Reports have indicated that the Senate parliamentarian removed three provisions from the tax bill because they violate Senate rules.

This means the House will have to revote on the bill tomorrow.

Chad Pergram tweeted out two provisions that the tax bill violates:

From CBS News:

The vote will likely take place Wednesday. The Senate is still expected to take up the bill later Tuesday evening.

Several provisions in the House-passed overhaul appear to violate the procedural rules of the Senate, according to Democrats, and the Senate will need to vote on whether to waive the rules and keep those provisions in the bill, which takes 60 votes. Republicans will most likely lose those votes, striking the contested provisions from the bill and changing the language of the legislation. After the bill gets a final stamp of approval in the Senate, the bill will return to the house for a revote, likely Wednesday morning.

The parliamentarian said that the provisions violated these Byrd rules, named after late Senate Majority Leader Robert Byrd.