Cray Turmon, a homeless man living in Columbia, SC, rushed to the aid of a police woman who had been shoved to the ground by a suspect.  With his assistance, the officer made the arrest, and Turman received a certificate recognizing his “extraordinary actions to preserve life and aid public safety.”

WLTX reports:

A Columbia man received special recognition by the Columbia Police Department (CPD)for his brave efforts in helping with a recent arrest.

On Tuesday, a CPD officer was attempting an arrest of a man at the S-Mart gas station on Elmwood Avenue.

The man was accused of punching the gas station clerk in the face and threatening to harm her and another person with a knife, while refusing to let them leave.

The officer tased the suspect and used pepper spray, but was not able to restrain him, until Cray Turmon sprung into action.

“I just went a total blank,” says Turmon. “I saw an opportunity to help this lady and I didn’t think about what could happen to me.”

Turmon was walking to the S-Mart when he saw everything go down.

“I wouldn’t normally do something like that, but my instinct said just go.”

Because of his bravery, the officer was able to make the arrest. On Wednesday, CPD Chief Skip Holbrook awarded him with a certificate for his “extraordinary actions to preserve life and aid public safety.”

“I really appreciate all of the officers,” says Turmon. “This time I’m not on the other end of the law. I’m on the right end of the law this time.”

At one point in his life, Turmon says he was on the wrong side of the law. Former DUI arrests made him lose his license, job and his home. Now he’s with Transitions, working to get his life back on track. He says he was more than willing to help the officer.


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