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Liberals who call Trump Orange Cheeto outraged by Cruz/Don Jr. Obama Cookie Photo

Liberals who call Trump Orange Cheeto outraged by Cruz/Don Jr. Obama Cookie Photo

Racism™ and cookie truthers

Donald Trump Jr. celebrates his 40th birthday in two weeks. To kick off the birthday festivities, several friends held an early birthday party for Don Jr. at a Dallas restaurant. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz attended the party.

Because it’s funny, someone brought a cookie cake with the likeness of President Obama from his iconic “Hope” poster iced on the front. The two posed for a picture with the giant cookie, Don Jr. posted it to Instagram, and then the internet lost its mind, hurling Racist™ accusations and the like.

How in the hell is a cookie cake with an iconic picture of a former president Racist™? That’s a fabulous question and one none of the accusers have bothered to answer.

And then there’s a whole world of cookie truthers:

Dream on, pal:

Taking the ridiculousness to the next level, the owner of the restaurant where Don Jr.’s birthday shindig was held publicly apologized.

From the Houston Chronicle:

Restaurant owner Stephan Courseau took to Instagram the next day, writing that he felt “betrayed and sad” by the fact that guests used his restaurant, Le Bilboquet, “as a platform to promote, disrespect, and spread hatred.”

Racist cookies. What a ridiculous time to be alive.


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PersonFromPorlock | December 19, 2017 at 4:14 pm

Sorry, but that’s OJ Simpson.

buckeyeminuteman | December 19, 2017 at 4:17 pm

With the two different sized ears and chubby face, I’m pretty sure that’s Forest Whitaker.

I think it looks more like Bibi.

If the decoration isn’t on an Oreo, it’s probably not Obama.

I think of all the really stupid things I have done in my lifetime, but seeing those tweets certainly boosts my morale. At least there are dumber people in the world.

You know what to do if you can’t take a joke.

DieJustAsHappy | December 19, 2017 at 4:35 pm

So, now, in addition to “black face” being racist cookie-cake face in as well. Next thing they’ll be accusing Doughboy of “white privilege”!!

WOW, I must be a racist and a sexist. I have gifted both a Obama and Hillary toilet paper. I still think it’s funny!

I read elsewhere that the cookie in question was brought into the restaurant from outside, not baked and decorated at Le Bilboquet. We really MUST find out what bakery (or what individual) made this obamination so that we can put them out of business (or lose their job) immediately! In addition, the guest who brought the cookie to the party was not identified in the articles I have seen, but really — burn the witch! Lots more lives can be ruined over this incident, and that makes it a weapon of mass confection!

The drama queens so opposed to the cookie are the same ones who dream of seeing obama’s ugly mug on their Communion hosts.

It’s amazing that this cookie upsets the left so violently but when obama told Medvedev that “After the election, I will have more flexibility” doesn’t seem to bother them at all! Or Michele saying “For the first time in my life I am proud of my country”. Did she miss WWII? Did she miss the leadership role of the US for the last 70 years? I guess that if one black was disenfranchised during her lifetime then the whole nine yards was a failure! What a philosophy!

Riiigghhhtttt…. any criticism of Obama can only be RAYCISSS! It couldn’t be a legitimate disagreement with anything he did.

Those people are so intellectually lazy they’ve allowed their brains to atrophy.

A cookie emblazoned with Obama’s image is utterly innocuous.

A more appropriate use of Obama’s image would be to stamp his visage on a kilo bag of cocaine, along with Hezb’allah’s insignia.

The infantile, morally myopic Leftist Obama-worshippers are more outraged over this total silliness than over the revelation of Obama’s facilitating a terrorist group’s importation of cocaine into U.S. inner cities!

I would say “Thank God, 2017 is about over!”, but I have no expectation that 2018 will be any better.

Crazy doesn’t watch the calendar.

What’s racist about it? It looks like that HOPE poster painting of Obama, and that was supposed to be iconic.

When cookies become political it is time to lock and load. Some things are sacred.

Forget it, Jake. It’s Houston.

People don’t like having their gods made fun of.

So, is this like the Mohammad cartoon controversies? Is Obama a prophet of God, now? Infidels may not touch his likeness? Cue Twilight Zone theme.

Eastwood Ravine | December 19, 2017 at 11:24 pm

And yet the Left would approach a conservative cookie baker and then if the baker refused to do it, the Left would scream bloody murder.

I have a new theory: it is really racist to make a charge of racism where no racist intent exists.

Can’t be an image of Barak Obama… the nose isn’t turned up.