cycle.” Her opponent Ward has already attacked her on this, according to ABC News:

“Martha McSally is Jeff Flake 2.0 and part of the Washington establishment that has failed Arizona for years,” said Ward campaign chair Ed Rollins. “She opposed Donald Trump as a candidate and has undermined him as president, which is why leading conservatives are rejecting McSally and are lining up behind a true reformer in Dr. Kelli Ward.”

McSally’s video shows another story. From Politico:

But McSally’s video seeks to reassure GOP primary voters that she is in the president’s corner, too. The video shows Trump at a previous event, flanked by military personnel, commending McSally.

“My friend, Martha McSally, she’s the real deal. … She’s tough,” Trump says in comments spliced together.

“Like our president, I’m tired of P.C. politicians and their B.S. excuses,” McSally says after the video of Trump’s comments. “Now, I’m running for the Senate to fight the fights that must be won on national security, economic security and border security.”